TFF Presidential Candidate Büyükeksi Meets İzmir Clubs – Super League

VZVAK President Ali Erten, who introduced the club presidents one by one and thanked Beaukeki for the visit at a meeting held at the foundation’s headquarters in Bayrakli, provided information about Izmir football and the foundation. In his speech, Erten said, “Izmir is the first city in football. It is the city where football was first played in Turkey since the 1870s and where the first game of the Turkish National League, founded in 1959, was played. In that sense, its clubs and fans It has a deep roots and a deep connection. It has a football culture. We see our clubs, which are almost a century old, not only as sports clubs, but also as urban. Traditions, and we protect and preserve them. However, it Not easy at all. We fight big issues on many issues. We need the support of the federation more than ever. “

TFF presidential candidate Mehmet Buiuki, who said he was glad to meet with Izmir clubs, thanked İZVAK president Ali Erten and his management for arranging the meeting, and explained his goals in a brief presentation at the meeting. Noting that they have worked very well with Gazette tape President Mehmet Seppil during his presidency of Gaziantep FK, Buiukeki said: “I have presided over many organizations. “We aim to continue on the road to solving the most important problems of Turkish football. We will make radical decisions if necessary. Our research shows that professional football clubs have a total debt of 50 billion TL, including interest. “We will fix this through corporate management action. The football world and if we can work hand in hand with all our stakeholders, we will solve everything. We will treat our stakeholders fairly and equally towards each other,” he said.

“Of course, we will not do this alone,” Büyükeksi said. “We will work closely with all stakeholders in the broadest sense. “To create sustainable income for our clubs. We will fight for competition. We will innovate a lot. Starting in the second half of the league, we will benefit from artificial intelligence. We will be digitized. We will use modern technology in hiring referees and observers. Examples are in the world. We will meet the clubs after the election, 7 foreign players and 1 infrastructure player will be in the top 11, 14. The foreigners will be in the top 11. He said: “If we go down to 12 we will discuss the issues. We have a lot of work to do, our burden is heavy, God help us. If we work together, if we work hand in hand. In hand, we can succeed. “

Afterwards, the presidents of the Izmir Club, who spoke to each other, said that they had lost a large part of their income, especially during the epidemic, and that more extensive and sustainable economic resources should be created to compensate for this and its lack. Over the years, Izmi’s representatives on the TFF management and board have had a major shortcoming, which has made it difficult for them to make their voices heard. TFF presidential candidate Mehmet Büyükeksi added that he would consider the matter.

Mehmet Sepil, former president of Gazette, Ayhan Dunder, president of Altay Sports Club, Seyit Mehmet Ozkan, president of Altanardu FK; President Mehmet Sevin Karsiyaka Sports Club President Turge Bucarsi, as well as Manisa FK President Mevlut Aktan and directors of the club and foundation were present.


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