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We said “Bediuzzaman is a novelist”, some say it is not possible. Also, the term he calls the Muhaveri-e presentation is a novel, meaning a logical fabrication, and it is a novel. 32. The first position of the word It is a complete example of fiction, a text that should be written in the history of science in gold letters and hung in schools and universities. Then there would be no atheism, no nihilism.

God is not one of them.

One night in Ramadan, each of the eleven sentences of the word Tawheed has a level of Tawheed and good news, and the only meaning of لَا شَرٖيكَ لَهُ is in a speculative manner and in the style of language discussion. I told the situation in the form of tongue-in-cheek. I am writing in that idiom based on the wishes and wishes of my serving brother and friends of the mosque. E.g .:

We assume that there is one person on behalf of the common people, such as all nature-perest, esbab-perest and mushrik, and on behalf of the partners against whom the lawsuit of disbelief and heresy is filed.
This foundation first comes across a particle, which is the smallest in existence. He told him that in the language of nature, in the language of philosophy, he is the Lord and the real owner.

Even that stain says in the language of truth and in the language of the Lord of wisdom: “I see the limitless duty. I enter and process each month separately. If you have the knowledge and strength that will make me see all those superstitions, we travel together and work together in an unforgivable interrogation like mine. If you have a judgment and power that will use all the particles of my precedents and bring them to the throne, if you can be the real owner and governor of the entities that I command with perfect command, for example, say blood in my blood, then against me as Lord Sue Put me in charge of other than Allah Almighty. Or shut up! Moreover, you cannot interfere with me since you cannot be my lord. Because we have such perfect discipline in our conduct and actions that those who do not have endless wisdom and extensive knowledge cannot point fingers at us. If it mixes, it will mess up. But a helpless and blind person like you and whose two hands are coincidental and in the hands of two blind people like nature, he cannot lift a finger in any way.

He said, as the materialists say, “So, you own it. Why are you telling me to work for someone else?”

Jere replied: “If I had a brain like the sun, a vast knowledge like its light, a vast power like its heat, and its light there would be a wide range of emotions like seven colors and a face that is oriented. Wherever I visit and with every creature I am I work, and my eyes see and I have a passing word. Maybe I’ll be as stupid as you and sue me for owning it. Get out of here, you won’t get a job from me! “

Here, when the partner’s deputy dies of scars, he sees a blood-stained Kureyvat-i Hamra, saying that he will find a job in Kureyvat-Hamra. He told her in the language of nature and philosophy on behalf of Isbab: “I am your Lord and Master.” That küreyvat-ı hamra, meaning the round red being, tells him in the language of truth and in the language of divine wisdom: “I am not alone. If you can find all my precedents in the army of blood, which is one with our currency, our civil service, and our orders, then if you have the strength of timely knowledge and perseverance that we travel and possess all the cells assigned. Perfect wisdom, if you have it, show it and it will probably make sense to you. However, if you are as stupid as you are and have deaf nature and blind power in your hands, you cannot interfere with the minimum amount of ownership. Because the discipline within us is so perfect that only one person who sees, hears, knows and does everything can rule over us. If so, shut up! My responsibilities are so important and my orders are so perfect that I don’t have time to answer you and your confusing words. “

Then, because he couldn’t cheat on her, she goes and comes across the range they call body cells. He says in the language of philosophy and nature: “I could not tell Jeri and Kriwat-i Hamra, maybe you will understand me. Because you are made of a few things, such as a very small range. If so, I can do you. My innocence and Be my real right. ” Said

In response to that cell, he said in the language of knowledge and truth: “I am a small thing. However, I have a great duty, a very fine relationship and bond with all the cells and committees of the body. In short, I have a deep and impeccable responsibility against the veins of law and the veins of law, sensitive, the wrath and attraction of the oppressor, against the forces of counsel, faithfulness and counselors. If you have the ability and knowledge to build, sort and employ the whole body, all the veins, nerves and energy, and if you have the perfect energy, the comprehensive knowledge, it will protect all the cells of the body, which is my colleague. And art and quality are each other’s brother, you show it., Then suit that I can do it for you. Otherwise go! Küreyvat-ı hamra, they bring Rizik for me. Küreyvat-ı beyza also responds to diseases that attack me. I have work to do, don’t bother me. Besides, a helpless, weak, deaf and blind person like you cannot interfere with us in any way. ”

The writing was too long, I took some. I have created an example of a new philosophy and imitated Bediuzzaman. What should we do, our teacher, our art teacher …

Air has advertised with people

Nitrogen was performing in a holiday mood, he came across carbon. “I guess you’re just as stunned and aimless as I am,” he said. “No,” said Carbon. “Every day, we combine with you in an infinite amount and create a substance called air that allows all living things to breathe. The fish of the sea and all the living creatures of the earth breathe with the air created by our union. “As we come together, the breathing of all living things ensures the continuity of their lives.The continuity of their life is necessary for the continuity of their life and their existence in relation to all of them. The combination of the two substances unites the whole being, so the divine design and planning that unites us is the power behind the screen and the science that plans and designs the entire universe.

Just as the reunion of parents is the beginning of the origin of the whole existence, so the reunion of you and me is also the consciousness and environment of the continuity of existence from another point of view. The relationship between the word wind and Adam is like the relationship between Adam and the wind. The combination of the two substances is the design of a secret pen that plans the whole life. The design is so great, the combination of this nitrogen and carbon has made the whole world created by science. Adam and Eve, man and air, evidence of continuity.

Nitrogen and carbon thought, put his hand on his head. “It is impossible and impossible for us to come up with such a broad idea. How we know the characteristics of all living things and what sciences will make them, every living thing that ensures the continuity of our life is tested by a group of scientists from humans, human scientists have many characteristics such as comparisons. And even though they understood the mind, they couldn’t explain all living things scientifically again, how do we know? Telling us to do that is fooling us. We are the tool of the power that creates and designs existence, the power behind us and the science that uses the ignorant to engage so much. We are a small thing, it would be wrong to expect from us a force that can see the whole universe and design and weave the relationship of all living things with each other. “

Nitrogen is called carbon: “There is nothing more than love between us and all the elements. Without love there would be no life, as marriage without love goes to court, without all the elements there would be no need for court, and existence would be like clay bricks without oil. The formation of air is due to love between two substances, a love that creates life, just as existence is created from the love of Adam and Eve. The whole existence consists of love in more than a hundred elements, each substance having love for the other and many more substances outside of itself, they come together in certain proportions according to certain rules and laws and we create this life to survive. There is love in all the essential elements of existence, not just the element, there is love, the rain comes from love, the grass comes from love, the sheep run with love towards the grass, man runs with love towards all the creatures. The love of soil and water, what kind of substance it is, how its whole being is charged in a certain proportion, what is its chemistry, is difficult to understand but not difficult to think. He has bound his whole being in a thread of love and affection.

What is the love between God and His Prophet? God calls her my Habibi, and from that love the world is born. The whole entity is displayed in the thread of love. Poets are also mad in love;
“This world drives you crazy
This tree is swollen from head to toe, ”said the poet.

“Everything in the world is love
Wisdom is just a hair, ”he said out of love.

Muhammad said, the dust of Muhtar’s feet;
I-I men in the Qur’an if my life dares
I am Haq-i Reh-i Muhammad Muhtarem.

Alvarlı Efe says:
O Almighty Faithful, let me be your victim
You don’t look at my rebellion, you give me.

Chemical commentators say that a deterioration in the texture of an element turns an entire existence into an apocalypse. Here’s how impossible it is to have that broken structure with your own cat. It is a strange thing to explain all its structure with the verbs that have been created and to use it as a tool to deny language.

When air enters the body, the blood is cleansed. Who would have thought that inventing such an action to purify human life water, if we would shed all the blood to purify our blood and fill it with new blood, how could we keep the body bloodless. How could this be impossible if the cars were emptied and replaced with new oil? It is as if the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) did not raise his head in prostration for a long time. The human breath is like the breath of the whole being, one breath is equal to the whole life and the universe, there is absolute knowledge and power behind one breath, it is not difficult to understand, it is easy to understand.

We come together as two things, and the internal energy of this flesh machine that humans need to supply, we make it and we supply human energy from transparent matter like air. Not only this, with the help of air coming out of the mouth of the person leaving the body we remove the words. It uses the residual air used in the body to make sound, to make sound, to make sound and sound, which creates a duplicate in the body to make sound. The sound is generated from the waste of the air, the source of which is art, friendship, literature, books, culture, art and religion, the two substances combine to enter this great palace called man and cause such a big event. A great design that creates life, culture, art, religion and a whole existence from the air. Here a whole universe is being created from the description of two words of chemistry like two eyes.

We are two members of a great myth that carbon and nitrogen make up all life.Who would be the dramaturg, screenwriter and cinematographer of this great theater called the universe that pushes us into this role? A contemplative spectator, a contemplative and amazed spectator.

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