The inauguration of the father and daughter project has been held

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Based on the fact that Mugla was designated as the most egalitarian province in the Gender Equality Scorecard, created in collaboration with TOBB Mugla Women Entrepreneurship Board, TOBB and TEPAV, it implemented the Fathers and Daughters project, which tells the story of 63 women Occupy from the father.

The launch of the ‘Fathers and Daughters Project’ in the Mughal Mentesi district was attended by businessman Arjuhan Dogan Yalkindag as the guest of honor, held at the Mughal Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The launch took place at the Mughal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Osman Charali, Deputy Chairman, Board of Entrepreneurs, Fethiye Chamber of Commerce;

“We’ve compiled 63 Father Girl Stories for you

After a moment of silence and singing the national anthem, Mehtap Shahniz Shahan, Chairman, Mughal Women Entrepreneurs Board, explained the process and purpose of the emergence of the Mughal Fathers and Daughters project. Shahan said, “A report card was prepared under the leadership of TOBB and Turkish Industry and Development Bank. Turkey’s social equality scorecard in 81 provinces. In this report, Mughal was selected first among 81 provinces. The Mughals were chosen as the most egalitarian province. This result has made our women entrepreneurs very proud, who have had to fight in all walks of life for the economy of this province and therefore for the Turkish economy. When we think about what we can do to crown this success, we can set an example. Let it be an example for those who do not give their children equal rights, do not protect their rights, do not protect their rights and do not get the field of their choice. We tested the sleeves for a new study that reveals the existence of women despite their polarity. As a result of the appeal made in this instruction, we have identified the girls who have included daughters in their work, believed in and raised them, and carried their fathers and their flag with utmost respect, without discriminating between the children. We’ve compiled these 63 parent-daughter stories for you. We have prepared these stories as a book and video clip to set an example for all fathers and daughters. In this process, we have flown from emotion to emotion. I hope you feel the same way, and I hope it will set an example for all the people in our country. On this occasion, with the pride and joy of being one of the 63 women involved in the project, I once again express my gratitude to my late father and my precious family, who believed and trusted me. We wanted to crown this meaningful project with a meaningful touch. For this reason, on behalf of all our women, our chambers and the TOBB community, who did not waive their support for this project; We have donated to Darussalam society, which provides education to children who have lost their families, and which has made a name for itself with its deep-rooted history and success in education. We wanted to give our women, who run the business entrusted to them by their fathers, a chance to touch the lives of our daughters who lost their fathers, instead of giving them a plaque to stand by. “

“It is a great honor for our women and their fathers to be involved in this project

Mustafa Erkan, Chairman of the Board of MUTSO, said, “I am very happy to host such a night on behalf of the Mughal Chamber of Commerce and Industry and I greet you with respect.

When our Women Entrepreneurs Committee, chaired by Mrs. Mehtap, informed us about the project, we were just as excited.

We felt the same excitement in our ‘100 Women in 100 Years’ project, the women who served the Mughals in 2015. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Chairman of the Board, Sultan Ilmaz, who is with us today.

We attach great importance to this work, which will set an example for the existence of our women, who carry the flag of the father’s profession, with the same feeling and enthusiasm, again in commercial life, and to ensure equal opportunities and opportunities for children without discrimination.

I also congratulate all my colleagues who have contributed to the book, web page and video film works that have produced the concrete output of the project. Such work will remain in history. I am extremely proud to have contributed to leaving such a valuable work for the future.

However, undoubtedly the biggest pride is our women who took part in this project and their fathers who gave them this opportunity. I want your experience to be enlightened for another life. “

After the lecture, a video film of father and daughter was held, in which 63 women participated.


“I love fathers who are enlightened in the way of daughters

Distinguished guest, businessman Arjuhan Dogan Yalandag said in his speech, “When we brothers think ahead, we did not start with a great design, in fact, my father always brought his work home. Over the long dinner he shared with us his successes, problems and dreams. We’ve always seen my dad try to survive in an honest, honest, purposeful way. So I had a feeling that I would help Dad when I was older. I think my other siblings have the same thoughts. Even at that young age, at this dinner we engrave in our minds how important knowledge is and how important it is to create it.

I have seen very strict fathers in my career. I have seen fathers who put their work ahead of their families. I have seen the opposite, and I have seen those who agree with the weakness of their children and do not do what is necessary for the work. I think my dad had a very good balance. She did not let her relationship with her children go to work. This is very important in a home. I think the institutionalization of the dreamer was important in this case.

My dad gave us courage, don’t get me wrong. The freedom to do all this under a protective roof was invaluable. My dad already experienced these situations as a founder, but we were under the roof. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Information is always very important. My father used to say ‘knowledge is authority’. An authority in the sense of being able to run a business.

My biggest dream is to turn my father’s business, Dogan Holding, into an organization that can last for generations with my whole family. Carrying flags from generation to generation is my biggest dream. My father would advise me to stay here. She said trust your girls. I would like to read the letter written by Albert Einstein to his daughter as soon as I finished my speech. Einstein told his daughter, ‘There is an infinite power that science cannot explain. This universal power is love. Love is power because it multiplies our superiority and teaches us not to get tired of the blind selfishness of humanity. When we learn to accept and give this universal power, dear Liezarel, we will be able to make sure that love conquers all, surpasses all. Because love is the most essential part of life.

I am deeply sorry that I have not been able to express in my heart what has been vibrating silently about you all my life. It may be too late to apologize now, but since time is of the essence, I must say: I love you and thank you for finding the final answer. ” Here tonight I greet the fathers who are the light of their daughter’s path, who have paved the way for her light. In addition, it is good to see that our Mughal province is first in parity, I congratulate him. “

The launch ended with the presentation of documents and books to the women entrepreneurs and project supporters involved in the project.

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