Diyarbakir’s mother: An operation must be performed

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Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varanak, who was in Diyarbakir to inaugurate the Zarzavan Sky Observation Event, visited Diyarbaki’s mothers. Varanasi, who listened to one family after another and gave carnations, said in his speech that Turkey would be safe from terrorism and its political footing.

‘We will get it from HDP’

Minister Varanasi, who arrived in Diyarbakir for the inauguration of the sky observation event at the historic Zarvan Castle, began his program by visiting Diyarbaki’s mothers. Speaking to the mothers here, Varanasi later appeared in front of the press. Emphasizing in his statement to Turkey that the political arm of the PKK terrorist organization would be rescued from the HDP, Varanasi said, “As part of our visit to Diyarbakir, we also talked about Diyarbakir mothers who have been monitoring their children. Struggled for, who were deceived by the murderous terrorist organization and their political expansion and kidnapped in the mountains. Here is the only wish of our family: to reunite with their children. Everyone wants to be reunited with their child. ” Says

“The struggle here is truly a sacred struggle. Mothers and fathers whose hearts are on fire and whose lungs are on fire have been guarding the address for 1011 days, “said Mustafa Varanak. Here is what each of our families insisted: They took our children from the HDP district building to the provincial building and took them to the mountains, and these children are only 14-15 years old. Here, we see our family’s message to Turkey as extremely important. We do not want to see terrorist organizations and politicians supporting terrorist organizations in our country. Our families are shouting and announcing this to the whole of Turkey. ” He said.

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varanasi also described the terrorist group’s goals as follows: “As a state, we are fighting all kinds of struggles inside and outside the border to reunite these children with their families. Hopefully, Turkey will get rid of terrorism, terrorist terror and terrorists with political appearances who support terrorism and deceive 14-15 year olds to join terrorist organizations. We are by their side as a government and even as a people’s alliance.

‘Operation must be taken’

Diyarbaki’s family made an assessment in the Idinlik newspaper about the operation against the PKK / PYD terrorist organization in Syria. Father Nekmatin Biker, who came from Van to see his son Gulkan, who was abducted 6 years ago in Adana at the age of 18, said that the Turkish Republic had to carry out the operation to protect itself. Biçer said: “As a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, I fully support this operation. The Republic of Turkey is an integral whole. It must constantly protect its borders. It is responsible for the security of the people. Yes, Gulkan. One Gulkan goes and one thousand Gulkan comes. Don’t let him die, let him come to his parents, but the Republic of Turkey must protect its homeland and nation. ” Expressed his thoughts.

Saying that she has been waiting for her son Ramadan since 2015, Mevlüde Üçdağ said, “I hope this operation will be completed and our children will also come and surrender to our kingdom. No one wants their children to shoot their police or soldiers. Boy, when you hear me, when you see me, whatever you do, surrender to the security forces, don’t hurt this mother’s heart, they cheated on you in 2015, you were young then. When you surrender to our kingdom, be a pure son as if you were born again. Don’t go there like a corpse in a yellow bag, come to your parents’ lap. We have closed the door to this candle, our children are no longer participating, they are not American servants, not even PKK pawns. I have a thousand Ramadan but they have no children. ” Says

Father Nuretin Odumulu, who monitors Yusuf, a 17-year-old kidnapped man in Siar, said: “My children may be there, but my son on one side and my kingdom on the other. The Republic of Turkey is forced to enter. He said.

The children’s watch, which was started on September 3, 2019 in front of the provincial chairman of HDP Diyarbakir by the children whose children were abducted in the mountains, continues with 301 families. So far, 35 families have been reunited with their children. In Diyarbakir, the children’s watch, which began with Hakkari, Van and Muse, echoes the mothers’ struggle.

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