The senior students who successfully completed the academic year 2021-2022 graduated through a ceremony at the Capital University Adana Health Service Vocational School in the capital, Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. Fusun Erdogan: “In the eyes of our founder, we have achieved a lot in the world.”

Encouragement to graduate from Baskent University Adana Health Services Vocational School.
Senior students of Baskent University Adana Health Services Vocational School, who have successfully completed the 20212022 academic year, have graduated through a ceremony.
Besant University Adana said. Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Turgut Nayan Application and Research Center was present at the graduation ceremony held at Barrack Campus. Dr. Fusun Erdogan, the chief physician of the Aden Turgut Nayan Application and Research Center of the Basket University, Professor. Dr. Ferhat Kılınç, Hospital Manager Seit Ali Gul, Adana Health Services Vocational School Managers Association. Dr. Esin Özşahin, faculty members, parents and students were present.
Director of Adana Health Services Vocational School Assoc. Dr. Speaking on the occasion, Asin Ojahin said, “We are here today to share a common happiness. Graduation ceremonies are powerful ceremonies that have a lot of emotion and both joy and sorrow. Dear young people, you are graduating today, I would like to thank you for your success and disciplined work throughout your education. Having a Basket University Diploma and especially graduating from Adana Health Services Vocational School will be a very convenient situation for your whole life. Baskett University, of which I am honored to be a member, our founding rector and chairman of the supervisory board, Prof. Dr. Dr. It was founded by Mehmet Hebrew as a result of great dedication and efforts, first as a medical faculty, and later, with the addition of many branches of science and faculties of international repute, it continues its life as a highly effective university within the Foundation. University For this reason, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Dear Parents, Thank you for supporting your children by providing them with an extremely convenient and valuable learning opportunity. Dear young people, today we bid you farewell from here as a professional. Please, in your professional life, never forget that the material in your hand is human. When you visit a patient, I always want you to approach them with great sympathy, greetings and love. I am sure you will be very successful. You have a beautiful way. I hug you all with love. Thanks. “
Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Ferhat Kılınç said, “Our dear graduates, you have worked hard, worked hard and succeeded. You came here today because you made it, you deserve it, please enjoy it to the fullest. In your business life, there will be many opportunities for some of you, and few for others. However, keep in mind that your success depends not on how many or how many of these opportunities you have, but how well you use them. You know who you are best. You know exactly what you can achieve and how happy you can be with success. So friends, please determine your direction and keep walking that path. Do not run away from the struggle and do not give up while walking the path you believe in. Don’t forget! You are the captain of your soul. I wish you a happy life and a prosperous future. “

“Our university has achieved the first lot in the world”
Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Fusun Erdogan said the following in his speech:
“I am thrilled to be here every year. As a Baskett University family, we welcome our young graduates to take the first steps in their professional lives, and welcome you, the founder and chairman of Baskent University, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Haberal, our Rector. On behalf of Dr. Ali Haberal and me, I greet you with respect and love. Thank you all for your participation. Recipient of last week’s World Health Organization Community Health Award; And Mehmet Hebral as an honored guest at the Transplantation Congress, congratulates you for being in Azerbaijan to inaugurate and for not being with us today because of the program of our Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. Ali Haberal at the hospital. We currently have 114 graduates who make us proud. Everyone is excited and happy to share this feeling with them. “
Baskett University Professor in 1993. Dr. Recalling that it is the first foundation university founded by Mehmet Hebrew in the field of health, Professor. Dr. Erdogan continues:
“Our university, which has laid a new foundation in the world with its founding vision, continues its education and training activities in Ankara, Konya and Adana with 12 faculties, 7 vocational schools and 8 institutes, 1 conservatory and 1 foreign language school. The campus. In addition to providing services to health institutions, 24 research centers and a total of 43 educational and health institutions, it also serves as an organization that connects the world to many parts of the world, from Tokyo to Argentina. We produce science and then export science to the whole world and Turkey. We are a university that has adopted quality as a basic principle. We have quality certificates that we have not only received. National range, but also international. Our university graduates are our Adopts Atatুrk’s policies and policies for the development of the country Ra will provide qualified manpower. Our dear graduates, you have chosen your career in a strong and modern high school environment, which is highly valid in the field of health. You have reached a high level of knowledge and skills in the field of education and training through the quality of services provided by Baskent University Adana Health Services Vocational School, the value it provides to students and the energy it spends on education. We are celebrating the 29th anniversary of Başkent University this year. Therefore, these 29 years of experience have added to the bar of success by looking at you and us with confidence towards the future. Dear graduates, you have an important role to play in the development of our country. As you perform these important tasks, you will know that we will continue to support you. With the strength to stay together, the successes of your life after graduation are a source of joy and pride for us at Buckeye University. He believes that you will achieve great success; I wish you health, happiness and a life full of success. May your path always be clear. “
After handing over the plaques to the award winning students and handing over the graduation certificates to the graduates, the graduating students concluded the ceremony by wearing their caps with great enthusiasm and joy.

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