The brother killed his brother in a fight over cottage cheese in the Black Sea

During the fight against Einseil’s Kokelek, his older brother killed his brother.

The trial of Ibrahim S., who shot his brother Rabia Sofu in the village of Ishaqli in Geresun’s Aeneasil district, has begun in the Geresun 2nd High Criminal Court.

Defended that he fired in fear

Ibrahim S., who was convicted of premeditated murder, said he was angry that Sevim Sophu and his brother were in the shared house, who threw him cottage cheese.

Victim’s daughter said it was an animal

Hulia Yagmur, daughter of the slain Rabia Sofur, claims that her uncle Ibrahim S. did not want her mother at her grandfather’s house and so there was occasional animosity. Hulia Yagmur, who said her mother was deliberately shot during the fighting that began on the day of the incident, said her uncle Ibrahim S. threw cottage cheese at her relatives as an excuse, “I told my mother not to go to collect tea today. He laughed and said, what will it be? Will he kill me? ‘ He says he shot his brother 4 hours later. Says

Ridge went to take pictures and he fell into the current! Still wanted

The trial of Ibrahim S., who shot his brother Rabia Sofu on September 22, 2021, in the village of Ishaqli in the Ainsel district of Giresun, began with a second heavy sentence. Ibrahim S. appeared before the judge. “After the morning prayer, our cousin Sevim Sofu threw away the cottage cheese we had been given to dry,” he said. He was a good man to us when no one was with him, and he was a bad man to us when no one was with him. I came home and told my brother what he had done. I said I don’t want to see him. After breakfast I went to collect tea. Our tea garden is next to my brother’s. Around noon my brother went home to cook. Since my wife and I don’t want to see Sevim sofu, we go to dinner half an hour or an hour later. When we left, they were eating their food and drinking tea. I went and told my sister’s daughter Hulia, ‘I don’t want to keep this girl here, get out. I don’t want to eat where he is. ‘ I said. ‘Who are you … we can eat whatever we want.’ Says I pushed him too. ‘Damn an ​​uncle like you.’ Meanwhile, Sevim tried to throw feces at me. Anyway, my wife came from behind. My brother was also involved. My wife’s hand is broken on the stool. They insulted my wife. One insult was a thousand dollars. My wife took me to the room. There was a gun in the house. I held it in my hand. My goal was to shoot them in the air and scare them through the door of our house. My wife said, ‘What are you doing?’ He said he touched my hand while shooting in the air. The door was closed. “My mother was shot,” Hulia said. Says I shot my 63-year-old sister. I’m down. My wife took the gun from my hand and sat on it. Otherwise I would have shot myself. My wife stayed on the gun until the gendarmerie arrived. The gun was inherited from my father. It wasn’t in the ballot box, because I was waiting for the garden at night so no pigs could enter the garden. I looked at the gun on the roof. My wife thought they were going to shoot. I’m going to shoot with my scared mom. After the incident, cousin Nasi Safu came. ‘The scars of fear are light. Nothing will happen. ‘ “I definitely don’t want to kill,” he said.

“My mother didn’t want me to call Grandas because we would be upset.”

Hulia Yagmur, daughter of the slain Rabia Sofu, claimed that her uncle Ibrahim S. did not want her mother at her father’s house and so there was animosity from time to time and said, “We gathered to collect tea that day. Neriman Sofu, Fadime Shahin, Sevim Sofu, my mother and I were going to have tea together. I told my mother, Sevim threw yogurt in my mouth and left. I don’t want him in this house. “My mother said,” You were good friends when we left. What happened now? ” “I told my mother not to go for tea today. She laughed and said, ‘What will it be? Will he kill me?’ He said we collected tea. He called Mama around 12 noon. He asked for time. Then he went home to make dinner. We also went to eat. My uncle came in with a raincoat and boots. ‘ “I tried to calm Mama down. She also spoke kindly to me. She hit Aunty Sevim on the head 5-6 times. My mother came from prayers. What are you trying to do?” “I don’t know what happened in the hallway,” she said. Mama said, “Why are you doing this to us? I don’t give you my rights in both worlds.” “Your mother had a heart attack. Call an ambulance,” said Aunt Neriman. “We didn’t hear the first two shots because the two college shots hit my mother’s body. We thought it was the first heart attack. Then we saw the bullets and the blood. The mother said, ‘Bow your head.’ “When I tried to make the bumper, the parts were in my hand. I thought my mother’s blood had hardened. My mother hadn’t diluted the blood. The police called. When we said the man was uncle, we were told not to go to the door of the room.” The woman of 112 asked us to put a tampon on our wound. Later Nasi Safo came. Asked if she had called 112, I did not answer. My aunt said, ‘You have destroyed my house from Yojgat with your husband.’ He said, “I heard that 3-4 shots were fired after my mother fell to the ground. During these incidents, my mother must not have insulted me. I just told Aunt Sebahat, ‘You have destroyed this family. My rights in both worlds are not lawful for you.’ “The statements I made to law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office are true. I want to get involved.” Gave his statement.

The slain woman tried to intervene and separate

“We collected tea in the morning. We went to lunch. While they were eating, Ibrahim came. I didn’t understand what was being said because I couldn’t hear it. It’s mine.” Head hit. While we were fighting, Rabia Safu intervened and tried to separate us. I was hit in the head, nose bleed. I entered the room and grabbed the door handle to keep her out of the house. Gone with my skirt. I saw Rabia die. I was so scared. I started crying. I didn’t attack Ibrahim SK. I went to collect tea. We ate lunch. I’m innocent. ” As expressed.

“When the bumper was made, there was a gunshot.”

Listening as a witness, Fadim Shahin said, “I went to collect tea in the morning. After going to lunch, I pray for Abla Rabia. ‘ Ibrahim S. came home at this time. ‘Hurry up, get these out of my house.’ Says first he kissed us, then he cursed us. He insulted his nephew. Sevim continues to kill. We were right where we ate. They were in the hall. Rabia was shot in Safur’s womb. Her daughter Hulia started making tampons for her mother. ‘Brother Ibrahim, may Allah give you a thousand troubles. Rabia, you shot my sister! ‘ I said. I did not hear that neither Hulia nor Victim insulted the accused during the discussion. I didn’t see anyone trying to hit the chair. Sevim has been hit a lot. He insulted Hulia a lot. Hearing the sound of gunfire, I walked towards the hall. Rabia was shot. Sevim was with. Hulia shouted, ‘They shot my mother!’ He was screaming while buffering, I heard occasional gunshots. But I don’t remember how many times he fired. After this incident, they started threatening me. After this incident they spread rumors about me. Used phrases.

For 5-6 years, they have been trying to keep my LT out of the house

Neriman Sophu, who was heard as a witness, said: “It rained a lot that day. We went for tea, then went out to dinner. Ibrahim S. He came with his wife. ‘She … get out of our house.’ Says he wanted to hit Hulia. Sevim hit Sofu. Blood was coming from his nose. I called Hulla, told her to call Gendarme. LTM Rabia Safu told her daughter not to call Gendarmerie. He said to his brother, What have we done to you? I am not giving you my rights. ‘ Ibrahim and his wife entered the house. Sevim holds the door so they don’t leave the house. After a while my hand fell to the ground. At intervals of 5-10 seconds, the sound of fire again. The house where the incident took place is the house of my dead uncle. They have been trying to get rid of me for 5-6 years. The house was shared. ”

The family of the accused and a relative have been examined in court

Ibrahim S.’s wife, who testified at the hearing, said: “I have been living in Bursa for 40 years. For 5-6 years, it was time for tea and hazelnuts. In the morning, Sevim threw the bag of cottage cheese at Ibrahim. Returning home, Ibrahim said to Rabia, ‘Sister Sevim is bothering us. Don’t keep it here while I’m here. ‘ Says I went to collect tea after breakfast. I didn’t want to take Ibrahim out of the teapot in the afternoon. ‘There’s a deaf girl, let’s not go out.’ I said. We waited until 13:00. My wife has high blood pressure and diabetes. He said to Ibrahim, “Let’s go home.” I said. I also picked grass on the way to the cows. I went to the cows first. Ibrahim also changed his clothes and performed ablution. When he returned home, he said to his niece, ‘Get out of here.’ Says who are you Why are you doing this to my aunt? ‘ Says I heard Hulia screaming. I returned home with my raincoat and boots. They were throwing chairs at Ibrahim. I left my wife in the room we use. 5 women came to our door and cursed. They cursed Abraham the most. Earlier, Ibrahim was waiting in the field with a gun for a pig. They knocked on the door. Abraham picked up the gun. He would throw it out the window. Ibrahim said, ‘What are you doing?’ I grabbed his hand. The gun went out of our hands. We couldn’t stop the gun. I took the gun from his hand and sat on it. Hulia called out to her husband, ‘My uncle shot my mother.’ Says my wife tried to get a gun from me. He said he was going to shoot himself. If my wife wanted to shoot them all, she would open the door and shoot them all. They threw a chair at my wife, her head swollen. I also have a broken finger, “he said.” There was no animosity between my aunt and father. Kellis belongs to my late grandfather. I have never seen my father use this weapon. “There was no animosity between them. I did not see their arguments or fights. The house is for general use, but I do not know about the use of rooms in the house,” Sofoulu said. The next hearing for the other witnesses has been adjourned until September.

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