A complete measurement of Turkey’s health tourism data will be confirmed

According to TURKSTAT records, the income from those who came to Turkey for health purposes was 1 1 billion by 2021. In the first quarter of this year, the revenue increased by 8% over the same period of the previous year and exceeded the level of ২ 332,000. On the other hand, income from healthcare exports is considered to be much higher than the measured income.

Commerce Minister Mehmet Moussa added that they would work with TUIK to ensure that the number of visitors to Turkey for healthcare and their export earnings were accurately measured, adding that “in 2021, healthcare export earnings will be over 1. billion dollars. At the level of -3 2.5-3 billion, it is estimated that there will be an estimated 4 4 billion in healthcare exports in 2022. The phrase was used.

Data was collected through the Exit Visitor Survey

According to information obtained by AA correspondent from TURKSTAT, the health expenditure statistics of domestic and foreign nationals who come to Turkey for health purposes or receive healthcare while traveling in their country have been compiled with “Exit Visitor Survey”.

The survey was applied to Turkish citizens and foreign visitors living abroad, who have visited the country at 22 border gates since 2001, on a quarterly basis. Through this survey, visitors’ expenses (tourism income), profile, purpose of visit, travel features are compiled from visitors through face-to-face interviews on demand.

In this framework, the total health expenses of visitors for health purposes and all expenses incurred by them including health, accommodation, transportation, food and beverages and non-resident visitors are received irrespective of the purpose of travel.

The first survey was sent to the health institution

Personal insurance for visitors or expenses incurred by other states and agencies cannot be compiled for out-of-pocket health expenses received from visitors with a survey of departing visitors. Also, the health expenses of visitors who come to Turkey for health purposes and organize their trips with package tours cannot be separated. For this reason, it was planned that healthcare providers should be compiled in terms of providing information and in this context all expenditures made on healthcare institutions. Thus, the goal was to fully cover the health costs of visitors, including payments made by insurance and other institutions and organizations.

In this context, the structure of the organization providing health care to foreign visitors is determined. A web-based survey of companies that received health tourism certification from the Ministry of Health and applied to companies that benefited from discounts on health services offered to foreigners. Through this survey, the number of people receiving health care and the amount of total health expenditure will be determined in terms of nationality. The study is planned to be conducted four times a year on a quarterly basis. The first survey application was launched in the last week of May. The application is still pending. Data from questionnaires applied to health institutions will be analyzed, and results will be evaluated upon completion of the study.

“This will be the most comprehensive health tourism statistics study in the world”

Ozgur Oztan, president of the TOBB International Health Tourism Assembly, also told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that as a health organization they would share their data with the Ministry of Health, Treasury and Finance, as well as TUIK. Noting that TÜİK now requests this data from intermediaries without using them, Oztan said:

“We have received an official letter from TURKSTAT. We will now share information on patients we treat. Related systems have been established, trained. We will share regularly with TURKSTAT. This will be the largest and most comprehensive health tourism. Statistical in the world. Survey. How long has the patient been in the hospital? “, What surgery has been performed, all information will be collected.”

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