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The “Atatুrk and Independence Road March”, organized on the route where arms and ammunition from the port of Inebolu during the War of Independence were sent to Anatolia, was completed. The procession’s 95-kilometer route, which began with a ceremony in the Inebolu district on June 9, ended at Castamonu.

Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Muharrem Casapoglu, Kastamonu Governor Avni Chakir, AK Party Kastamonu Deputy Matin Chelik, CHP Kastamonu Deputy Hasan Baltasi and members of the protocol who arrived in the city on the last day of the march were welcomed. Central Barracks of Kastamnur.

After handing out flowers to Casapoglu and Chaki participants, the procession marched to the Central Sports Hall with soldiers, police and civilians.

A moment of silence was observed at the Central Sports Hall and the national anthem was sung, followed by a performance by the Gendarmerie Genius Unit.

In his speech, Minister Casapolu thanked the youth for standing on the road to independence, holding on to independence and moving towards the future.

Referring to the lands in which he lives affect people’s lives, character and future, Casapolu said, “Similarly, the fate of a nation is like the land they call home. Realize their consciousness. It is a proclamation of the eternal freedom of our nation. Castamonu is exactly the piece of land that Great Akif wanted to call, the place where geography meets history, our independence is preserved and our future is established. With. This is the land of the real hero sheriff sisters. ” He said.

Emphasizing that the wheel of fortune is overturned here, Casapolu said, “A nation condemned in captivity has broken its shackles. But nothing of what happened here is accidental. A road was made out of the sweat, tears and clean blood of hundreds of people. Thousands. Thousands of people, and this path brought freedom to the Anatolian Plateau. Occupiers who fought in Istanbul under Istanbul and those who provided weapons of resistance on their heads have the right to this path. Children of soldiers and young people He has a right to this street as he sways.

Emphasizing the importance of Independence Road, Casapolu said:

“Here, Swadhinata Road is the name of the sharp and deep wound opened in the dreams of the invaders. Swadhinata Road is the epic of self-sacrifice of mothers who thought of firing cannons in front of their children. Thanks to this road, the most self-defense There is hope in the hearts of those who have stopped their armies in their foolish hands. Those who have risen from distant lands and invaded other hemispheres of the world can only find resistance in these lands. History is the proof of how real this process is. The struggle, which started with the rocket cartridge, is the place where the so-called giants kneel down. What hasn’t changed in over a century is this: Turkey, whatever the situation, is a country that never bows its head. One of the martyrs and one of the witnesses. “

Mentioning that Mehmet Akif Ersay’s sermon at Kastamonu Nasrullah Mosque had spread across the country, Casapolu said, “Unfortunately, there are still some people today who want to destroy our state, bring down our necks and take our lives hostage. The saddest part is seeing these plans.” Some people clap. Thank God, the path of the heroes of the national struggle is our direction. Our path is the path of freedom, the path of the future, the path of great Turkey. It was yesterday. This is our unchangeable position The fate has been brought to our country for ages by leaving it empty. By the command of Allah, this progress will continue under our leadership.

Emphasizing that the country’s youth are smart enough not to be deceived by manipulation, Casapolu said, “Those who have been working for them for so many years have the foresight and wisdom to know. Creates, and those who believe in them, so that they can continue their educational life in a peaceful, happy and orderly way. It is an honor for me to serve, produce and fight young people, “he said.

Referring to Turkish youth as the hope of all humanity, Casapolu said, “I say at every opportunity; our youth are the hope of all humanity, not just of Turkey. They are not a generation that chooses and forms the alphabet. We are proud of them as they move towards their goal in the light of the future. ” “Our concern, our cause, our efforts are for their happiness, well-being and success. Success. Our demands have not changed for a single day; wherever the youth are, we are there.” Used phrases.

The event ended with the participation of Castamonu Governor Avni Chakir, AK Party Castamonu Deputy Mayor Matin Chelik and Castamonu Deputy Mayor Mehmet Yart, with a theater show and a concert by Usel Arjen’s “Freedom Folk Song”.

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