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She came to Turkey from Zurich in 2004 for love, where she was born and raised and worked as a journalist. He set foot in this country at the age of 29, whose language, culture and way of life he never knew. They got married and had two children … divorced a year later, but Doris Hofer loved the life she established in Istanbul. Mother of two, 12 and 8 years old, Doris Hoffer continues to write books after her first book, My Dream You, which became a best-seller in Switzerland and broke the sales record in Turkey … She is now an inspiration to hundreds of women both in the world and in Turkey. . It helps them to lead a better life. We met Doris Hoffer to talk about her new book and get some summer tips:
– You always had a healthy life … Among them is professionalism How did it start?

– This process coincided after I gave birth to my second child. I started making fitness videos. And I’ve been met by a young audience. Sport has always been in my life. One of my grandparents was Baklava at the age of 70. My family used to eat very healthy and I got used to it. I started writing blogs. I would write in English, then we would translate it into Turkish.

Men’s stomach complaints

– You are 45 years old and you never show it. How is this happening? – I’m happy. That’s the key word! When I am very unhappy It happened. I also had a bad experience. But I’m tired of being unhappy. I started saying “that’s not me”. And the thing that makes me happy I started looking. Because no one He won’t come and get me out of this situation, Someone do a job for me Will not install.
– Summer here and a lot of people It’s time to go on a diet like every summer Started and again given at the beginning of summer Weight will be back by the end of summer … Getting this loop out Is there a way?
– Every woman I talk to (Men also from their navels Complaints but they do not bother) everyone Time for a new diet. The first But you do not understand Diet makes you tired in all ways. Unhappy when mentally hungry And when you do regain your weight you feel like a failure, All spiritually Your balance and strength are disturbed And physically Endures severe trauma Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. But the right to reach that goal You have to choose the path or whatever you say For example, at the end of summer You will get all the weight back.

I do not believe in diet

– What we’ve learned so far We are all different in our minds Food has a perception, but you You are saying something completely different. Not dieting at all What do you think is most accurate?
– I don’t believe in diet. Share a story with you I wish my dad had cancer. Because he is 70 years old It was not progress, thank God. Because cancer eats sugar My dad cut the dessert. One day Went for a long walk in the mountains And show me a scene from a restaurant Sent a picture. ‘Hopefully You eat sweets! ‘ Give him a message I sent it and a little later it was huge Picture a piece of cake I bought it. My father died of cancer a year later. Do not drown in the river We lost.

I have been in Turkey for 17 years

– You’ve been living in Turkey for a long time … Where do you feel good from?
– I was born in Switzerland … it’s always Turkish somehow I was in my life. While doing journalism in Zurich Interview with Turkish footballers Hakan and Murat Yakin I made it and it was the first time in a Turkish restaurant that I liked. I was introduced to Turkish food for the first time. Course restaurant I befriended the owner and on the occasion of his ex I met my wife. I came to Turkey out of love. I have been living in Turkey for 17 years.
– And you started working here … – I started working when I first came to Turkey. I started. Corporate identity of a company I worked, then I moved into the advertising industry and there I also worked for a while. Using social media I founded my SquatGirl brand. Coaching 3 years ago I trained and now as an ICF accredited coach Holistic with my clients at Nisantaşı Center Weight loss and diet cycle with a method I’m dating.

Rule 80/20

– You tell us that we can maintain our ideal weight as much as we want and what we want. How is this possible?
– When a client tells me, ‘A piece of Turkish coffee and a piece of chocolate makes me happy after dinner’, he will ask for more if I forbid him. ‘Enjoy it,’ I say, and she is surprised. He came to the session two weeks later and said: ‘I ate my chocolate for the first few days, then I didn’t feel like it. Now I never eat again. ‘ – You have incredible followers on social media …
– You don’t have to sweat for two hours while playing and you have to vomit.
Instead, we climb stairs, walk as much as possible, and do small but difficult workouts at home. We eat lots of vegetables, whole wheat pasta, bulgur, rice and bread which we make ourselves. By applying the 80/20 rule we become flexible; In other words, we choose 80 percent beneficial but delicious food for our body.
– You say that one-way nutrition is wrong. For example, you say that a single green salad is not a healthy meal, can you tell us more about it? What would a healthy diet look like?
– An ideal plate is half full of vegetables and fruits, a quarter full of whole grains and a quarter full of lean protein. Although I do not fast non-stop, many of my clients have had good results. People who eat single meals exhaust their digestive system and may not get the nutrients they need. That’s why I recommend feeding with at least two main meals.

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