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“Aging is a bad habit, a hardworking person does not get time to acquire such habits.”
– Andre Maurice

“Let us plant the tree of knowledge at a young age so that when we grow old it becomes our refuge in its shadow.”
– Lord Chesterfield

“For the careless young, and for the hasty old.”
– Cicero

“The most obvious sign of aging is the appreciation of the past at the present price.”
– Sidney Smith

“Old age is the refuge of all diseases.”
– Bio

“Older people believe everything, middle-aged people doubt everything, young people know everything.”
– Oscar Wilde

“Age is like love, it can’t be hidden.”
– Thomas Baker

“An old man who doesn’t suffer is not without friends.”
– Andre Maurice

“He who does not plant the tree of knowledge in his youth will not find the shadow of rest in his old age.”
– Seneca

Quotes of old age

“It’s not the young organs that announce climate change, but the old bones that feel it first.”
– Friedrich Hegel

“The most distinguishing feature of old age is that it appreciates the past more than the present.”
– Sidney Smith

I’m afraid that aging will create more wrinkles in our minds than our faces.

We cannot believe that we will grow old like everyone else.

Quotes of old age

“The secret to good old age is not to lose sight of the need to meet new people and see new things.”
– Jackson Brown

Adults live at minute speeds and hour speeds, children chew hours and swallow minutes.

The mind is in the head, not the age, the mind brings the age in the head.

Appreciate the young, but trust the old.

Those who survive live many days until everyone is tired.

Quotes of old age

Young and old songs

Youth is like spring, old age is like winter, winter that spring does not come.

Aging is more beautiful than youth.

I want to be wise, not old.

“Older people look at bricks more than young people look in the mirror.”
– Mevlana

Youth has a beautiful face, old age has a beautiful soul.

Quotes of old age

If memory begins to take the place of dreams, it means old age has begun.

“People change, even the teeth that break the hardest walnuts of youth will crumble the crust of bread in old age.”
– Eben von Eschenbach

I wanted to live well before I got old and die well after I got old.

Young people want to be loyal and can’t, old people want to be loyal and can’t.

Quotes of old age

Old people are interested in new things. Young people read history, old people read newspapers.

We want to grow old, but we are afraid of old age, it shows how much we love life and how we want to avoid death.

Old age is far more terrible than death.

It is as old as human veins.

A beloved elder is like a blossoming field.

Quotes of old age

The best medicine for aging is to be wise and virtuous.

Anytime learning season for seniors.

When people you know say how young you look, they mean how old you are.

Aging means like climbing a mountain, the more you climb, the more tired you will be, your shortness of breath, but your vision will expand.

Young people live in their hope, old people live in their memory.

Quotes of old age

“Everyone wants to live long, but no one wants to grow old.”
– Jonathan Swift

“Young people want health to mean love, old people want love to mean health.”
– Paul Geraldi

I am too old to play, too young to desire.

A person learns in his youth and understands in his old age.

When a man grows old, he should do more than his youth.

Quotes of old age

If older people count the useful parts of their lives, how much younger will they be today?

A word of respect for the elderly

“A twenty-year-old man wants to change the world. At seventy, he still wants to change the world, but he knows he can’t.”
– Clearance S. Darrow

Old age is spiritual height.

We see the past in old people, but if we take good care of ourselves, we will see our future.

At the age of twenty a man wants to change the world, at the age of seventy he wants to change the world again; But he knows he can’t.

Quotes of old age

Youth; Forward, adults look back.

Aging is the only disease you don’t want to end.

Knowledge and quality are the most perfect weapon against aging.

From the point of view of youth, life is an infinitely long journey: from old age it is like a very short past. The farther you go, the smaller the objects on the shore become and the more difficult it is to recognize and distinguish, just as you cannot recognize your past events and activities.

One has enough power to riot in one’s youth; But its pain comes in old age.

When people you know say how young you look, they mean how old you are.

Quotes of old age

The art of aging is not a barrier for future generations, but a support; This is the art of pretending to be an opinion partner, not a competitor.

I think the most painful thing about old age is that the person who has reached that age feels that he is hurting others.

The day a person decides to grow old is the day he grows old.

The man who regrets giving up his hopes and dreams is now old.

Young people live with hope, old people with memories.

Quotes of old age

Aging means like climbing a mountain, the more you climb, the more tired you will be, the less you will breathe, but the wider your vision will be.

This interesting point seems to me to be one of the differences between youth and old age: when we are young, we create different futures for ourselves; When we grow up, we create different histories for others.

People think they get old to live, but if they don’t live they get old.

A book until the age of forty, the rest of the year is a critique of that book.

Quotes of old age

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