20 all kinds of podcast suggestions

Learning or having fun… whatever the purpose, there are podcasts on the Internet for everyone to enjoy. In this content, we’ve compiled a few successful podcasts for you on a variety of topics.

Although listening to podcasts is a kind of consuming content that is not very suitable for some people, it would not be wrong to say that it has a large audience. To have fun or learn; Put headphones on your ears Without looking at any screen I think it’s nice to hear something.

If you too If you want to listen to the podcast And if you are looking for something to listen to, or are just starting out, we have some suggestions for you!

Let’s start with the ‘Teaching’ podcast first

Biological sciences

In this successful podcast series we will hear the life stories of scientists from their own mouths, A different perspective on science Your horizons will expand.

Chronic history

Do you like history stories narrated in documentary style? Significant issues As if a story is being told This podcast series, where he gave voice, will make you feel like you have had a delightful time traveling.

Popular science Turkey

Popular Science Turkey is one of the most successful science publications in Turkey, with various podcast series Popular science subject You will surely find topics of interest in the content it covers!

Open science

Psychology, Neuroscience, Current science news Open Science, where you can find content on many topics, for example, is a successful science podcast that has been broadcasting for a long time.

Everything about science with the evolutionary tree

This podcast of Evolution Tree, one of the most successful science platforms in Turkey, you can tell by its name; All about science Gives space.

First page

This podcast series is sponsored by Storytel, Mirgun Cabbas and Can Kozanoglu. Through the first page of the book He spoke to his writers; He has conversations with famous writers on the question of how to write.


This is an enjoyable podcast where culture and folklore are told through mythology. From the story of Santa Claus to the heroes of Turkish mythology You can hear many things.

Let’s ask someone who is gone

Settled in different parts of the world “Let’s ask someone” On their experience with Turks of different professions Chatting If you are looking for content where you can find answers to your questions about living abroad while learning about different cultures; You can hear Ask a Gone.

Line break

Row, a podcast series of two friends who comment on books they read together, A brief overview of the books you have read or want to read A great option for learning and having fun at the same time. Of course, if you’re going to hear a chapter about a book you haven’t read; Be careful not to get spoilers.

Random dreams

Random dreams, where you can find enjoyable chapters on psychology and philosophy, Ghosts, monotony, extra thoughts It gives a glimpse of the ideas that almost everyone feels today.

For those who say ‘I listen to podcasts for fun’

Ignorant dog

The title of the various topics is ‘Is it ignorance?’ Deal with You get enough offensive humor The ignorant dog says a lot to us that we think deeply but are afraid to say.

Happy widows

Sen Dular’s podcast series, which answers questions with a fun conversation from his listeners, is in each episode. Trying to cross the ‘sacred’ and ‘red lines’.

First world problems

The problems of the first world will not even cross our minds in every episode. ‘Works with ‘small problems’.

Is it style?

It It That Style, which would be medicine for those who want to hear something funny about many episodes? Whatever you can think of Like a pleasant chat with friends.

What is needed

Berk Sevgi and Tuğcan Billmez, whom we know from the Post 42 team, are in the podcast series Ne Need Var. They embarked on a ‘nonsense’ journey with the topics on the agenda.

I hope my mother doesn’t listen

With guests from Tulug Özlü Things that will make you say ‘I hope my mother doesn’t listen’ I hope my mom doesn’t listen, it’s a successful podcast series that has been airing for a long time.

Cult’s podcast

The Kalt team is having a very entertaining conversation on Kalt’s Podcast, where you never know where it will take you. A little To clear your mind and smile at everything A great option for those who want it.

If you say ‘I need to improve my English’, we have suggestions.

ThinkFast, TalkSmart

By listening For those who want to learn English and improve themselves Think fast, speak smart, a successful podcast; One of the successful series we can recommend in this case.

Luke’s English podcast

Again for those who want to improve their English; It’s up There is a British accent That said, our podcast recommendation is the English podcast of Luke.

Curiosity Daily

When it comes to learning and doing interesting scientific information,In English, let me push a little‘If there are those who say; Our recommendation for them is Curiosity Daily.

Bonus: Webtechno Podcast Interview

If you want to take a look at our interviews with people familiar with the field of technology and science. Our Webtechno Podcast Interview Series You can take a look.

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