Analysis article on Samsung’s claim to acquire valuable land!

Analysis article claiming that valuable land is being collected with zoning regulation in Samsung! Nothing happened at Samsung, but something happened! How did those who had nothing throw away valuable land?

Saturday, June 11, 2022 13:35 Current

On Samsung, you can immediately hear who is doing what, what they are buying, where they are chatting, with whom they are bargaining! And instantly everything spread quickly through the city. Maybe some gossip, some illusion, some hype! Some things are ignored, but it is said that there is no smoke without fire.

Samson is a ‘metropolitan city’ as a status, but it is also a city of ‘we are forty, we know each other’. Everyone in politics and business knows each other. Everyone knows his past, where he came from, how he came, what he did! Most of the rumors were born and spread from the known information!

Whoever has the certificate must show courage! But in this city, of course, gossip is the agenda!

Most of them force you to say ‘what happened’! And these works usually have a cover, including legal errors! So it is difficult to document them!

There are claims that the valuable land of the citizens has been confiscated by changing the zoning in Samsung! The zoning plan regulation first shows the area as a green area, then changes the council’s decision to claim that the purchased land is open to residential and commercial areas! You will be surprised to read the application of the citizens whose land has been taken! And if you hear these claims about how those who have nothing have changed their hands through this way and method, either through tenders or through circuits, you will be upset! You say; Auction for those who already have money! That’s right! But these sales auctions should be transparent! Take it, give it, it should not be a rose. Address delivery tender agreement should not be issued. It should not be discussed before the tender for whom and how many shares will be given. Lands that have been converted from green areas to residential or commercial areas and sold through tenders should not be acquired by transferring shops or flats on those lands which have been licensed or tendered for erection of buildings. Wife, friend or relative! When we say it shouldn’t be done, we are expressing our goodwill. Otherwise, the people inside the pot know very well that it is their job, who gets the shares from the residential and commercial area planted in the given place, who collects the space on the Western Ring Road.

It is clear that we are out of our minds! We once said that the visible village does not want a guide! We did not care who plundered the village or who fell to the ground. We said it seemed like somehow, and we were comforted to have ‘God has no sorrow’!

If nothing else, something must have happened! How did those who had nothing throw away valuable land? And if there was ‘Where do you find the law’ today; Is ‘Batan, Jati, Sakarya’ in the hands of the poor, ‘Rant’ in the hands of plunder? When citizens are wailing in the face of inflation and rising prices, will anyone be as rich as my father?

These are the questions! But it is a matter of minaret and sheath! Another interesting thing; What will happen to the places where it has been said that a green area will be created in Balak district of Atakum district, zoning plan has been changed, then again a commercial and residential area with the decision of the council and again declared. Residential area with plan change? We are talking about the lands which were confiscated by the citizens, which were given 6-storey zoning and kept for sale with the change of plan, and when there were no buyers, the zoning plan change was again approved for 12-storey and again by Parliament. It was called Green Space and the zoning plan for 12-storey housing was changed. Who will be sold, who will enter the tender? Who will get what share of 12 storey house? Is this the new Twin Tower thing?

If land can be bought, then why it was taken before coming to the office, seat? They had economic status, but why weren’t they doing this 5 or 10 years ago? How those who had just turned the corner are cornering today. When you think about it, malaria occurs!

Yes, this was the subject of our analysis article! Discussions and demands in the city! And there are thousands of questions that are curious to know the answer!

Who and how the citizens are occupying valuable land, through the municipal authorities, with the method of land transfer. And who suddenly finds money and buys land from a valuable place? Who has all the information about the valuable land? And how does it work with information that landowners have access to?

We have questions and questions but no answers! Because those who share parcels know everything, those forty who know each other! As long as there is no duality in rent distribution, take it, my rose, my rose! This is how the Twin Tower Adventure started! Until the roof cracks!

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