Saglik Sen – Allegations of pressure against Diyarbakir’s opposition list

In the health senate, which is preparing for the fifth general assembly, the leader of the Azizla movement, Ahmed Demirel, who was running against the incumbent president, claimed that his supporters had been pressured into electing a representative. Giving a written statement on the matter, Demirel said that the delegate elections had started as on the previous day and 58 out of 150 delegate candidates had been elected. In his statement, Demirel said the remaining 92 delegates were scheduled for next week and that delegate candidates were pressured during the process of applying to the union for the election of delegates. Noting that their candidates have been asked to discourage and change their minds, Demirel said, “Our representative candidates continued to be pressured to complete their candidacy applications and they were forced to resign. We have lodged a complaint with the Chief Physician FMA, who “We have lodged a complaint with the provincial health department. Our representative candidate, who was pressured by a group of 10 people including the current union manager, could not bear the pressure and signed the resignation petition. Granted, a petition is signed by a chief physician in the office of the chief physician and a mortgage is placed on the will of a representative candidate. Candidates have resigned from the delegates. ” He said.

‘Trying to create an atmosphere of fear’

He said that they have assessed the presence of 2 vice presidents, 4 chief physicians, one deputy chief physician, 8 hospital directors and 9 hospital deputy directors, the presence of 24 administrators nominated by the current administration and the fact that these administrators are candidates for delegates. . It has become a problem in the organization in which they are located and it has negatively affected the declaration of will of the members. Demirel continued his statement: “There are 3 hospital chief physicians and chief nurses, chief physicians, managers and 1 hospital assistant manager, 2 hospital chief nurses and assistant managers, 1 hospital deputy chief physician and chief nurse and one subordinate-superior. Attempts have been made to create an atmosphere of fear that health workers will be nominated as representatives and reflect their wishes at the ballot box. You will change your place, you will make a fuss. Of course our members can be candidates. Of course in Turkey, Such administrators can be considered as intervening, it is said, that administrators put pressure on these provinces as well and as a result, both administrators get tired and the union branches face serious loss of credibility in this process.

‘Election results are remarkable’

Demirel, who talks about what happened one after the other in the process, explains what happened as follows. “The current administration, while setting the election calendar, started elections in the areas where it is the strongest and the Azizul movement, where we have weak organizations and actually manages to realize that it does not have enough votes. It affects the elections. No one has been assigned to the ballot box committee since. Our request for observers was severely denied. Due to intense pressure, our observers who were admitted to the hall were physically kept away. The ballot box committee and incoming members could not follow the identification and signing process. This has made the outcome of the election even more difficult, although the EU, the health care services manager, did not fulfill its administrative responsibilities in the election of Selahuddin’s representative. IUB State Hospital He created the element of pressure by criticizing with his voice The deputy director of the hospital, HY, showed similar attitude and abused his management responsibilities. At the Pediatrics Hospital, the Health Care Services Manager NA used his office maliciously, setting up a portable table near the polling station for the election of delegates, with the serial number of members who would vote as in the pre-election office. With the help of his assistants, coordinators and supervisors, he created a checklist with a plus sign and created a mob against the employees, abusing his office, creating inequality and disruption in public service. Finally, I call on the Provincial Health Department and the representative candidates of Gazi Yargil Training and Research Hospital, including the Director of Health Care Services, the Deputy Chief Physician, the Vice President of Emergency Health Services and the Deputy Head of Support Services, to be impartial and We want to let you know that it is a close follower. With these feelings and thoughts, I would like to express my gratitude to all my colleagues who have walked with us so far. As the Azizla Movement, we would like to thank all our members and volunteers who have supported us. “

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