Umit Karatas, Chairman of Public Health-Sen: Mountain gave birth to a rat

Unions continue to respond to 3600 additional directives announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “Mountain gave birth to rats,” said Umit Karatas, chairman of Public Health-Sen. “We only got 600 out of 3,600. There are 3,000 left,” said Murat Akdin, a Hawksen Elazig provincial representative.

Public Health-Sen and Hawksen responded to the control of the 3600 additional indicators announced by President Erdogan.

“Health workers are victims”

Umit Karatas, chairman of the Public Health-Sen, said that if the regulation was enacted in this way, it would be a source of great frustration, especially for non-medical staff, and would create a great deal of resentment among healthcare professionals. Karatas says:

“After our President’s remarks on the 3600 additional indicators, there was a great deal of resentment among healthcare professionals. Our healthcare professionals are sorry for this outrage and they are victims of this. And patient caregivers. More specifically, healthcare professionals, whom we call ‘epidemic heroes’, are unfortunately suffering from this problem because they are not 2 years or 4 years old. These should be rearranged in the draft law. New items need to be added for this. Our healthcare professionals will suffer a lot in terms of their salaries, their retirement bonuses and both. I can give the best example of this as follows: 97.47 TL on 30 years high salary, 113.05 TL on retirement pension and tenure of a healthcare worker. The bonus will increase to 4,238 TL. Our biggest problem here is that the transactions of employees who started work before October 1, 2008 were not done in accordance with Pension Fund Act No. 5434, but social insurance was done in accordance with the provisions of General Health Insurance Act No. 5510. The indicator cannot be used.

“No major change in pension”

Since this indicator is not used, unfortunately, these employees are unable to benefit from 3600 additional indicators. Since the pension is calculated on the basis of Prime-based earnings, there is no provision in the law relating to retirement bonus, with the provisional provision, the retirement bonus is calculated and paid with reference to the Pension Fund Act. As such, there will be no major change in the retirement pay of government employees in this opportunity. This will cause extreme misery. Since the class of some civilian employees is different, I say this especially to those who work for nursing staff, unfortunately, our permanent employees in these services will not be able to benefit from this arrangement, because they will not get the benefit of 600-point increase. And their classes are in the support service class A draft law amending the salaries of healthcare workers is currently under discussion in Parliament and in Parliamentary Committees. We have some problems with this. In particular, what is described as a ‘support service’, which we do not accept, is a complete healthcare worker. In short we say that; Unfortunately, the mountain has reached the stage of giving birth to rats.

“This system is a Fiat.”

We consider the regulations concerning this law, which have now been published and stated, especially in the case of both the 3600 additional indicators and the additional increase for health professionals, as a complete failure. And subject to the 3600 additional indicator inequality, we expect that work will be done to change the law, to address the issues that have been expected for so many years and to reach 3600, which is really the greatest aspiration of health workers. At this stage of the problem, we want to eliminate inequality among health workers as soon as possible and we will continue to do so. If the law is passed in this way, we will take the matter to the Constitutional Court.

“Discrimination among government officials”

Hawkesen Elazig Provincial Representative Murat Akdin also said the regulation discriminated against government officials and did not allow undergraduate and graduate degree and technical service classes. Akdin used the following statement:

“The additional directive regulation announced by our President is far from giving the same benefits to government officials and has created inequality among government officials. As a result of this regulation, graduates are given special benefits but they do not. Day and they could not benefit from this guide. It shows that the mountain gave birth to rats exactly as we wanted. Here, there was a bachelor’s degree in the religious service class. Has given and has been discriminated against government employees.

“We can only get 600 out of 3600”

These regulations discriminate between service classes. I say again; For government employees who will retire after 25 years of service, for those whose additional index is below the current coefficient 3600, another 600 additional indicators, 110 TL in pension and 3,530 TL in retirement bonus. For those whose additional index is below 3600, the plus 800 additional index showed an increase of 147 TL in pension and 4,710 TL in retirement bonus. For those whose supplemental index has risen from 3,000 to 3,600, there will be an increase of 1,157 TL in pension and 37.83 TL in retirement bonus. As a union, we think 3600 should be reviewed and brought to the assembly and amended. We’ve said over the years, we can buy 600 out of 3600 because it was 3600. 3,000 left. We urge our President to address this as soon as possible. “

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