Aqdag, Chairman of the Parliamentary Health Commission, offers advice on academic support for the medical faculty in Anatolia:

Recep Akdag, chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Health, Family, Labor and Social Affairs, said legal measures could be taken to enable surplus faculty members of medical faculties in metropolitan cities to work in Anatolia for a specified period of time.

“My suggestion is to support faculty members in metropolitan cities, including more faculty members, physically and legally empower YÖK and universities in this regard, so that they can work in Anatolia for a certain period of time.”

Speaking to AA correspondent, Akdag said that the number of doctors in Turkey is very inadequate compared to the population, “it is both a great burden on doctors and a barrier for citizens to do their job.” Says

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. The OECD ranks last in the country and in Europe in terms of the number of doctors. This is a huge burden, so we need to increase the number of doctors. If we want to increase the number of doctors, we must increase the number of medical faculty, “he said.

Akdag noted that without compromising on quality, both numbers need to be increased and physicians need to be better trained.

– “A poor doctor will come, let’s not increase the number, will the problem be solved?”

Referring to previous statements by the Turkish Medical Association (TTB), Aqdag continued his remarks as follows:

“They have always objected to increasing the number of doctors in Turkey, now they can’t oppose it too much, but this time they said, ‘quality should not be reduced.’ “The last thesis is true. The TTB should then work with the Council of Higher Education and universities, together with our President, to increase the number of high quality faculty members to provide quality training to physicians, or to provide assistance. From faculty to new faculty where the number of current faculty members is higher. Only ‘poor quality doctors will increase, not increase the number.’ “Does it solve the problem? It’s a stalemate. The job of TTB and all of us is to increase the number and increase the number of faculty members and their skills and not decrease the quality as this number increases.”

– “YÖK tried to do this a few years ago”

Explaining that valuable professors from the medical faculty of Hastep University and Ankara University came and trained them during their student days, Akdag said: It’s very important. Something like that. ” Shared his opinion.

Indicating that YÖK tried to do this a few years ago, Akdag said, “He tried to send the faculty members to the newly opened medical faculty or to the medical faculty of Anatolia if necessary. The case was sued and YÖK could not do that.” Says

“So we can revive the newly opened medical faculties.”

Akdag, chairman of the parliamentary commission, said:

“I say, let’s make a legal rule, let’s strengthen the hand of YÖK and our universities. With this legal regulation, we can send faculty members from our medical faculty who have a large number of faculty members in metropolitan cities, faculties in newly opened universities. Not on the way to be sent there, but to go and train for a certain period of time and come back. I give an example from my student days: a teacher in Ankara gave us an intensive pathology training for 2 months. Volunteering should be a little more important, faculty members should be well paid for their efforts. This may require a legal regulation. In this way, we can revive the newly opened medical faculties. “

– He told the members of the parliamentary health committee

During the discussion of the bill, he proposed it to members of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Family, Labor and Social Affairs, which includes improving the financial rights of health workers, Akdag said. To the Council of Higher Education and the Council of Higher Education. Duration. I believe most of our professors will say ‘yes’ to it. ” He said.

Akdag noted that the issue should be discussed and developed with the parties.

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