The baby’s inner voice, the sensitive voice of art

2022.06.10 06:30


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Our country considers artists who have been persecuted, discriminated against, censored and deprived of their rights, who can stop this tendency to support, respect, follow, explain, criticize, and try. To take the world of thoughts and emotions one step further. I believe the fight must be intensified. I think that those who follow life through the inspiration of works of art, even if they do not create art, will have the advantage of distinguishing real art and artist from counterfeiters, populists and opportunists. We can benefit from the rich content of children’s picture books to raise children who are creative, inclusive and have an advanced aesthetic perspective. Today I want to give a few examples from a picture book that allow for a reflection of the concept of art.

Everyone’s style is different here art here, It was written in a simple language to contribute to the adventure of children’s art discovery. On the first page of the book, we come across an image that reflects the diversity of our physiological, ethnic and cultural identities. The children lined up side by side are looking at the reader with smiling faces. We learned that their parents are artists. We see the abstract image of a child’s painter father and the transfer of his mother’s nature and emotions to paper through lines. We are seeing the effects of these on the baby. A sculptor father uses a variety of materials to create his art and we see what his child can do with two buckets, a ball, a jug or a plastic boat. In the book, the author also includes alternative perspectives of those who see what no one else can see or who want to take pictures of those who have not yet been photographed. It also explains that calling a child who takes pictures like a puzzle is pure art It introduces its readers to the art of installation and performance. Explaining that the explained art can be a separate profession and field of skill, the book raises open questions for the readers about the different images placed on the last pages. It creates a flexible ground where you can talk about art with your child and exchange ideas and feelings.

Everyone's style is different, here Art, Arden Publishing, written and illustrated by Kertu Silast, translated by Öykü YalçınkayaEveryone’s style is different, here Art, Arden Publishing, written and illustrated by Kertu Silast, translated by Öykü Yalçınkaya

Hannah Hashimoto, sixth violin, The story of music and originality. Known for his book Suki’s Kimono, the author is inspired by his grandfather, a violinist and a ‘firefly magician’. The author dreams that he still continues the music lessons he received in his childhood and he can play the pieces requested from him and he does not hide from the reader that he got the power to create the work from here. Attitude of a determined, willing, enthusiastic child! Chitranayak’s father is also an artist. He says the house he grew up in was surrounded by paintings and he developed a habit of expressing himself through art. When the protagonist of the story, a little girl named Hannah, announces that her application for the talent contest has been accepted, her siblings think she is a newcomer and laugh. Even his words are discouraging. However, there is an important person who activates energy in the child. He had seen professional violinist Dada on stage in the past. A combination of reality, imagination, aspiration and observation, we read what goes through a child’s mind in a stream and we learn how fireflies are related to their grandparents at night. We see how a child heals his emotions. Who is imitating the sound of raindrops falling on the umbrella? Whose composition is the tune that the girl is listening to? Going one step further, we read the intact signs of the key attitude needed to make dreams come true. Would you like to share the feelings of Hannah, who is waiting to return to the stage on the day of the competition, and see the unfulfilled desires or fears of your inner child in the scene of those moments? Maybe Hanai isn’t the only one who wants to break through the cracks in the floorboards and disappear? By the end of the story, the seats will suddenly become empty and the hall will be deserted so that younger readers can sit and think about the power of voice, love and bonding. It doesn’t matter if others want to hear the vibration of the violin string! Even a momentary melody would be worthy of crossing the stage, the mind, the house and the night, beyond the moon.

Hannah Hashimoto, The Sixth Violin Send a Book (MEAV), by Chieri Uegaki, illustrated by Kin Leng, translated by Dila Altintooth BalsiHannah Hashimoto, The Sixth Violin Send a Book (MEAV), by Chieri Uegaki, illustrated by Kin Leng, translated by Dila Altintooth Balsi

In Paris The main text of the book is taken from a traditional French nursery rhyme. The book notes that the poet Paul Elvard used the same rhyme called “Dance Paris” in one of his compositions. When it comes to art, we see that different disciplines can go hand in hand easily and harmoniously. In the book, we stop on a street in Paris, near any house on the street, and navigate through the details of the house. Each page contains symbols of different techniques of painting. There is a consistent visual unity throughout the book. In a small room, the protesting side of the art is revealed with the breaking of eggs inside the cage. We read about the power of language, the vitality, the power of newborn ideas, the hope and the desire to flutter its wings. When we say cage, carpet, table, house and staircase, we go through the thrown object and go back to where we started; On the streets and in the city… but nothing like before! A city, its current order; Be it Paris, Rio, Istanbul or Mumbai; Who will drop it? The answer to the question is mostly in the language and thought workers. Those who can imagine the big picture first are the ones who can understand the details first.

In Paris, NESIN Publishing House, illustrated by Caroline MacAvoy, translated by Ali Nesin, edited by Tগেrge FishekiIn Paris, NESIN Publishing House, illustrated by Caroline MacAvoy, translated by Ali Nesin, edited by Tগেrge Fisheki

Finally, Elif Honor and Avrim Kavkar have been working together since 2019, tracing the thematic, social and cultural levels of sound and ‘Espas Art Theory Publications’ Printed by Precise dictionary of words I would like to talk about a multi-form, participatory work of art, following the traces of the words ‘intermediate’ familiar to us in everyday life. The design of the book is as sensitive as the content. In a world where everyone tries to look at things in a great and stylish way, the writing is elegant, the topics covered and the selected titles are silly. Within the department “The sound of hesitant action taken at a point where you don’t know which way to go when searching for an address.” Like the real life; According to some, Tame, according to others, was set up in a naughty, rude, proud or embarrassing voice. Being able to hear words through language is also wonderful. In the book ‘‘Voice of Dilution’ Under the heading Neurologist exp dr. Kerem DundarIn summary, I am sharing the words; “70% of the brain is visual hearing. If a person sees something, he sticks the word on it. It focuses on the image and ignores the sound. Seeing deprives us of all the features of hearing. Our main means of communication is talking, listening. The guide to man’s inner journey is what he says to himself, not what he shows.“I want to think about these words. Let our children be able to hear their inner voice and the sensitive voice of art. When you read a picture book aloud to your child, you can easily see that his senses are balanced, and that joy. , Attention and perception are taken to the highest level.


With the birth of each child the world gets a new artist. These pure and creative souls are trying to reach the independent land called the ‘medium of expression’, where the various nets of their life path are spread. Those who can go there add a different flavor to their art life. Let your days be filled with art and picture books. Be inspired and kind to children …

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