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Eighth LGS’s central exam, the transformation marathon for high school grade students, is over. The Higher Education Institution Examination (YKS) will be held later for transformation into a good university. About 3.5 million candidates will compete to open the doors of a university next week. In these difficult times, candidates have always been advised. Just a few days before the YKS, Altınbaş, a professor in the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Altınbaş, says, “Look at them from their point of view.” Dr. Dilek Şirvanlı Özen gives the following advice to their parents who want to understand the Z generation and support their children especially in this time of crisis:

1- Share your experience: When choosing a university or department, parents can share their experiences and opinions with their children. However, in doing so, they should only give instructions and not be in a position to make decisions.

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2- Do not compare: They should not forget that each person is unique, unique and unique. In other words, their children’s abilities, interests and values ​​are unique and different from other people. Therefore, they should not compare their children with other children or force them to be peers. You may be an engineer, but your child will probably choose to be a very good artist.

3- Don’t affect your own dreams: Parents should not impose on their children a profession that they specifically want to be but cannot be. Not being able to be, the inability to fulfill the dream is the parents’ own, not the child’s.

4- Do not force some occupations: All professions are necessary and important. Families will not direct their children to a higher status and income profession but not suitable for their characteristics.

5- Be realistic: Parents should expect their children to be realistic. It is not right to expect success from the child beyond his or her ability and ability and to stress about it.

Just a few days before YKS, this time 5 recommendations to the family

Tedem research: 15 system changes in education

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The Turkish Education Association Think Tank (TEDMEM) has done an important job with KONDA. The study, entitled “The fate of elections depends on the promise of education”, reveals important information about education in our country. The study, which states that all political parties have allocated an important space for education during the election period since 1950, assessed the position of political parties in implementing their education promises in the 1950-2018 general elections. Sharing interesting information in a public opinion poll conducted on a sample of 3,000 people, TED Chairman Seluk Pehlivanoglu said:

Just a few days before YKS, this time 5 recommendations to the family

– In the last 25 years, 15 methods have been changed in the education system to eliminate the negativity arising from examinations.

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– 12 ministers have served an average term of 2.1 years.

– Promised that the test and YÖK will be canceled in almost every election.

– Considering that the education budget increases nominally every year and the lion’s share of the central government’s budget is allocated for education, it is clear that there is a problem of efficiency and productivity.

– The most problematic level of education in the society is seen as high school. In the current system, high school does not prepare young people for life or university.

– 34 percent of society and 45 percent of young people prefer to start a business with money spent on university education.

– The most important problem in education is the examination system.

– Must graduate in 11th grade in high school. From here, graduates should be given access to vocational schools, associate degree programs, and open learning activities according to their school success scores.

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– Advanced High School Diploma must be transferred to 12th grade, transfer to higher education with a single examination at least twice a year.

– According to the answers to the questions asked by the 18-24 age group, 1 out of every 3 young people sees the fact that education is one of the most important problems in the education system of Turkey based on exams. Following this response, 34 per cent of educators are in control of quality and 33 per cent are in control of education politics. According to young people, the most problematic levels are high school and university.

– Increased participation of girls in education, equal opportunities in education and strengthening of vocational education is the expectation of the youth.

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