The burnt mosque was not found, police said, adding that they had not seen the politician

In Ankara, journalists who signed a news file a few months ago were knocked on the door in the evening.

Those who came to the door knew three journalists working in the same publication. They enter the apartment and knock directly on their door. Large groups raided the homes of three journalists at once.

It is clear that their job was not to inflict physical harm, or that they could do it easily.

Journalists, who called the police out of fear, did not know what to do.

They know very well that the police will come after a while.

Journalists, not big parties, spent the night in detention and interrogation.

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To date, no action has been taken against those whose homeland has been confirmed and who continue to send threatening messages to journalists and politicians from JİTEM and White Torres accounts.

They are now so relaxed that they send a message to journalists that “there is no prosecutor to take action against us”.

Mafia groups raid the homes of journalists working in different parts of the world and threaten those whose names are mentioned in news and articles in Turkey.

On the other hand, the detainees are journalists whose activities are public. There are reports of journalists being detained, beaten and facing trial from all over the country.

Finally, the arrest of 21 journalists in Diyarbakir has different messages for journalists in the region.

A street order has also been created in parallel with the regime of oppression.

Those who are fighting for their “Fedai” identity, armed with presidential pens, are walking around with strobe lights and guns, who have a stove, banner and kingdom in their name and claim that they must have done something heroic on July 15.


Conflict is inevitable when many parties and individuals are trying to get a share of the cake in the name of “locality and nationality”.

There is a team that is close to everyone, the center of power.

Groups make reports about each other, report to each other, make claims about each other.

The similarity between them is that no action has been taken against any of them so far.

But obviously everyone is waiting for a happy day. He persevered until that day.

This great land is behind Kılıçdaroğlu’s statement, which has been described as the SADAT expedition.


This is the state of the country, but according to the government, those who harm the country are traitors who want democracy, rights and law!

The rational decision of the Gezi trial reveals how much effort and time was spent declaring someone a traitor.

Anadolu is the chairman of the Kultur board Osman KavalaThe long-awaited 710-page judgment in the case, which.

Of the 610 pages, 570 have so far covered the course of the case, the defense and the allegations.

The allegations made since 2013 are no longer ridiculous.

We are talking about a decision where staying at home is considered an act and buying pastries is considered as financing the Gazi protests.

From a perspective that activities for freedom, rights and nature are more serious than the February 28 tank.

But for some reason, the court and prosecutor’s office, which treats pastries, chairs and unadulterated documentaries as criminal elements, did not find a burnt mosque or a defiled shrine.

All of these are missing in the nine-year period description or in the so-called criminal computing clauses.

But lawlessness is clearly visible.

One can see at a glance what superhuman efforts were made to keep Kavala in prison and what procedures were followed for not implementing the ECtHR decision.

And at the same time, people make fun of the argument. Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag says it is not fair to say that Turkey has not implemented the ECHR decision.


Former HDP co-chairs were among them at the time that Gazi’s rational decision was made. Selahattin demirtaş And Figen euxedagThe hearing of the Kobani case.

Like Gazi, the main objective is to end the Kobani case as soon as possible, and especially to convict Demirtas. It’s no longer a secret.

However, it is not easy to treat already pending cases as a new crime and to face trial.

At trial, MO police testified as the complainant. He claimed that he was injured during the Koban protest, police repeated their allegations.

However, he also answers the following questions:

– In your first statement, you said that you did not complain about the instigators of the incident. Have you seen the suspects in the crime scene here?

“I haven’t seen anyone. Yet, as a police officer, we follow the media. I know who took people to the streets. That’s why I complain against politicians.”

– Are you testifying like this because of your political position?

I know what I’ve seen in the media. ”

– “Do you remember the phrases of Selahattin Demirtas that you used to refer to as ‘street calls’?”

“I can’t remember.”

Of course, this is not limited to police officers. In this trial, confessional, denial and non-existent social media accounts have been asked what the delegation has to testify.


The lawsuits that sought to end the road, which is getting stronger and stronger as the economy worsens, Sedat PekarFrom special measures taken for silence to retaliation for threatening journalists. Anti-democratic laws have been enacted.

A verdict sets the stage for what happened and plays the role of three monkeys where it really should sound.

Of course there is a reason for all these interconnected threads.

Those who are victims of all this have no choice but to try to untie the ropes of solidarity, organization, patience and resistance.

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