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Dursun Uzbek was elected chairman, when the vote count was completed at an extraordinary election general assembly, where the club’s 103rd term was set for management in Galatasaray. Uzbek received 2208 votes, but his opponent Hamamsiolu received 2073 votes.

The general assembly, which will determine the 103rd term management of the Yellow-Red Club, was held at the Tevfik Fikret Hall in Galatasaray. Burak Elmas, who delivered the inaugural address, thanked those who supported him during his tenure.

In the General Assembly, Asena Yılmazkaya Dinçbayli was elected the first chairman of the Congress Council. Voting ends at the Extraordinary General Assembly at 15.00, with Dursun Uzbek, one of the former presidents, and Erf Hamamsiolu, the former chairman of the council, taking part in the presidential race.

Officials took the ballot boxes, which were closed after the voting period expired, to the Tevfik Fikret Hall for counting. A total of 24 ballot boxes were voted.

Dursun Uzbek, one of the presidential candidates, received 155 votes in the 23rd ballot box and 116 votes in the last ballot box. Eşref Hamamcıoğlu received 59 votes in the 23rd ballot box and 85 votes in the last ballot box.

The Uzbek chairman, who received 2,208 votes in the white list of votes, was elected chairman.

Another candidate, Hamamsiolu, received 2,083 votes.

According to unofficial results, the distribution of ballot boxes is as follows:

According to unofficial results, the distribution of ballot boxes is as follows:

Book Vote Dursun Uzbek Esref Hamamsioglu
One 176 97 76
2 224 107 113
3 197 92 98
4 202 86 106
5 196 63 122
6 197 71 121
7 185 80 95
8 183 91 85
9 138 65 64
10 171 74 93
11th 153 81 70
12 185 84 98
13 178 87 87
14 157 79 75
15 160 92 60
16 168 79 81
17 160 82 74
18 177 94 80
19 199 103 92
20 216 134 79
21 188 One hundred 79
22 174 94 76
23 226 155 59
24 207 116 85
Total 4417 2208 2073

Note: Invalid votes were not included in the table.

Of the 6,82 members who had the right to vote in the General Assembly, 4,459 voted.

The Uzbek could not hold back his tears

Dursun Uzbek, who was elected the 39th president of Galatasaray, could not hold back his tears after the results.

Uzbek will serve for 2 years.

Dursun Uzbek, who was elected chairman of the extraordinary general assembly, will serve for two years.

The Uzbek management list, which will remain in office until the 2023 General Assembly, consists of the following names:

Royal: Matin Ozturk, Niazi Yelkensioglu, Bora Ismail Bahchetepe, Riza Tevfik Morova, Ere Yazgan, Levant Yaz, Semal Ozgorki, Ismail Sarkaya, Mehmet Sibara, Dikran Gulmezgil.

Extra: Can Natan, Amir Aral, Kansu Ak, Tanur Lara Ilmaz, Sem Soylu.

এগিয়ে Leads in 14 out of 24 ballots

Dursun Uzbek closed 14 of the 24 ballot boxes in front.

Following his opponent for a long time, Uzbek took the lead by closing the gap with his attack after the 14th ballot box. The Uzbek, who received more votes than Eşref Hamamcıoğlu in 10 of the last 11 ballot boxes, dominated a total of 14 ballot boxes.

In the election, in which one ballot box was completed with a draw, Hamamsiolu received the most votes in all nine ballot boxes.

Hamamsioglu lost again in the last ballot box

Eşref Hamamcıoğlu, who lost his last ballot at the General Assembly in Galatasaray last year, has faced a similar situation this year.

Hamamsioglu, who has long been ahead of his rivals in Congress with 30 ballot boxes where five candidates contested last year, lost to Burak Elmas by 40 votes in the 28th ballot box.

In this year’s election with 24 ballot boxes, Hamamsioglu went to Dursun Uzbek in the 22nd ballot box and lost the election.

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