A leader is born with a mother, a leader with the Qur’an.

At all sociological levels, it contains all the characters that we can reproduce as rich-poor, industrious-lazy, beautiful-ugly, intelligent-non-existent, leader-positioner. Even a student classroom of 30-40 people has all these letters. This mosaic could not be destroyed. Sociology is also a science that has come up with the existence of this diversity. Without such diversity there would be no uniform social level of taste or salt – which is unimaginable.

Of course, this diversity is a manifestation of the will of Almighty God that can make each person a unique kingdom.

Every character in society also fills a huge void, fills a void and becomes an essential part of filling the whole.

Therefore, a person is born with different potential traits from others coded for him. Of course, in some people, many traits can come together. When these qualities are nurtured and supported in them and destiny brings them together in the right address, then an exceptional personality emerges.

Societies become so powerful that they wield these God-given personal gems within them; They develop. Each of these characters, according to their role, holds an edge of society and develops together. They build civilization. Only in this way, in total and together, do they manage to become a cohesive society that includes all colors and voices.

Of course, it is both an individual and a social responsibility to make the utmost effort to express the unique competence bestowed on the individual due to his responsibilities and to create arrangements that will fulfill this purpose through social cycles and dynamics. Where the inertia of the individual will cause the loss of an individual, the inertia of the social process will lead to the loss of the whole society.

This is where effective leadership is needed. Of course, leadership is an innate trait; He has to meet destiny. Absence or lack of leader in social game creates social weakness.

So how important is leadership and it is an absolute rule set by Allah for human beings, which we notice does not change with time and space. Those who have left their mark on history, those who have written history and changed the course of history have always been this powerful leading character. And we always remember them, understand them, look for them, envy them. Modernist Westerners will not try to normalize the cyclical power of leadership.

Societies that operate in a cyclical society at the mechanical level may provide discipline, but they miss mobility. They become a factory that always produces the same product and cannot produce when a wheel breaks. Yes its dynamics; In addition to its many parameters, dynamic society takes it from a leader who conducts and conducts it as an orchestra.

So to turn huge notes into an immortal work, every instrument must be given in the right hand. If you give a violin to a pianist, give a piano to a Nee player and a trumpet to a violinist, nothing will come out but a rustling sound. If you give qualified work and build people well, then society becomes a tune that wins the mind and heart.

The one who chooses and does the right thing is the leader.

However, there are thousands of heroes in the heroism that changed the course of history. And each of them is an essential element of the orchestra. But history does not remember these hidden heroes. Rather, he referred to it as a leader and an event.

Western imperialism, which has analyzed this fact well, has achieved its imperialist goals through the leaders appointed in the last century, instead of corrupting the Muslims one by one. They have created “folk heroes” out of leaders who have the qualities of leadership, through collusion, and they have toasted the blood of Muslims behind closed doors. Almost every one of them is a salvation by this method! There is a story of persecution, a story of persecution of the leaders in this devilish Muslim geographical invader. Sometimes they do this by hurting their sincere leaders with weakness.

What should a Muslim leader look like if leadership is so important?

Of course, our main reference for our Muslims is Harz. Muhammad (peace be upon him). Muhammad (peace be upon him) got this feature from the very simple, very understandable and impressive proclamation of the Qur’an. “Thank God for being kind to them. If you were rude, hard-hearted, they would scatter around you. Now you forgive them. Ask God for forgiveness for them. Consult (consult) with them about the business. Once you have made the decision, put your trust in Allah. Undoubtedly, Allah loves them. (Ali Imran-159) ”.

This verse can only be summed up so accurately and clearly in terms of the Prophet and his personal qualities that a leader should have in addition to his innate and developing qualities.

You need to be gentle towards the society / community under the leadership of your leader. Power is your position, your seat! The right leader will never come out of those who are drifting and hard. This type of accomplishment of leadership qualities has always emerged as a dictatorship.

Merciful, not rude; Soft, not hard …

Voluntary associations are not formed around rude and inflexible leaders. These leaders design society in a coercive way. As their strength weakens, they deal with the first blow.Nearest “ They accept. Brutus, Caesar’s adopted son, stabbed the last; Saddam was the first to betray his son-in-law. In the US invasion of Iraq, all its generals went to the opposite front.

For the leader; “Forgive them.” God says. It is very difficult to forgive when you are high. It takes a lot of willpower. It is not an acceptance that a person can easily feed himself. To forgive all the faults of small and big people… but big people forgive. Forgiveness is a very important key to winning the heart.

Forgiveness is not enough “Ask God for their forgiveness.“But those whose hearts burn for their leadership shed tears day and night and apologize for them. It is not business to do this with such artificial appearances.”

“… consult with them about work.” My God! What a great foot. What happens to us when God gives this command to His Messenger? Counseling is the biggest process that uses the common mind. It also reduces the chances of making a mistake. Even in the most advanced democracies, counseling rarely works. The elected people consider all kinds of decisions as their right in spite of the people. This is, of course, the most distinctive feature of justice leaders in history.

“… This is how a leader puts his trust in God after making a decision.” He no longer hesitates, whatever the outcome. It does not waver. You will not be afraid. In reaching the goal, he does not condemn ‘I wonder’.

In defining model leadership in this way, it should also refer to leaders who have won for the people throughout history, not far from hostility. Because the one who takes refuge in heroism loses. But history is also important for the integration of knowledge.

All those who have changed the course of history have had leadership qualities. Those who hated their victory over the oppressive system were called “oppressors who derailed history.”

The most fundamental characteristic of all the important leaders and leaders in the history of Islam who have won the favor of the people is that they are concerned about the minor problems of each of them. They were humble, soft-hearted and kind. They were a safe haven even for their enemies.

Such are the leaders who take the Qur’an more or less as a reference. The four caliphs, Omar bin Abdul Aziz, who forgave his slave who poisoned him, Salahuddin-i Ayubi, who was highly praised by his enemies, Sheikh Shamil, who was punished by his mother’s whip for his old age, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Al-Banna, Imam Khomeini, who did not cancel his appointment with a citizen despite the death of his brother, and Syed Nursi, who did not. Hesitating to give up for the people and rights, a name that everyone can count on at once.

Although our history has witnessed many unjust leaders, they can count Yazid and Hakkak among the cruel leaders of our century. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Historians can place Saddam among the first 20 brutal leaders.

Maybe if our official date changes, the number of our oppressors fed by the westerners may increase. However, this will only be possible with the arrival of our strongest leaders, who will make history flow again.

Islam is famous for its just, compassionate, learned, courageous and heroic leaders which it has brought out of its bosom. Muslims of all communities have cursed one or two oppressors like Yazid and Hakkak. They never had affection for some of the “protected” leaders of our century.

However, Westerners were proud of most of their brutal leaders. Voivode the Impaler, Chenghis Khan, Wu Zetian (female), Ivan the terrible, Bloody Mary (female), Bloody Countess (Elizabeth Bethry), Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Hideko Tojo (Japanese) Can It is even found in the vocabulary of high school graduates.

History has shown us that oppressors were able to conquer homes, cities and countries, but they never won hearts.

The leading model of Islam that finds its expression in the Qur’an; He is a gentle-minded leader who is not rude and inflexible, listens, advises and does what is needed. “Tenderness” itself is a divine definition, and its scope is so wide that you cannot limit it. The leaders who understood this correctly did not care about their sins, faults, faults and weaknesses which hardened their hearts. They have kept open the door to every idea, every belief, every community, every clan. Maybe they chose the hard way, but they have taken an eternal place in their hearts.

According to the hadith, “everyone is responsible for what he has”, even the head of the family is the leader and responsible. In this context, a leader is a person who deals with everyone’s problems, possesses a silken heart, elegant, tolerant and whose needs are first and foremost present in himself. So he has to be like a prophet. The Bedouin who was eating at the mosque said to the disciples who were angry, “Pour a bucket of water. He said, “You were sent not for trouble, but for comfort.” Like Omar, he has to suffer a lot to walk the streets at night. Be brave, be generous; The ascetic must be abit; Must be loyal. His horizon should be deep and patient. So be soft. He needs love and forgiveness.

Today, some leaders who have little of these characteristics have embraced the Muslim masses.

Like Hussein Valley; It should be “soft” to take seriously even the young man’s request that the pomegranate die in the whistles.

In other words, the leader must read “Ali Imran 159” at least five times a day.

Mehmet Gulsever – Injer Magazine

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