If there is pain, swelling and instability in the legs, be careful!

Association of Cardiovascular Surgery Specialists. Dr. Burak Erdoুo noted that varicose veins are a disorder commonly seen in the legs and as the veins in the legs become larger it becomes visible on the skin. Association of Cardiovascular Surgery Specialists. Dr. Burak Erdoোলlu says: “Not walking, standing up causes varicose veins.”

Emphasizing that this growth of vessels is essentially a pathological precursor of an underlying vascular disease, Assoc. Dr. Erdogan said the heirs appeared for various reasons.

Assoc. Dr. Erdoুo explains the reasons as follows: “When there is a problem with the vein valve during the flow of blood from the foot to the groin, the veins in the legs divert blood in the opposite direction and cause the veins to bleed. Became visible from the surface of the skin. It causes problems like pain, swelling and restlessness. Genetic factors, weight, inactivity, working in a hot environment, standing too much are all factors that cause this problem.

Note that walking strengthens the leg muscles and is very effective in blood flow in the right direction (from foot to groin), Assoc. Dr. Erdoুan says that a person who walks constantly is less likely to see varicose veins.

Note that in some cases, although there is no image on the surface of the skin, there is a possibility that varicose veins may start, Assoc. Dr. “It’s easy to treat this problem at an early stage,” Erdogan said. Symptoms of varicose veins include standing in the heat, standing for long periods of time, or feeling pain, restlessness, and numbness in the legs during the evening. Says

Noting that it is not possible to completely prevent the formation of varicose veins, Assoc. Dr. “However, taking precautions such as not standing too much, walking, sitting without bending the knees, and trying not to stand in a very hot environment will help prevent varicose veins,” Erdolo said. He said.

Providing information about the method used to diagnose varicose veins, Assoc. Dr. Erdoোলan said: “We can diagnose our patients with ultrasound devices. In this review, we measure the diameter of the superficial veins. The larger the diameter, the more advanced the disease. We evaluate the direction of blood flow inside and the amount of leakage and the general condition of the veins. We decide what kind of treatment we will use in the light of the results obtained from here. ” Used expressions.

Mentioning that the treatment of varicose disease is divided into cosmetic and effective, Assoc. Dr. Erdoুan noted that cosmetic treatments are mostly used in female patients, such as laser burns, to squeeze the foam inside with a needle. Mention that the goal of effective treatment is to eliminate the pathological problems that cause the formation of varicose veins, Assoc. Dr. Erdoুan explained the matter as follows:

“It is not currently possible to reverse the direction of reverse blood flow. Therefore, in effective treatment, the vessels that cause reverse blood flow problems from the groin to the legs stop working. We surgically remove the vein between the groin and the knee.” Since this vein is an extra vein, it is not a problem for patients to have it removed.

We operate for half an hour with lumbar anesthesia and patients can return to their normal life after 3 days. Or we swallow some medicine and close the vein. This is a procedure that requires almost no anesthesia. The method of treatment should be decided on the basis of the patient. Varicose veins are less likely to recur in effective treatment. Many patients also use drug therapy. These drugs do not cure the disease, but they do help reduce the pain experienced by the patients. “

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