Osman Jackie Karkamaz: We are coming to break the game – TRT Spore

Osman Jackie Korkmaz, the coach who carries Istanbulspor, which is competing in the Sport Toto 1st League, has made a special statement from the play-off line to the Super League, DHA.

Osman Jackie Korkmaz, who signed a three-year deal with Istanbulspor before the new season, said they would strengthen the squad 5, 6 without breaking the skeleton too much. “There will be no change,” said the 40-year-old technician. Says

“When we first took over, we said we were going to exit the playoffs.”

Osman Jackie Korkmaz, who said he believes they will rise from the play-off line to the Super League from the moment they take charge:

“We’ve been in an ambitious position for the top 2 for a while now. The psychology of one win after another has made us a little tired. I told him my football player friends. Outside of that, as I said to the football players and the management, I take responsibility for myself. We could have handled it better. We’ll be out. We’ve been playing with our teammates. We’ve had bad results for a while with the win-win mentality. The results we got in the league at that time were not results that reflected our performance. Because we were preparing for the play-off match. The truth is, after passing the two-leg erzurumspor match, the players start to be. Much more faith. We are a team that has a habit of losing whatever the opponent is. It was a very good final. It was different from the finals where it was light. The final would have been even more terrifying in terms of position and play. I think the audience enjoyed it very much. We are also very satisfied with the result. ”

“Spend a lot of money, get too crowded, don’t look too strong for results”

Karkmaz said they are fighting with a much stronger budget than themselves and have been promoted to the Super League, “Football is a game. Spending a lot of money, being too crowded, and looking strong doesn’t go hand in hand with results. The beauty of playing football is when you create the right setup, a rational education management and the right squad. You can get useful results.Said

“We will do 5, 6 reinforcements that will pull our team players up to some point and keep going on our way.”

Our goal is to lift our players up without breaking the skeleton of the team too much; We can strengthen 5, 6, 7, “he said.” There will be no marginal change. We will strengthen at some point that will increase the players in our team and keep going on our way. We will not deviate from our economic policy. In fact, we’re here to break the soil again. Earlier, a similar model was created in the Super League by Jenklar Birligi. There are many replicas of this in Europe. Similarly, we will see a good football with a reasonable economic policy and the choice of the right staff. We are ambitious about it. Let’s see where this beautiful football takes us to the Super League. “ Used expressions.

“Our dreams are at their highest, no doubt about it.”

Osman Jackie Korkmaz said that they want to make Istanbulspor effective in the Super League:When we first came here, it was enough to finish the league in a comfortable place. We took that scene to the next level. Now our dreams are at their highest, no doubt. But if we look at it from the point of view of reality, then we have to stay in the league. According to the Super League, our economy will come back, we have to make it work. After finding the right cast, more detailed goals can be set in the process. First, we have to make Istanbulspore live in the Super League and turn ourselves around.‘He said.

“Istanbul Spoor’s Second Team”

Finally, Kirkmaz, who invited all the football fans to their match, ended up saying:

“Istanbulspor is the second team of all. We will have more enthusiastic fans. We invite all those who love to watch football in Istanbul to our matches. Because we make really good football. It will be a joy for the people of Istanbul first and then for all football fans. . ”

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