What brings the full moon in Sagittarius?

Dear reader, Purnima is the time to evaluate and ask questions. During this time, Mercury returns to Gemini, pointing to a new movement in our conversations about information and communication. On the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, there are things that are more significant about our knowledge and interpretation, our thinking, our attitudes, our social attitudes, and our beliefs. During this time, there will be plenty of mobility and inspiration in our meetings, in our intimate environment and in our communication. However, the aspect of the full moon towards Neptune still reminds us of the need to be more cautious and realistic during this time. We may be confused by some of our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes, or we may experience situations where some deception or negligence may occur.

On the full moon chart, we see an increase in the amount of cotton. The second half of June focused on our relationship, looking for balance and joint issues. It is up to us to create a sense of trust and make our relationship more alive. New or unfamiliar people can also be inspiring. During this time, we can be flexible even if we have some discussions or conflicts with each other. The situation on Mars points to a more stressful and accidental situation, especially for those living in Istanbul.

The second half of June according to your rising sign

Your rising mark RAM During this time, new environments, problems related to distance and foreigners, movement and travel can attract attention. You are open and inspired to learn. You can focus more on your relationship, on the collective finances. Bull On the other hand, loans and receivables, investments and financial matters may catch your attention today. However, on the other hand, challenging situations, work related to your work environment, some crises and concerns may come to the fore. Twins On the other hand, at this time, you may be quite active in marriage and relationships, mutual problems and discussions, but you may also be a bit sporadic. However, there is a very positive state of affairs in love, happiness and creativity. Crab During this time, it may be necessary to focus on better organization, discipline, health issues and changes in business life. You can get involved in time consuming endeavors. Home, family and settlement problems can also come to the fore. The lion During this time, try to be a little more realistic about your love life, creative problems and speculative decisions. You can be quite extroverted. Problems with people around you, siblings or conversations can also speed you up. Virgin On the other hand, there may be some sensitivities about home, settlement, land and family at this time. Location change is also possible. You can focus more on your money situation and earnings.

Scales A very lively day for those who have risen up in communication, movement, meetings and inspections. You are lucky to take personal action. You get leverage to grow your business faster and more efficiently. Scorpion At this point, you should be more careful about your finances, expenses and estimates. While there may be benefits, sometimes there may be some out of control or hidden situation due to a common problem or relationship. Arrows During this time, personal desires, new beginnings, situations that may concern your personality and family, and emotional assessments come to the fore. You can do accounting in your relationship, you can also find time for social issues and friendships. Goat However, nowadays, you may encounter situations that you do not fully understand or have difficulty controlling. It is better not to take unnecessary risks. At the same time, there are issues that can affect your job and your responsibilities. Prank During this period, groups are further evaluated in the social sphere. Consider your future hopes and expectations more realistically. However, during this time, you are far away, traveling and experiencing experiences that affect your outlook on life. Fish Nowadays, it is considered important to be sensitive about your occupation and status, to be under the influence and to review your boundaries. Sometimes, events involving sharing, such as a joint venture or inheritance, can draw attention.

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