Farewell to my dear elder, my wise counselor who made me who I am Ayegul Dominic Yelse

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In 2014, I was asked to give a speech for the European Youth Parliament. And the subject of the lecture I was going to give was “Obstacles of the mind and limitations of the heart: through the window of the” woman in a wheelchair “).

In that speech I said that we have two ways to spend our lives. Either we want to eat and drink, we want to live as much as possible and limit ourselves to this purpose and not get out of the circle of faith that we have created for ourselves. And in this way we will not face any strain, of course defeat. Or we can try to get out of the circle step by step. In that case, we run the risk of getting stuck or even falling. However, when we first read, we learned to stand up and move on. Thus, every time we stumble, we find ways to become stronger and happier. And we will feel liberated …

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I am one of those who find the courage to step out of the circle. If you ask me where I got this courage from, I can only tell you about two people. First of all, my dear wife and our dear elder Tarhan Erdem, who has added great meaning to the lives of both of us and whom I will say goodbye to today.

As many of you know, I got married at the age of eighteen. I became a mother at the age of nineteen, when I was still a university student. Before my baby was one year old, I decided to work after my mother, who was a teacher, retired and took care of him. While I was looking for a job posting in the newspaper, I saw an advertisement saying “We are looking for a general managing secretary who lives in Anatolian and can speak good English”. Experience was not mentioned in the advertisement. I immediately went to give an interview by phone. Eleman, Turkey Şişe ve Cam Fabrikaları A.Ş. (Sişecam) নতুনayirova, newly established at Cam Elyaf Sanayi A.Ş. He was asked for the post of General Manager. First, I passed the English test of two principals, whom I will know and love later. Then they interviewed me with the general manager with whom I would work. So with Tarhan Erdem …

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Mr. Tarhan believed me even though I was still a student and inexperienced. I started working in Cairova on February 10, 1972. Tarhan Bay taught me everything without any fear, I will succeed and believe me. The initiative he gave from the first day is increasing day by day.

Our partnership with Cam Elias, which lasted until 1977, was temporarily interrupted by the election of Mr. Tarhan as Deputy. Tarhan Erdem, whose term as Member of Parliament expired after the dissolution of Parliament in a coup d’tat on September 12, 1980, was later appointed as Coordinator at Sisekam and we resumed our work together.
This picture is of my dear wife, Özer Yelçe, we went to a dinner.

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After Mr. Tarhan Konda founded the research company, I left Sisecom to work as his assistant and office manager in Konda. We worked together again until 1995. I learned a lot from him. And the most important thing I learned “Get out of the circle” ti

This is the second most difficult article I have ever written in my journalistic life. The first, as you can imagine, is the May 16, 2011 article, which I wrote in 2011 after my beloved wife Özer Yelçe.

Tarhan Erdem was a very important person for Turkey. Later many articles were published. However, in all the articles I read, his political and research identity was the main one. I want to tell you about his big and kind heart. If this beauty who used to call me “my daughter” hadn’t come into my life, I wouldn’t be “me” today.

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I always thank God for crossing my path with this incredibly beautiful person and his family, whom I met in February 1972 and who have been with me uninterruptedly in my life to this day. Now losing his body is too heavy for me. But I know that as long as I live, he will live in my heart and give me strength.Farewell to my dear elder, my wise counselor who made me who I am.
1970 and 13 April 2022

Not by Breaking Me, published in 2018 He wrote the foreword to my book “Sesler Yüzler İzler” entitled “To My Daughter” and said:

“A person survives by trying to solve the problems that arise as a result of decisions made by himself or his environment. When man is struggling, he encounters various events which force him to limit or change his life. The magnitude and permanence of each of these events is not one. In order to be successful as a result of his efforts, a person must be able to overcome the difficulties brought about by various events every day. Life is nothing more than a struggle formed by the legacy of this endeavor. Struggle will be accepted first, then defined, then loved or wanted to be saved. If an event that requires effort to overcome every day can be accepted and prepared for what will follow, the joy of survival continues. Otherwise, the struggle is considered to be over, life is over …

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This book is the story of one such struggle you will read. The story of a life that lived and prospered with the joy of survival … ”

I am amazed that he knew that he was one of the two who gave me strength for this struggle while I was writing these lines and he occupied a very big place in my heart. Dear Elder, Who made me a wise counselor?

The second farewell letter I wrote in tears. He wrote my first article, which was published on May 16, 2011, the day after my wife died, and said, “As soon as you read this article, I will say goodbye to my wife on her last journey. I want to believe that this is a beautiful journey, he will be happy wherever he goes and I say goodbye to him until he starts the same journey.

In the years that I lost my own father, I was still not a columnist. For that reason I could not say goodbye to him in writing. But I would like to say goodbye to my wise counselor, who does not look like my father, with these lines:

“As soon as you read this article, I My dear elder, my wise counselor, Tarhan Erdem, who made me who I am. I will say goodbye to your last journey. It is a journey that we will all finally begin. I want to believe that this is a beautiful trip and he will be happy wherever he goes. Until I embark on the same journey, I pass it on to my beloved wife, who loves her wherever she goes. May his soul rest in peace and place in heaven …

With the desire for an uninterrupted life that we will not feel the obstacles …

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