Challenge gave birth to a brand Mete Tamer Omar

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Rehan Mire Rehan is looking for both an advantage and an investor during the epidemic to produce this product. Rehan Mire Rehan, who after a long struggle and struggle has found a place to make the product, sells his car for the capital required for the investment. Over time, he developed the product, which was professionally designed to relieve his father’s pain, and the ‘Pedon’ brand was born. Rehan Mir Rehan, who has laid a new foundation by creating monthly washable underwear in Turkey, is on the agenda to become a national brand and expand abroad.

REYHAN Miray Reyhan … is a young entrepreneur who writes his own story with the motto of ‘Challenge New Breeds’. He is a businessman who strives to make life easier for his colleagues. We talked to Rehan Mire Rehan about everything from the birth of his brand Pedon to his future plans. Rehan Mir Rehan, born in Izmir in 1990, shared that they moved to Ankara because of the work of his father, who was an architect and continued his words as follows:

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Follow your dreams
“From my childhood, I grew up in a ‘father’s daughter’ mode. My Mao is my best friend and supporter. After graduating from Bacant University, Department of Banking and Finance, I left Ankara and headed for Istanbul. I took my first steps in professional business life at a global company that provides audit, tax and consulting services to public and private organizations. My father fell ill in the 5th year of working as a tax consultant. My father was diagnosed with dementia. Although I wanted to return to Ankara with my family with this painting, my sister and mother refused to follow my dream. In the process, I always wanted to work in the media. With my dad’s illness, I started writing about my dad and my own life. And my goal was to make a movie about my father’s life so he would never forget me. “

Everything has changed with the phone
Rehan Mire Rehan started working in the finance department of a media company in the midst of all this haste. But Rehan Mir Rehan, who moved here after receiving compensation for seeing the painting, has bought a car which he believes will bring him good fortune with this compensation. Rehan Mire Rehan, “Later, I entered the sales department of a company. After this experience, I took on the role of ad sales and producer in a program created by a friend of mine in the media sector. But after a while I thought I should go abroad. I came to Izmir from Istanbul and went to London in 2019 to say goodbye to my father. But 10 days later, when my mother ‘your father is in the hospital’, everything changed. I spent all my savings and went back to Turkey. In fact, I came to Izmir thinking that my father was dead “and said that this was the beginning of his life.

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He did not listen
Rehan Mire Rehan, a doctor at the hospital where her father was admitted, said, ‘Have you heard of hydrocephalus?’ The question is faced. Knowing that her father had been misdiagnosed and treated, Rehan explained the rest of the story as follows:
“Confused with Alzheimer’s hydrocephalus. Although a new process started for us, my dad was bedridden. That’s when I hit the bed. On the one hand, there was medical intervention and treatment for my father. On the other hand, I was forced to find a solution to the pain my dad and my dad felt because of the bedsore, and I started thinking about creating an alternative lingerie. In the process, the epidemic erupted. I tried this underwear myself during my period and at that moment the idea of ​​developing this kind of product for women came to my mind. When I got good results from my own made underwear, I applied for both patents and started looking for a contract sewing workshop for its production. I officially took the first step of entrepreneurship by establishing RM Tekstil in August 2020. The door I knocked on was closing, ‘It’s not possible’. In fact, some people say, ‘Don’t bother, make a mask’. This painting made me even more ambitious. I develop products in my own way. I have studied examples abroad. I realize that the pads that we women use are very harmful to our body. With this break, I shifted my focus here. I finally found a manufacturer, but I didn’t have the capital. I capitalized on selling my car, which I bought a few years ago with my compensation. And in March 2021, the Pedon brand was born. For my dad, my trip turned out to be Turkey’s first washable menstrual panties. “

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Target Mind
Incoming brand
Explaining that PEDDON is currently meeting with women through its e-commerce channel, Rehan Mir Rehan said, Thus, we will soon be on the shelves of the Turkish market and our retail adventure will begin. In addition to the domestic market, we are also present abroad. We supply products from a brand that sells lingerie in Canada. We also have sales in America through my friends channel. We set up our website for England. We will be there too. We also get offers from Europe. Our goal is to be a well-known and sought-after brand in the domestic market and abroad. Today, just as napkins have become synonymous with the Selpak brand, when we say menstrual panties, we want to bring Pedon to mind. “

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A revolution
REYHAN Miray Reyhan argues that the environmental dimensions of Peddon provide a unique advantage for use nowadays, while talking more about sustainability and the environmental approach. Describing the product as “a sustainable revolution that saves the world”, Rehan said: “The impact of sanitary pads and diapers on nature is obvious. One woman used 12,000 sanitary pads in her lifetime. When we include sick diapers, a person uses 35 thousand healthy products. One of these healthy products dissolves in nature in 50 years. This is why we call Pedon a sustainable revolution and use monthly panties to do good first for ourselves and then for the world. Together with our more than 5,000 female customers, we have made a sustainable revolution. ”

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Walk this way
No car is required
Rehan Mir Rehan, who said he was indebted to his father for his success who died last year, continued:
“I am writing my own story about his life. The power to create my own story I got from my dad, I started selling my car. Now I realize that I don’t need a car to walk on the road. I am working hard to improve the product. We also received a patent for our utility model. In this way, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors abroad. We use natural fibers. We make our own fabric. We make special fabrics that are sensitive to odors and have moisture permeability. One of our goals is to create products for patients like my dad and dad. Also, we will be launching more useful products in monthly panties soon. ”


* Rehan Mire Rehan participated in the TechExtile Start-up Challenge organized by Uludag Textile Exporters Association in 2021, winning both the first prize and the Women Entrepreneur Special Award.

* Rehan Mire Rehan is working hard for Pedon today. In the process, in addition to his solution partner in production, his mother and close friend Sevim are his biggest supporters. Rehan said, “We have turned the ground floor of our house into a warehouse. Here, my mom and Sevim do the packing and shipping of the products. In fact, with the products, my mom puts soaps made with basil oil in the box. “

* They have received a very good response in a very short time, Rehan Mir Rehan said, “Even though no one believed me when I went out this year, I believed in myself. In addition to my dad’s health problems, I had other problems, but the point I reached was the greatest happiness. Interest in the product is also reflected in the sales statistics. We have achieved 100 percent growth in 1.5 years, ”he said.

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