At the last moment: Ridvan Ilmaz left the national team camp!

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Ridvan Ilmaz, who was in the national team before the Turkey-Lithuania match on Tuesday 14 June due to injury, was dropped from the team.

Ridvan Ilmaz, who will travel to Izmir today with the convoy of the national team, will later leave the team to return to Istanbul.

Will sign a 4-year contract

Ridvan Ilmaz, who has grown from Beşiktaş’s infrastructure, has been highly praised for his performances, especially in the last two seasons, and has been on the national team’s radar for many European clubs.

Eintracht Frankfurt Club, which first came to the table with an offer of 3 million euros, has updated its offer to 6.5 million euros, of which 1 million is a performance bonus, and 20 percent from the next sale, after Beşiktaş insisted for 10 million euros.

The parties have agreed to this proposal. Rıdvan Yılmaz will sign a 4-year contract with Eintracht Frankfurt. It has been said that Ridvan Ilmaz will receive a net salary of 800,000 euros per year at the German club.

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Torino wanted too

In addition to Frankfurt, Turin also approached the 21-year-old, but black and white management did not find the Italian team’s মিল 5million offer enough.

Rıdvan Yılmaz, who grew up in Beşiktaş’s infrastructure and joined the A team squad at the age of 17, has scored 4 goals in 60 games in 4 seasons; 6 assists. The 21-year-old left-back has played for the national team six times.

Beşiktaş transfer news at the last minute! Rıdvan Yılmaz has signed with his new team! The fee he will receive here is that he has won 1 Super League, 1 Turkish Cup and 1 Turkish Super Cup with Beşiktaş.

Ridvan Ilmaz’s football adventure from his own person

You started playing for the Beşiktaş A team at the age of 19. Did you expect to get a chance to play so soon?

I went through a very difficult process. I put a lot of effort into the infrastructure. In Beşiktaş’s infrastructure, my teacher Haluk Özgüven gave me technical training up to U13-U14-U15. However, do not forget Ersin, Kartal, Erdogan. Shenol Gunes was the first to offer me this opportunity. Abdullah Avisi’s assistant Shenol Fidan supported me and helped me stay in the A team. Sergeant Yalsin started playing me from the moment he saw me. Since the surgeon was a technician in infrastructure, he understood us very well.

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His enthusiastic attitude towards youth inspired me. Karander Karaveli Teachers assure our youth. He has embarrassed us. In short, my teacher Güneş initiated my upbringing, he watered it, Abdullah Avisi’s assistant Shenol Fidan cut me and supported me, my teacher Sergein Yalsin revealed me. We set out on a new journey with the Valerian Ismail teacher.

“I didn’t get to this point easily.”

Your success was an opportunity in the national team. How do you feel

Being in the national team is not easy. I wore U16, U17, U18, U19, U21 and A national team jerseys. In short, I did not come here easily. Teachers like Ahmet Sehan, Tolunaye Kafkas, Senol Ustaomar, Turan Sofuolu have a lot of work to do.

“I want to save money and go”

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Your name is mentioned in the transfer market, do you follow the development?

My home is Beşiktaş. I work in the best interests of my club. I hear a lot of offers through my manager, but I’m not interested. I would like to stay at Beşiktaş, but if I have been in a position to make money for my club like Cenk Tosun in the past, I will not resist. I represent Turkish football players in the best way in Europe. Of course, every player has a goal. Playing in England is my biggest dream. Why not one day?

“I study English for 2 hours every day”

What strengths and areas do you need to improve?

I’m at the beginning of the road. I have a lot to learn. I am improving myself every day. I benefit from the experience of the experienced players of the team. I am constantly working to make up for my lack of physics and fitness, I continue to play calmly and technically. I want to be successful in Beşiktaş and the national team. However, I take English lessons 2 hours a day.

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“I think offensively”

Do you want to play left open?

Shenol Gunes gave me the first A team jersey in the match. I was incredibly happy. When I started football, I used to play left open. My coaches thought I would be more effective left-back. I do what the system requires. I’m happy left-back too. I have offensive thoughts. I’m trying to be fast.

“Ismail is an ambitious and hardworking coach”

Valerian Ismail is an important technical person who is hungry for success, cares for youth, works with science and constantly analyzes statistics. He has been trying to keep us alive as his morale and motivation since the day he came. He is sympathetic and tells us about our mistakes. We have a lot to learn from him. He thinks we survived the match. He spoke of our personal mistakes one by one. Hardworking and ambitious.

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You won the trophy at a young age, you experienced serial defeat. How do you survive depression?

Big brothers of the team and experienced celebrities help us in every possible way. Their lives are our reflection. If we include the necessary psychological support and support from my teachers, I try to improve myself. Not in good times, but in bad times. · Brother Nesip and Ouzan are very lucky for us. They always support us in training camps and matches. Pjanic, Souza, Ghezzal, Vida show interest from time to time.

How is your relationship with your family, where do you live?

We live in Bursa as a family. In Istanbul, we live in Sultangazi. One of my older brothers plays in the amateur team. I have 1 sister. I love Bar্সa, Orhangaji very much. I go every week. Barca is my oxygen park for me. I give my friends information about the historical and tourist places of Bursa. Sometimes I go to Orhangaji with my friends.

“My Idol Marcelo”

Who is your role model? Do you have a football player you are looking for?

The only names on the left are Canar Erkin, Marcelo as a foreigner, Alfonso Davis. Big brother Canner has always supported me. But I have only one idol and that is Marcelo.

“I’m going to university”

What is the latest state of education?

Since I live in Sultangazi, I graduated from Rami Ino High School and graduated. I still see my friends. I will be admitted to the university next time.

If you are not a football player, what do you want to be?

I love sports and football. If I weren’t a football player, I’d go to the Conservatory and be a TV and movie star. I love listening to music.

“Mommy’s Dried Beans”

Do you discriminate about food?

My dear mother Aye Ilmaz cooked the best food for me. The dried beans are amazing. I like different breeds of chicken. Since we come from Bursa, I am essential for meatballs.

“I’m a housewife, I love computer games.”

I’m a homemaker, I like computer games. We occasionally play computer games with my teammates Kerem and Ersin. When we go out, we go out together and spend time with food.

I hear rap. I heard Sagopa Kazmar’s songs ‘After All That’, ‘Unsafe Man’, ‘Dust of Grain’, Wazir’s ‘Welcome to My Neighbor’, ‘Dream is by my side’, ‘Paranoia’ in the camp.

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