President Erdogan: Health targets 1.5 million foreign patients

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Step by step for real power

“I believe that this building, known as the Deep Technology Base, will make a significant contribution to our country’s research, development and innovative ecosystem. As in every field, Turkey is gradually coming closer to using its real potential in core research activities. This center, which we will open and all of which are dedicated to incubation centers working for research and development activities, will add energy to our country by converting the generated knowledge into technology. Some of the infrastructure of Deep Technology Base was established with the help of our Ministry of Industry and Technology. For example, one of them; These are studies that will reduce our country’s dependence on fossil fuels, which have the potential to be applied in many fields, from biofuels to food supplements, from animal feed to fertilizers.

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This will be the complete technology of our country

Another supported study is the Research, Development and Support Laboratory Project for SMEs producing pharmaceuticals, vaccines and medical devices for the health sector. Our Life Science Center, where these studies will be conducted, will be a respectable technology in our country with infrastructure and qualified human resources. We both want to reduce the current account deficit and improve exports of these products by meeting the needs of the health sector with domestic and national opportunities. I believe that SMEs will get services from this center and they will be able to compete with large scale companies in a short period of time with the help of academics and researchers. Our Deep Technology Base will conduct a variety of research from coal to natural gas production, earthquake emergency response systems, earthquake safety, genetic research, nanomaterials and robotics research.

We overcome the health crisis with minimal damage

The coronavirus epidemic and the post-Russia-Ukraine war have sent a very important message to all humanity. Countries that do not have strong health infrastructure, no matter how rich or prosperous, are vulnerable to serious threats. We have all seen and felt that it is not possible to tackle a massive health crisis like epidemic without supporting information and technology through production, human resources and infrastructure. Thanks to investment in health infrastructure, as in every field, for the last 20 years, Turkey has been able to overcome this great crisis with minimal losses.

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We are not going, they are coming

I believe that those who ridicule the hospitals in our city and slander investments labeled wasteful are grateful for our opportunity, although they do not explicitly disclose when the epidemic begins. Of course, just building a hospital building and hiring health workers is not enough. We need to develop and manufacture equipment and systems that will facilitate the work of our health workers who will equip these buildings. As a country, we have left the first stage behind. We are now in the process of giving all our energy and time to the second episode. Our living unit center is a symbol of this effort. Beyond protecting the health of our own citizens, we aim to become the most important health care center in our region and in the world. Earlier, our citizens used to go abroad for diagnosis and treatment. Now millions of people from all over the world come to our country for the same purpose. He spends billions of dollars here.

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The target is $ 10 billion shares

Next year, our goal is to get a share of the স্বাস্থ্য 10 billion from the global health market by serving 1.5 million foreign patients. When we combine the quality of our services with the ability to develop and manufacture technology, our revenue will grow rapidly. Similarly, at a time when the food crisis is threatening the world, the importance of production and technological advancement is increasing. “

Those who invest in the victory of their country

Erdogan conveyed the message, “In this climate, anyone who invests in his country and trusts his people and his people will benefit.” It is futile to try to occupy our country’s agenda with ideological obsession and cloud our nation’s mind with its scientific achievements, technological advancement and production skills. There is support, incentives and programs so far. We invite our companies, researchers, academia, and young people to take advantage of our opportunities, just like here. I thank everyone who has supported our struggle to build a great and strong Turkey. I want to do it. ”

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Food is your safe port

Talking about the food crisis, Erdogan said, “Apart from being self-sufficient in food, we want to go our own way with a capacity that will feed all humanity and meet the needs of the whole world.” It is clear that the global crisis is likely to be severe in the near future, especially in developed countries. In each case, Turkey has seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. “

The line table is a gift

At the end of the speech, the rector of the University of Bogazisi Professor. Dr. Mehmet Nassi Ince has presented President Tayyip Erdogan with a calligraphy painting.

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