8 years in prison for injuring his father-in-law in Shisili

Detainee Eren Bear, who shot and killed his wife’s father, was sentenced to eight years and four months in prison for “attempted murder”.

Irene Bayer, who constantly threatens to kill his wife Irem Bayer, who wanted to divorce him, arrived in Istanbul Sicily Izzetpasa Mahalsi, where his wife and family were in the evening.

Erin Bear, who threatened to kill his wife, his father-in-law, Mehmet H. It started with an argument, who wanted to intervene in the incident while insulting.

He shot his father-in-law with a gun

As the argument escalates, Erin Bear pulls out her gun and shoots her father-in-law in the neck. After the incident, the assailant left his injured father-in-law and his wife at home and fled.

Teams from the Health and Shelley District Police Department were dispatched to the scene after the notification. The injured person was taken to the hospital by ambulance after initial treatment.

The assailant who threatened his wife with death and shot his father-in-law in the sand was caught (archive)

Threats were made on the phone

Erin Bear, who shot his father-in-law, called his wife IH on the phone and said he would also kill his wife and child. Shisili police have launched a large-scale application to apprehend the attacker, which continues its threat. The man who was arrested was taken into custody 44 days later and arrested.

The first trial of the accused

Detainee Eren Bear attended the hearing at the 20th Criminal Court in Istanbul with audio and video information systems (SEGBİS).

In his final words, accused Eren Bear demanded his release. The court board first sentenced Eren Bear to life in prison for “attempted murder” based on the severity of the intent.

Sentenced to 8 years 4 months imprisonment

Defendant’s actions remained at the trial stage and considering its impact on the future of the sentence, the court applied a reduction and sentenced the defendant Bayer to 8 years and 4 months imprisonment. It was decided to continue the detention of the accused.

“I did not shoot on purpose.”

Defendant Erin Bear, in her first hearing in her defense, claimed that she carried a gun because she had an enemy. “My wife was in the park that day. I told her to go home. My wife accidentally stepped into the Women’s Support Application (KADES). When the police arrived, I hid because I had a gun. Later, when I went. To my wife, my father-in-law.” He cut me off, he cursed me, he said to my wife, ‘When it comes here again, he said,’ You will call me. ‘My waist, my father-in-law said,’ Will it scare me? ‘ I fell to the ground. At that moment the gun exploded. I did not shoot intentionally.‘He said.

“She was threatening my daughter because she was in the process of getting a divorce.”

Father-in-law Mehmet Helvassi said that what the accused said was false. “The accused was threatening my daughter because she was in the process of divorcing my daughter. I was scared when my daughter did not answer her phone. I called my daughter that day and she did not answer. The accused chased my daughter with a gun. I didn’t see him. He came out of the apartment. I didn’t punch him. He pulled out his gun and shot at me. “ He said.

“He shot my father and fled.”

I.H. Dr. testimony accepted as a witness. “We were on the verge of divorce. We had an argument over the phone. When I saw my wife at the beginning of the street, I pressed the sneakers. When the parties come, Erin goes back. My father called me, he came to see me. He came to us. My father said to him, ‘What are you doing here?’ My wife and he said to my father, “Why don’t you tell your daughter? Go home, but you are giving such advice. “My father shook his head, Irene stumbled. At that moment, my father grabbed Irene’s neck. I intervened. At that moment, my father was shot. After shooting my father, Irene fled.” He testified.

8 years in prison for allegedly injuring his father-in-law in Shisili # 1


According to a complaint prepared by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, the suspect, Erin Beyer, was arrested by IH. It is said that IH lived in his brother’s house because of differences of opinion.

On the date of the event, December 6, 2021, around 21.30 I..H He went to Ezetpasar Park with his daughter, I..H. A number he doesn’t know, when he picks up his phone, he realizes that the caller is suspect Eren, the suspect asks Erem where he is, I..H After a while, suspect Eren said, “I went to the park with my daughter, don’t bother me”, and after a while, from the park entrance. I..H Came to him and I..H. “I will kill you if you go home,” he said.

On top of that I..H Requesting help by accessing the KADES application, I..H It is alleged that the suspect, Erin Bair, threatened his wife on her way to the house where she was staying when she saw the police team approaching, approached her daughter-in-law Mehmet H’s daughter and while he was talking. To her daughter, the suspect, Erin Bear, came and argued with her father-in-law.

The indictment, which states that the suspect Erin Bear punched her father-in-law and then wounded him with a gun pulled from his waist, alleges that the suspect, Erin Bear, fled after the incident and was apprehended by police 44 days later. He was arrested in January on charges of “intentional homicide” for 9 to 15 years. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Accused of injuring his father-in-law in Shisili # 2 sentenced to 8 years in prison

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