Immortal love from a cup of ‘salt coffee’

As the old saying goes, ‘a cup of coffee has 40 years of memory’ … how true they were. Drinking a cup of coffee in a social environment can be the beginning of many friendships and even love. Today, we will tell you an immortal love story that coffee is helpful when it comes back to our language …

The young man was granted
He was young, graduating from college this summer. He was full of excitement, making plans for the new life ahead of him. The first time I saw him on the university campus, I was literally struck by lightning. The day passed, ‘I wonder if I will see again?’ He visited the campus many times in hopes, but in vain… he gave up hope when one day he saw the girl hanging out with her friends in a cafeteria near campus. He immediately sat down at the side table. The girl was so radiant that she radiated positive energy around her and was fascinated by her dazzling beauty. One of the people at the table was the boy’s friend, although he was not sincere. When he saw her again a few days later, he was a little embarrassed and asked, “Who knows the girl?” The young man said brightly, ‘What if you introduce us?’ They met … they were having coffee together in a cafeteria for the first time and will get to know each other better …

He said ‘salt’ instead of sugar
The boy was very excited. He could not find a place to put his hand on the table. On the other hand, the girl is fascinated by her God-given beauty and grace. When he began to sip the coffee, they said, the young man realized the coffee was bitter. He never liked bitter coffee. Called the waiter. He was about to say ‘sugar’ but suddenly ‘salt’ came out of his mouth. Notably, his girlfriend and the waiter and the people at the nearby table greeted the young man with an order of salt instead of sugar. “When I was younger, my family and I lived by the sea. We were in contact with the sea. We played in the sea all day. The salty taste of the sea never left my mouth. I grew up with this taste. I like this taste, so I I put salt in my coffee. Every time I taste salt in my mouth, I think of my childhood and our home by the sea. “I think of my happy family, my parents still live in our country by the sea, I miss them I do.

A lifestyle lie
After that they got married … In their 40 years of marriage, they lived completely within the framework of the rules of love and respect, without hurting each other. They became an exemplary couple pointing fingers. Their love was as fresh as the first day. The man had lied about ‘salty coffee’ all his life, even though he didn’t like it at all … his wife also added salt to his coffee every day, saying ‘he likes it very much’. Years passed … the man fell ill … he knew he was going to die … he wrote a letter to his beloved wife. The letter contained a note that said, “Please open after death” … The old woman learned the truth from the letter that died for her husband.

Late confession
“Darling, forgive me for building our whole life on lies,” the letter began. “I’ve lied to you only once in my life. Do you remember the day we first met? I was so excited and nervous that I was leaving. Looking back, I was so embarrassed to change it that I kept lying. However, this lie never crossed my mind. It would be the foundation of my relationship. I gave up. I’m dying … It’s time to find out the truth … I don’t like salty coffee, I never did. The greatest happiness of my life. Surprisingly, I owe my happiness for salty coffee. Even if I was born again and had to drink salty coffee for the rest of my life, I will choose you without hesitation … “

Coffee salt sweet love
The letter in the old woman’s hand is wet with tears … It’s been a long time … The story has become very famous … One day someone asked the old woman, ‘Wonder what is salty coffee?’ The old woman’s eyes filled with tears … She could only say in a muffled voice, ‘Suoooo but so beautiful’ …

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