Alex de Souza, the father of the legend of Fenerbahce, has died

Fenerbahce’s legendary footballer Alex de Souza has announced that his father has died.

De Souza shared an emotional statement for his father on his Instagram account, “Thank you for what you have given me. We must meet on another level. Those of us who are there can get the light. We have to follow our path. Thank you for everything. Loved it, old man. And I will always love you. “

“We are deeply saddened by the news of the death of our idol Alex’s father, Adeni Rodriguez de Souza. We are deeply saddened by this tragedy and extend our heartfelt condolences to our family and friends. ”

While telling the story of Alex de Souza in 2011, Ertugrul Ozkok also included details about his family in his article. Here is the article:

At the age of 9, he finds family

It was the year of the ‘vampire’ invasion

The year 1977 is marked by an interesting event in the history of Brazil. In October of that year, people living in the northern state of “Para” claimed that they had seen objects of different lengths in the sky. This situation continues in November and December. What happened is not only Brazilian but also one of the “biggest UFO incidents” in world history. There were hundreds of eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen flying saucers and what was coming out of them.
The objects that people saw were nicknamed “Chupa Chupa”. These words meant “vampire”. The incident became so horrific that the Brazilian Air Force formed a committee to investigate the incident and the delegation had to produce a 2000 page report backed by 500 photographs. (One)

He used to play football in his womb

Alex, who will go down as a legendary footballer in Brazilian history, was born on September 14, 1977, in Colombo, 18 kilometers from Curitiba, two weeks before the event. One of the most fascinating images of Brazilian social reality in the years in which he was born.
It was as poor as the Rio slum, the “Favelas”, but a little better than them. Her mother was a cook and gave birth to her son at a hospital in Curitiba. More specifically, she went to the hospital for delivery and returned to her home the next day.
Her father was a laborer who worked as a housemaid.
Alex was born in Colombo. But if you ask where he was born, his real birthplace was “poverty” and “football”.
Even his mother played football. He had a football team which he founded with his sisters and aunts. His father also played football in his youth, but was more of a football fan.
That’s why when I asked him “when you started playing football” Alex answered “in the womb”. It was true. Because her mother Lenny was playing football with her when she was pregnant.

There was no beach but a sandy area

Just 2 months before Alex’s birth, on July 14, the Brazilian national team played against Colombia and won the match 8-0. Zico, who will become Alex’s greatest hero in the years to come, will score 4 goals in this unforgettable match. And destiny will bring them to the center of Fenerbahce in Istanbul, thousands of kilometers away from Brazil, after 27 years.
In Brazil, every child wakes up on the beach. Photographs of thousands of “Little Pel” playing on the beach sand engrave such a stereotype in the memory of the world.
The town where Alex was born was not by the sea. So there was no beach. However, there was a simple football “field” with a sand base in that vicinity. Went to see that sandpit with Alex. We took pictures in front. It stands in an abandoned state. Alex was preparing a project to fix it.
His football career began as the “Brazil Yesilcom Movie”. So barefoot among poor children. There is a band in each neighborhood, but not Alex. That’s why he started playing football in a neighborhood team.

Do not close your eyes while shaking your head

Talent is not something that is easily discovered in the neighborhood. But if a person has a father like Alex and his character is a “know what he wants” character like Alex, things will work out. Her first training was by her father. “If my left leg was weak, he would always throw the ball at my left leg,” he says.
He receives the lessons that will live on in his memory for the rest of his life, and from his father at that age it will be most effective for him:
“If the ball comes to your head, you will never close your eyes. When you kick the ball, you see where you are throwing the ball. “
It became the first “Principio Auro” of his life. So the golden rule …
Thus, when he was 7 years old, the boy was sure to be a man. Now, Alex’s “futsal”, or “closed hall period,” began. Indoor Hall is a type of football school in Brazil. The big stars start on multiple, wooden floors.
His father took Alex to the “AABB Futsal Club” at the entrance to Curitiba. It is a club funded by Banco do Brasil, one of the largest banks in Brazil.

He got ৫০ 50 for today’s money

He will experience the first great fortune of his life, but at the same time one of the most dramatic events of this school.
The year 1986 started well enough for Alex. He was nine years old and his teachers began to see the “light of a football player” in him. He felt that he was getting special attention from the people around him. But that year, something he never expected would happen. Who knows how many economic crises Brazil has gone through in its history, and his parents lost their jobs on the same day.
The crisis hit the cities, but came down like a nightmare in the poor neighborhood of Colombo. The D’Souza family had no income left. Some children were born under the lucky star. God took Alex’s family income, but opened a door that he never expected from this 9-year-old golden boy. Three weeks after his parents lost their jobs, their coach invited Alex to the “club team.” This meant: a small amount of money would go into his pocket.
Today’s money will cost about ৫০ 50 a month. That was half the original price of the day. Money was scarce, but enough to support the unemployed family for some time. In fact, the Souza family will survive 5 months on this money and her father will find a job again.
But his father still proudly describes his son’s contribution.

Teacher: Futsal or football

1994 will be one of the most important years of Alex’s life. She has reached the age of 16 and two very valuable decisions await her.
One day, he comes home a little early and confronts his parents and says what are they anxiously waiting for:
“School and football do not go together. I have to let go of one of them. I’m choosing football.
His mother was expelled without waiting for the sentence to end. “No, you can’t leave school. Give up football. “
On the other hand, his father did not agree. Like any Brazilian father, he sees his son’s brilliant football career ahead of him. Practitioners know that this is very appropriate. Football is a gamble. To be successful, not to be successful, to be disappointed can also be a matter of words.
While the dice are rolled, and Alex drops out of high school in his second year.
What would he want to be if he continued?
“I do not know, I did not have time to think about it. But I was very good at geography, history and Portuguese, ”he says.
Shortly afterwards, he faced a second decision. In those days, the indoor football coach was Carpegian, now the technical manager of the “Sao Paulo” squad. He took Alex in front of him and asked:
“It simply came to our notice then. Either futsal or football … “
In other words, you will run the ball either on the wooden floor of the indoor hall or in place of the grass.

Alex chooses the latter and thus begins his first truly professional experience.

This is where he came out of the field

And Alex is one of those Brazilians who grew up in the sand like thousands of little peals. But it wasn’t the beach, it was the sand of a coastless city. Alex emerges from the sand and becomes a world star by posing in front of him. He also engraved his father’s words, “Don’t close your eyes when hitting the ball.” In this abandoned sand field with torn wire fences, other children are running after their dreams and hitting the ball at their father’s suggestion.

Mom, whitewash dad and cook the pickle rack

When our car stopped in front of the house number 1011, I think I came to the end of my childhood. We are in front of a house painted light green. It has a small courtyard and a barred gate. The sound of dogs coming from inside.
Alex plays the bell and a smiling lady appears from inside, wearing a hat and a coat. The lady opposite us is Alex’s mother, Leni Vieira dos Santos de Souza.
The facial expressions are quite Alex. She hugs her son. We cross the narrow yard and enter the dwelling. A narrow room on the right. A picture of Alex hangs on the wall when he first started playing football. The shooting was done with the city band Curitibar Jersey.
Quickly next to her, we headed to the trimmed, open kitchen section with a small counter. The benches and shelves are filled with jars of pickled paprika.

Dad, like an ordinary Aegean villager

When we see her, her father is coming. An ordinary Aegean villager. I feel the clasps in their hands as I shake them. Her father’s name was Anidir Rodrজguez de Souza. She is wearing a red sweater. When we were about to take pictures, he hurried inside and put on a coat.
When he said, “What are you making pickles for?” He said “yes” and quickly took two jars and wrapped them in a plastic bag and gave them to us. Then we go to the opposite side of the hall. It has a small bar with a variety of drinks on the back shelves. It is traditional that we see most “Cacachas” bottles. A kind of Brazilian Rocky.
When we sit down and chat, we think about the question that anyone can think of. However, we do not consider it polite to ask there. How does Alex, who receives millions of dollars in transfer money, allow his parents to stay here?
We will answer this question soon, on the way back to Curitiba.

We want to go back to our neighborhood.

Alex wanted to move his parents from Colombo to a better place in Curitiba. They bought a house and settled there, but after a while they said, “We want to go back to our neighborhood” and came back here. Alex has moved their residence 3 times, and they have returned to all three.
Her parents are opening their house to the journalist for the first time. It’s clear how proud they are when they pose together in front of their son’s poster.
Colombo, where they lived, was a less populous place. It is now almost merged with the city of Curitiba. Its population has grown smoothly, and its error rate is much higher than before. Alex’s grandmother also lives in a low-lying area.
His mother worked as a cook in a hotel in Curitiba. Her father is a white washer. Both are still working. They are very honored to ask their boys for any help. His mother once came to Turkey. Her father did not come. The reason is very simple. She is afraid to get on the plane.

He grew up in this abode

We are doing this pose in front of Alex’s residence. In the inner courtyard, there is another white one-story house with a blue door in the shade of two trees.

He never missed school

Carlos Roberto Socha, leader of a club called AABB, greets us at the door, one of the most valuable places in ALEX football life.
We are visiting the hall where he plays ball. The school is proud of Alex. They have prepared a special poster for him. He showed us around the school. The locker room is innocent. The sink and shower are covered with shiny tiles. Even fewer urinals are prepared for very young children. We find out there that Alex renovated the dressing room with money.
Club leader Alex describes:
“He used to come to the gym every day and train. Coming here from Colombo was not easy. He would wait a long time for the bus and get back on the bus.
He took us to a small place in the back like a dwelling. One part was the kitchen and the other part was the room. “Alex used to have lunch here. This residence will house 3 more children football players from other cities. Since they lived here, we were admitted to a school early. Even though the school was so close, they planted trees. Although Alex’s school was in Colombo, he never dropped out. He was a very disciplined boy. ”

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