Summary of the book Three Sisters – What is the theme of the book Three Sisters, how many pages?

Adapted from the book of the same name by Iklal Aydin on Canal de Screen, the Üç Kız Kardeş series is met with interest in every episode. The cast of the series, which tells the story of three sisters named Turkan, Don and Daria, is also intriguing. The plot and cast of the Three Sisters series, which tells the story of a family who went to prison at a Turkan wedding.


The series, which involves drama and emotion, airs on the Canal D screen. The plot and cast of the TV series Üç Kız Kardeş, taken from সবচেয়েclal Aydın’s best-selling book of the same name, has become a matter of curiosity. The main characters of the series are successful actors like Reha Ozkan, Iklal Aydin, Barker Gwen, Ozgu Kaya, Almila Ginger, Melissa Barberglu and Veda Yurtsever, which tells the story of 3 sisters named Turkan, Don and Deria. With the Turkan wedding, the black cloud surrounding the family and the events surrounding the brothers will have a profound effect on the audience. Ivalike has been featured in the Three Sisters series.

What is the plot of the event: Turkan, Donen and Daria … three sisters, one legend for her beauty, one for her humility and the other for her rebellion, and those who are crazy fans of each other … Leave them, their fate will not be by their side. When the three sisters are living happily with their parents, with the Turkan wedding, the dark clouds will begin to hover in the family and nothing will be the same as before. When Turkan tries to cover his illness in the fairytale castle where he is stuck, Donen’s life will be turned upside down by a great mystery of the past and Deria will take a step on an unchanging road. Sadiq and Nasreen, on the other hand, would go to great lengths to get their daughter off the hill, sometimes losing themselves and sometimes each other.

Where it was filmed:
The shooting of the series is in Ivali. The Three Sisters series was shot in Ivalik, Balikesir. The places in the series take place here.

Who are the players:
Reha Ozkan, Iklal Aidin, Barker Gwen, Ozgu Kaya, Almila Ginger, Melissa Barberoglu, Veda Yurtsever, Taifun Iraslan, Benian Donmez, Nazli Senem Unal, Murat Sidamli, Demirkan Kassel, Vural,

Reha Ozkan-Sadiq:
He is a loving post office manager towards his loyal wife, daughter or rather his roots. When he lost his parents at a young age, he always put his family first because his siblings were his whole family. Although he never wanted to leave Ivalik where he was born, he could not go against the wishes of his wife Nesrin and settle in Eskihire, but his mind was always on her roots, Ivalik. And when one day she can’t stand it and secretly asks Nesrin to hire Aivali, her marriage ends. But it was their daughter’s turn to return from the abyss of this marriage. In other words, the return is a symbol of the return of the baby Nasreen to Ivali and marriage. Sadiq and Nesrin have learned that their daughter Turkan, whom they thought was living the life of a fairy tale, was a real hell. Her youngest daughter Deria is on the edge of another abyss. Although Sadiq has devoted his entire life to his daughters and wives, he will not be able to carry much.

Ikal Aydin – Nasrin
Unlike Sadiq, Nasreen is a woman who tries her best not to take root in her homeland, but to be isolated from that land. He never liked Ivalic and those narrow circles and he was always unhappy and stressed between them. Although he had to return to his land because of his daughter and Sadiq, he would never be truly happy. Nasrin’s endless struggle with life. The rules laid down by him apply to the family. Although her instructive attitude is related to her being a teacher, Nasrin is naturally an influential character. Although Sadiq bows down to her because he loves her, he will be annoyed by Nasreen’s discomfort day by day. What Nasrin did, she did for the family. But everyone knows that this is Nesrin’s ambition. When the girls are about to slip out of their hands, the endless reckoning of Nasrin and Sadiq begins.

Barker Gwen-Somer
He is the only son of Ruchan and Ozar from a wealthy family in Ayvalik. He met me while studying abroad and he did not leave me despite all the obstacles of his family. He closed his eyes to marry Turkan due to financial fears, but promised Turkan that he would not be his wife. The sole owner of his heart is mine. But on Monday, Turkan will not be indifferent to the welfare of the day, and he will see in her an understanding and kindness that she has not seen from her mother and lover. Mon will realize much later that he grew up in the shadow of his mother and then lived in a mining shelter. Maybe it will be too late to see the gems inside Turkan.

Turkan is a Cinderella of a fairy tale, a Rapunzel locked in a fairytale castle … although her life seems like a fairy tale from the outside, only behind the closed door of Turkan’s crying. Turkan always thinks that there is no quality other than her beauty. Otherwise, her mother would not have liked to call her “beautiful.” Turkan, the first tear in the family, was always her mother’s beautiful, delicate, fragile daughter, she always thought she needed protection, she raised him that way. That is why the Turks had no right to choose anything in life. She did not choose the hellish life she lived after her husband and her marriage. No one knows how long Rapunzel will have to resign as he is trapped in a tower without stairs.

Almila Ginger – Return
The daughter of Mr. Sadiq and Mrs. Nesreen, she is the girl who most closely resembles her father, Sadiq Bay. She wanted to study literature, but her illness and financial difficulties prevented her from doing so, and she was left alone with her parents when her older sister got married and her brother went to university and left home. Coming back, Chalikusu compares herself to Ferrid from the novel, finding out many years later that she is actually the munis of the novel (Chalikusu Freud’s daughter). The biggest love of the return is Serdar. Nesrin has always tried to keep Donen away from Serdar. Maybe it was successful for a while, but years later the two lovers will meet again.

Melissa Barberoglu- Deria
Deria is the most independent, outspoken, rebellious daughter of Sadiq and Nasreen Haneem, nicknamed “Tomboy”. Daria, who loves cats, dogs, trees, birds, and insects, takes care of them, gives them beautiful names, and aspires to be an architect. He did not face any obstacle to pursue his dream, but unfortunately, the biggest obstacle again was himself. His contempt, indifference and rebellion will lead him to do wrong and he will choose the wrong people. Hakan, who lives an irresponsible and nomadic life, who is much older than himself, whom he has embraced as the love of my life, will drag the young woman down a path that is almost impossible to return.

Nazli Senem Unal – My
Mine met Sommer in England and fell in love with him. Despite all obstacles from Rüçhan Hanim, he will keep their love and have a daughter with Sommer. I have always had another woman for Turkan and his family. But when there was no one with Sommer, he was there, the only person who didn’t leave him alone in his bad moments. She will not let Ruhan take her boyfriend away from her, she will do everything for it.

Demirkan Cachel-Mesut
His family, who immigrated to Germany, did not take Mesut with them because he was disabled. At the age of 16 his physical development stopped and at the age of 8 his mental development stopped and he continued to steal letters from Postman Irfan in the hope of getting a letter from his family. This is how Sadiq, the post office manager, met his adopted son. After Sadiq Bay takes him to his house, he will give him envelopes with written envelopes so that Mesut will be happy and Mesut will keep these envelopes full of mystery in his box till the end of his life.

Typhoon Eraslan-Ozar
Ozar is a man who lives only for his own will, away from all values ​​like family, children, wife, loyalty. He was not a good father or a good wife. He has cheated on his wife many times and has not taken his son and wife seriously for a single day. Since he puts all the responsibility of the family on Ruhan, he blames Rushan for every disaster that befalls the family.

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