Week of June 13 – Astrologer Aslıhan Doktoroğlu

The week of June 13 will be the highlight week of June. The full moon on June 14 will set the agenda for the next two weeks.

Mercury, which indicates our communication style, will enter Gemini on Monday, June 13th. Mercury in Gemini until July 5 will affect the way we communicate to be reasonable, confident and intelligent. In the process, our curiosity and desire to learn may increase. We would love to stay in touch and plan our trip. We are more likely to gossip, because we like to spread the word.

On Tuesday, June 14, we will feel the full moon in Sagittarius. The effect of this full moon, which will be one of the two nearest full moons in the world in 2022, will be strong. (The other is July 13, 2022) By the end of June, we will have the results of our decisions and actions in the first half of 2021. We will question how honest we are in both the financial process and the bilateral relationship. To be fair, faith will be the agenda. Also, there may be water and sea problems.

Wednesday, June 15, is a supported day for communicating for the future and building strong connections in the social environment. Potential accidents can be avoided if you do not work uncontrollably throughout the day. Headaches may also increase.

The decision we make on Thursday 16th June could have both positive and long-term effects. It’s important to be realistic about things. If we get confused, we are likely to make mistakes and get frustrated. Try to act logically. In addition, one should be careful about poisoning and water related problems.

Friday, June 17, is a day when the desire for socialization will be paramount. We will feel more comfortable in negotiations and agreements, especially in the morning.

On weekends, we may not feel very comfortable in our relationship and we may have difficulty in exchanging love. Let’s avoid making important decisions because we may be prone to see ourselves as victims of relationships. It may be better to be more in nature, interested in land or artistic matters. In financial matters, it may be desirable to observe events rather than imposing too much on conditions.

The effects of the growing horoscope for the week of June 13 are as follows;

Rising Aries

This week, when social life is active, important meetings and conversations will be on the agenda. Care should be taken to make as realistic a decision as possible. Unexpected disasters can occur in matters related to education, trade and distance.

Bull Rising

There can be significant advances in business life and earnings. Care must be taken not to make mistakes when making decisions about friends. This is a week especially for not taking financial risks.

Gemini Rising

Make sure the argument is at the forefront of your responsibilities and business life this week, where you can take a permanent step towards yourself and what you believe. There may be some frustration or misconceptions about your bilateral relationship.

Rising Crab

Permanent steps can be taken to resolve material uncertainties. One should try to make more realistic decisions in one’s career. There may be some tension with friends over the weekend.

The lion is rising

A week where you get support from your social circle. You may have to deal with some problems with the child or in your love life. Instead of acting authoritatively, try to understand the other side

Rising daughter

This week, you can take steps to maintain discipline in business life. Care must be taken to be realistic when making family decisions. It shouldn’t make too much sense for the weekend not to get ideas.

Rising scale

You may feel better about travel or distance. There may be some health issues in your intimate circle. Over the weekend, one should try not to aggravate the problems of bilateral relations.

Growing Scorpio

A week where you can get support from your family for problems. One has to be careful about making realistic financial decisions. Try not to make important decisions because you may feel insecure on the weekends.

Rising Spring

A week where contact with your inner circle will make you feel better. You may need to take more care of your health. Try not to have high expectations in bilateral relations.

Capricorn is rising

You can feel the positive development of your work this week and you can feel more active. It is possible to get amazing news about your close circle. On weekends, it’s best to focus on the places you enjoy, because you may feel inadequate with what you have.

Rising bucket

A week where you can develop creative ideas about yourself and bring them to life. Be careful about financial matters and be realistic. Communicating with your friends will also be on your agenda this week.

Rising fish

One week to complete unfinished business related to your family or home. Care must be taken not to make mistakes in business life. On weekends, try to be optimistic in your communication with siblings or close friends.

I wish all of us a week shaped by wise decision, my love,

Aslihan Doctoroglu


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