Dr. He explicitly explains the control of health: the transition period

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The issue of remuneration of doctors has been discussed for a long time. The bill to amend some health-related laws and Statutory Decree No. 375 was passed by the Parliamentary Planning and Budget Committee AK Party, MHP and CHP deputies. The proposal will be put on the agenda of the general meeting. The regulation solves the problem of healthcare workers who cannot earn from revolving funds. New rules for the personal rights of health workers in the Republican Physicians Group Deputy Chairman. We talked to Hickmet Sevik. Dr. mentioned that the most urgent problem has been solved for some time. রাষ্ট্রevik said, “The state transfers resources to pools where healthcare workers are paid extra. First, health workers will benefit from this pool. However, under the pressure of the creditors, we will talk about the same issue again after a while. This is a transitional period. The bill, which came to parliament in December thanks to the contributions of Republican doctors, is waiting on the table. We’ll take it out. “

Half wage problem fixed

If the new regulations become law, a portion of the central budget will be transferred from the hospital’s revolving fund to pay extra for health workers. The problem of doctors making a living on almost half of their salary as they have not received any share from the revolving fund for two years will be solved. Republican physicians vice president. Hicmet Sevik says the law is not intended to address all the problems of health workers, but to address the most pressing. Physicians, like all employees, are affected by the cost of living, Dr. Chevik went on to say: “The cost of living affects not only physicians but all employees. The rent has not only increased for the doctors, it has increased for everyone. These problems are common to all employees. The main problem for physicians is that, in addition to the high cost of living, about half the physicians work for half the salary. The law has resolved this situation, which is the most urgent issue at the moment. “

Anatolian Hospital Darda

The performance-based remuneration system introduced by the Ministry of Health in 2004 collapsed. The performance system of the Health Transformation Program, supported by the IMF and the World Bank, is based on the fact that physicians are paid by collecting points for each patient they care for and the procedure they perform. The burden imposed on the hospital by the system has left the system in a dead state. Dr. Hicmet Chevic summarized the hospital’s situation and the benefits of the new regulations: “50% of doctors’ salaries are fixed payments, which are reflected in state pensions, and the remaining 50% is extra payments. Obtained from the hospital’s revolving fund. Since 2004, when the performance system was introduced, physicians can receive their salaries from a revolving fund without any hindrance. In the last two years, hospitals have been unable to pay from revolving funds. The performance system does not work in the current economic situation. About half of the doctors working in government hospitals work for half the salary. Most of them are our doctors working in hospitals in Anatolia. With the law, additional resources are allocated to hospitals from the central budget. The unpaid part of the salary of health workers will be paid with this resource. Details will be clarified with the disclosure regulations. For now, we understand from the fairness of the law, there will be no set-off, the state will not take back this resource, which it later transferred. This solves the problem of wages of health workers. The only expense of the hospital is not to pay the health workers. As it turns out, the Ministry of Health will not cut costs. Every transaction of the hospital is in foreign currency. We are 80 percent foreign dependent on medical supplies and 60 percent on medicines. Hospitals will choose whether to provide staff or lender resources. The law puts the answer to this question in the middle. Initially the shares will be handed over to the health workers. However, since there is no guarantee in the law, we anticipate that the payment of health workers will be delayed due to pressure from creditors. ”

We will file the law in December

Performance systems are the source of many problems from health violence to unnecessary increase in health expenditure. Dr. Hikmet Chevic said: “The new regulations are a temporary solution. This is a transitional period. With the contribution of Republican physicians, the law, which came to parliament in December, was discontinued on the basis of performance system fees. Physicians receive about 80 percent state-guaranteed salaries. This law stands in front of Turkey. We will take it out, ”he said.

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