Climate change is increasing health problems

Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University (NKU) Faculty of Medicine, Head of the Department of Public Health, Professor. Dr. “If there is an underlying chronic disease, it can prevent the progression of that chronic disease or prevent the continuation of the disease without adversely affecting a person’s life with medication,” said Gamje Varol, noting that climate change affects human health. If there is, then it may be a separate arrangement to go out in clothes or during the day, ”he said.

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Head Professor of the Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, NKU. Dr. Gamje Varol said climate change has a direct and indirect impact on human health.

Mentioning an important problem of climate change, Professor. Dr. “While this is a very important issue, it is not clear how much we are aware of it. Because it has significant effects on both the health of the community and the health of the individual. We can summarize them as direct and indirect. Impact. Direct impact is as follows; With change, because the earth is getting warmer.

“They also have a significant impact on human health,” Varol said, adding:

“For example, extreme temperatures are rising. The day is very hot and the night is very cold. Since our metabolism and our body cannot adapt quickly to these extreme values, we are experiencing problems like heat stroke, severe exposure to cold, and their The effects of weather-related events on our lives. “If we have an underlying chronic disease, it is very difficult for us to adapt to this extreme body temperature. It also exacerbates our underlying health problems, especially the lack of electronics. “

‘Beware of chronic diseases’

To make it clear that people with chronic diseases should be very careful, Varol continued as follows:

“If there is an underlying chronic disease, these drugs prevent the progression of the disease or the continuation of the disease without adversely affecting the person’s life. Therefore, it is necessary to drink plenty of fluids, at work or when wearing comfortable clothing. It may be a personal matter not to go out during the rainy season, but there is a lot of work to be done to combat climate change socially. These should be included.

As it warms, biodiversity declines. Water is polluted, soil is saline. Fertile agricultural lands are drying up due to adverse effects. As it affects biological vitality, it causes germs to cause us to live in a more isolated environment or to find a more comfortable environment and increase communication which will make us sick. Unfortunately, we are waiting for an epidemic like Kovid, which has negative social effects that they have never experienced before. So these are significant risks.

In addition, as glaciers melt, we may encounter microorganisms that we do not know at all. These, in turn, can be very important health risks in the future. Of course, climate change is also closely related to polluted air, which can have health consequences. The health effects of food shortages, the disappearance or depletion of clean water can be attributed to the indirect effects of global warming and climate change. As I said, the methods of struggle may be personal, but I think we should protect our nature, air and water. “

‘Increases the risk of skin cancer’

Noting that prolonged exposure to the sun increases the risk of skin cancer, says Varol, “Working directly under the sun increases the risk, especially for skin cancer. This is an important issue. So we recommend that those who work. Using sunscreen, hats and goggles. However, we expect cataracts to grow, “he said.

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