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Everyone wants to be happy. Of course, there are certain stages of happiness. Participating in the ILIS program aired on TRT Radio 1, Prof. Dr. Dr. Navajat Tarhan said that there is a recipe for happiness in the treatment of diseases. When the good days are over, the end is sad. The end of sorrow brings joy to man. Happiness is not situational, happiness is a process. This process needs to be managed. It is important to be able to handle this process properly.

Popular culture promotes illusory happiness

In order to properly manage the process of happiness, one needs to have a life philosophy about happiness. Happiness is not living relentlessly, doing whatever you want, tearing down walls, breaking chains, living on your own will. This is deceptive happiness. Capitalism and popular culture encourage this enjoyment to increase. This forces us to stay on the boiler grass wheels. He says ‘win, spend, have fun, work 5 days and have fun 2 days’. This is the life philosophy of the average person in the United States right now. She feels bad when she can’t have fun on the weekends, when her child is sick or when something negative happens.

One cannot be happy in the realm of selfishness

Happiness lies in the realm of selfishness. A selfish pursuit of happiness turns into a false pursuit of happiness. You cannot be happy in the realm of selfishness. You’re happy in that moment, but you’re bad when it slips out of your hand because you can’t hold and control it.

You will have a garden every season …

There is a level of happiness in every age. If you want to live like 18-20 years, it is unrealistic, not possible. So what to do now? You will have a garden every season, and in that garden there will be one flowering tree every season. If you look at life in this way, you will be happy in childhood, adolescence, middle age and old age, you will get something to be happy. They asked a 92-year-old woman:


‘How can you be happy, you have so many diseases?’ The lady said, ‘I think of my working limbs, not my non-working limbs.’ That’s a perspective. It is the meaning of life that these people give. We call this happiness the meaning of happiness. In the happiness of money, the person will have an ideal that will have money in them. He will be happy if he contributes in that sense.

Happiness cannot be bought with money

Life philosophy is very important to be happy. It is impossible for a person to be happy if the philosophy of life is formed properly. According to the latest Happiness Survey conducted in the United States, GDP per capita increased from $ 20,000 to $ 35,000 between 1950 and 2000. However, in the Happiness Survey conducted on the same date, those who say they are very happy, their rate remains at 30%. It never leads. They say ‘money cannot buy happiness’. Happiness cannot be bought with money. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. This is the social capital, the capital of emotions.

The source of happiness: to develop logical, emotional and social intelligence

Logical intelligence can make a person rich, but one cannot be happy without developing social and mental intelligence. The source of happiness is to strengthen the three fields of intelligence. Logical intelligence, mental intelligence and social intelligence. Attention needs to be paid to the third symptom of California syndrome, which is loneliness. Eventually, the disease occurs. Major depression and suicide are on the rise. This is especially common in stress and crisis situations.

Blessed is he who knows the value of what he has

Happiness is about achieving a healthy relationship between our expectations and what we achieve. Every person has expectations in life: I have this or that, I have a life like this. Other than that, what they have and what they don’t. Those who can establish a balanced relationship between them can be happy. He is unhappy if he is obsessed with what he cannot achieve.


She can be happy if she knows what she has achieved and the value of what she has. One has to maintain this balance. Happiness is happiness in deeds. Happiness is not something to be chased. Happiness is like a shadow. When he tries to catch the shadow of a man, he escapes and cannot. If you go to your destination, colorful shades will follow you. We don’t want to catch it, we’ll focus on our goals, we’ll take the right steps with the right steps.

You need to know how to be happy with small things.

Being able to be happy with ordinary things is important. Being able to sit with your children, have a cup of tea, be happy with what you have is very important for happiness. To be happy you need to have a sense of gratitude. You have to be happy with small things.

Happiness seeker must have 3A

There are three ideas that lead people away from happiness. These are greed, indifference and greed ব it is impossible for a person who is dissatisfied, greedy and selfish to be happy. These people can’t get enough. They become cruel because they want more. They have also started eating other people’s rights. They become cruelly rich, but they are lonely and unhappy. These people cannot be happy. For this, it is important to form the philosophy of human life properly.


If a person seeks happiness, he must have the meaning, purpose and friend of 3A. Life should have meaning, purpose and friends. Humans are a relational animal, not programmed to be alone. A social creature. He needs to aim to be a part of the social structure, which we say also requires the development of his social intelligence. They cannot be happy because they are self-centered people. They become successful, rich, but not happy, and live alone for a lifetime. Being able to balance friends, family, close environment and business relationships is also a partner in happiness. A right life philosophy, a right purpose and a purpose can work very well. “

Logical, Emotional and Social Intelligence

You have read some part of Tarhan’s assessment of happiness above. Emphasizing the importance of ‘meaning, purpose, friend’ in happiness, Tarhan underlines that logical, emotional and social intelligence should be used in a balanced way in happiness. “Happiness is being able to establish a healthy relationship between our expectations and what we achieve,” said Tarhan, adding that there is a level of happiness at every age and that a person should have a garden in each season. The evaluation of Tarhan’s happiness should be taken into consideration.


Love is good for the heart!

Although it has been proven that love begins in the brain, emotional states directly affect the heart, which has been given strong meaning since ancient times. People with healthy, loving relationships have good heart health, while people with a broken heart have poor heart health. Professor of Cardiology. Dr. Zechariah Nurkalem gives the following information about our heart, where we have passion and its relationship with love:

A happy marriage

“When love chemicals like phenylethylamine, oxytocin and endorphins overflow, the working heart associated with the nervous system is also positively affected. When couples believe their relationship is close to perfect, blood pressure drops. Married men and women have a lower risk of cardiovascular problems than unmarried men and women. A happy marriage protects against heart disease. Love also reduces the risk of inflammation which can damage the heart by improving immunity. A loving relationship positively affects our heart and promotes healthy behaviors that reduce the risk of heart disease.

Those whose hearts are broken

Unfortunately, the effect of love on the heart also works in reverse. Those who are in loveless or difficult relationships with their spouses or children or those who are unhappy at work and in life are more prone to heart disease. Depression causes more arteriosclerosis. This can lead to blood clots and heart attacks. Men and women who have experienced multiple divorces have an increased risk of heart attack. Women are at greater risk.

If someone has a heart attack …

The risk of heart attack is highest in the first year after the end of a romantic relationship. Stress-induced cardiomyopathy, also known as broken heart or takatsubosindrom, usually affects older women. If a person has a heart attack without adequate social support, the risk of death is higher and recovery time is higher. In most cases, once the stress is gone, the heart will heal and return to normal. All these developments in our sensitive world are clear examples of how they directly affect our heart.

If you don’t have anyone in your emotional live …

If you have no significant romance in your life, don’t despair. Science says that the chemical of love is released when you feel love for all kinds of things. Your relationship may be with a child, parent, or pet. Volunteering is another way to build a healthy bond that can improve mood and prevent depression. Volunteering for nonprofits raises oxytocin levels, a feeling-good hormone that helps us relax. “


Cell phones trigger brain tumors

A brain tumor, the symptoms of which include headaches, blurred vision, loss of balance, forgetfulness, impaired mobility and speech, can occur depending on the duration of mobile phone use. According to research from the University of California, Berkeley, using cell phones for about 17 minutes every day for 10 years increases the risk of cancerous brain tumors by 60 percent. According to data from countries including Turkey, we spend an average of 4 hours and 48 minutes per day on mobile phones.


Meaningful words from famous

-Oh my love; I don’t like it. Didn’t I cross your mind today? (Umit Yasar Oguzkan)

– People are like spikes. Their heads are in the air when they are empty and they bend when they are full. (Montaigne)

-Once you fall in love, no one will be able to separate you. And you will love someone who will not deceive you with his eyes. (Can Usel)

The human brain is like a millstone. If you don’t put anything new in it, it just crushes itself. (Ibn Khaldun)

– Having a good head is not enough; The point is it is well used. (Rene Desserts)

Better a poor horse than no horse at all. (Cicero)


Useful information for the kitchen

Onions without tears

Everyone knows that tears come when you cut onions. So let’s give a very simple tip to those who stay away from cooking. Refrigerate onions 15-20 minutes before cutting. When you remove it, you will notice that the shells will peel off more easily and you will notice that your eyes are not burning.


Water is not overflowing from the pot

Who knows how many times you missed the most important scene in the series, how many times you hung up the phone and were deprived of gossip as I went to check the food floor. In fact, all you have to do is simply: put a wooden spoon in the boiling pot.


Stale egg test

We don’t know if the egg comes out from the chicken egg or from the egg, but if it is not submerged in water then the egg is stale. Eggs, which are full of gas as soon as they are stale, like to float in water and clear the first question from your mind for a moment.


Is the pepper hot?

How many times have we come to this question? One of the most mysterious situations on the table is whether the pepper is hot. I say easy way to understand. The smaller the pepper, the more likely it is to be bitter. So size is important.



Vitamin deficiencies; This causes problems in many functions of the body. The effect on nails, skin and eyes is too much. One of the leading causes of vitamin deficiencies is vision problems and broken nails.

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