Another great contribution of Golkook to the world of Turkish literature is Gundem

4. Dirilis Magazine and Sejai Caracos Symposium, which is of “Heritage” nature, ended with valuable papers by 31 academics. Gölcük Municipality, the fourth in a series of literary symposiums; The symposium, held at the Cultural Building in Kazikli Kervanser, was especially well attended by young people and literary enthusiasts. And a symposium organized by the Minister of Livestock Dr. Mehmet Mehdi Ek; Karaoke’s literary memoirs have been interpreted with paperworkThe Gölcük Municipality, which hosts the Turkish Language and Literature – Cervet-e Funun Symposium, Sirat-i Mustakim – Sebiluressat and Mehmet Akif Symposium, has published 100 papers in 3 books a year. The world of literature. In two days, 31 academics presented valuable research papers in 7 separate sessions; Karakoz’s understanding of literature, his contributions to Turkish literature, and Dirilis Magazine share the life-giving concept of the “resurrection.”
The fourth tradition in the world of literature from GolkookThe symposium will discuss the literature of the late Sejai Karakok and the understanding of Dirilis Magazine; 31 academics presented essays. The symposium, which was completed as a literary legacy in the world of Turkish literature, will translate the presented papers into a book and pass it on to future generations. Gölcük Municipality, which has previously published three symposiums in book form; Will bring another important publication in Turkish literature.
31 valuable papers have been transferred to the symposiumThe two-day symposium was chaired by Professor. Dr. In the first session of Hayati Debli; Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University Rector Prof. Dr. M. Fatih Andi, “Is there a ‘resurrection community’ in our literature?”, A professor at Sakaria University. Dr. Yılmaz Daşçıoğlu, “Revival Magazine as a School”, Professor Van Yüzüncü Yıl University. Dr. Jackie Tastan presented his dissertation on “Understanding the Resurrection surrounding the concepts of awakening, rebirth, development and revolution”. Communicating important informationIn the second session of the first day, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University Professor. Dr. Musa Duman presided over the session; Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University, Dr. Instructor Professor Mesut Kokak, “Aesthetic Expansion: Sejai Karakoch Thoughts and Dimensions of Aesthetics around Word Choice in Dirilis Magazine”, Association. Dr. Muhammad Hukum, “Social Background Culture with Aspects Reflected in Dirilis Magazine”, Marmara University, Dr. Trainer Professor Shaban Beckley, “The Concept of History in Dirilis Magazine”, Association. Dr. In his dissertation, Mahfuz Zarik highlights important information about “the work of Sejai Karakok and the verses and hadiths mentioned in the Sufi issue in Dirilis Magazine”. They shared information about Karaoke with the listenerIn the third and last session of the day, Professor Dr. Sakarya University. Dr. Presided over by Yılmaz Daşcıoğlu; Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University Professor. Dr. Şaban Sağlık, “The Stories of Sezai Karakoç in Terms of the Concept of‘ Town Literature ’”, is a professor at Istanbul Medeniat University. Dr. Muharrem Dayanç, “The position of poetry in the literary writings of Sejai Karakok”, University of Health Sciences, Dr. Train member Yasmeen Uluturk Sakaria, “Space dystopia in the story of Sejai Karakoch”, Dr. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University. Trainer member অপরaban Çobanoglu, on the other hand, shared with the audience his statement “A true traveler seeking the resurrection of the soul in the physical depths: Sejai Karakoch”.
The second day of the symposium has also been completedOn the second day of the symposium, the 4th session of the University of Ankara Social Sciences Professor. Dr. It started with the presidency of Turan Karatas. Dr. Istanbul Medeniat University in the session. Train member Yunus Emre Ojsaraya, “Translation of Western and Islamic Thought published in Dirilis Magazine”, Eastern Mediterranean University, Dr. Coaching member Ertuğrul Aydın, “Western Poetry in Sejai Karakoch and Dirilis Magazine”, Assoc. Dr. Bahtiyar Aslan, “An Evaluation on the Translation of Til Elliott in Dirilish” and Dr. Coaching member Koray Üstün contributed to the paper “Vision of technology in revival”. They have reflected the literary life of Karakoch through their papersIt was chaired by Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University Professor. Dr. Professor Dr. At the 5th session of Şaban Sağlık; Istanbul University Professor. Dr. Mustafa Balsi, “Ismet Ozil, the poet of the resurrection, and the poem to dispel this cruel suspicion from me, you come or take me there”, Ankara Yদldিরrিমm Beyazit University, professor. Dr. Ibrahim Tuzar, “A ‘Resurrection’ Story: Ismet Ozil and His Religion”, Association. Dr. Ahmet Kokak, “Literary Personality in the Memory of Sejai Karakoch: Nesip Fazil” and Dr. Trainer member Erdem Dönmez presented their paper “Ebubekir Eroğlu and Diriliş Magazine”.
Each paper introduces Karakok to another listeningIstanbul Medeniat University Professor. Dr. In the sixth session presided over by Muharrem Dayanç; Mardin Artuklu University Professor. Dr. Behan Kantar, “The Aesthetics of Istanbul Architecture in the Poems of Sejai Karakoch”, Association. Dr. Dursun Ali Tokel, “The Nation Cannot Live Without Symbols: Folk Descriptions as the Source of the Symbol of the Nation According to Sejai Karakoch”, Marmara University, Association. Dr. Mehmet Gunes, “Prevents two personality changes: Beringer of the Rhinoceros game and the seventh son of the ‘Tail’ position”, Association. Dr. M.Sani Adıgüzel shared their valuable information by presenting their research paper with “An Commentary on Sezai Karakoç’s Works: A Spectrum of Eternity Opened in the Land of Words”.
Managed Karakoch and Magazine PapersIstanbul University Professor. Dr. The last session was chaired by Mostafa Balsi; Ankara University of Social Sciences Professor. Dr. Turan Karatas, “Unknown / Missing Signature in Dirilish”, Marmara University Association. Dr. Muhitin Dogan, “The Poet of the Resurrection Tradition: Abdullah Oztemiz Hakitahiroglu”, from Istanbul Sabahatin Zaim University, Dr. Instructor Professor Nekmatin Osman, “Examination of the story of the alienation of the legendary Zarifoul published in Dirilish with the method of literary semiotics” and Dr. Trainer Jafar Ozdemi also shared his knowledge of Karakoz under the title “Sedat Ümran and his Poems in Diriliş Magazine”.
Thanks to all the academicsAt the end of the symposium, academics who are loyal to Sejai Karakok with their papers were presented with their papers. Gölcük Mayor Ali Yıldirım Sezer thanked all the academics.
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