Health tourism studies have accelerated in Mughals

MughalThe “Health Tourism Mughal Sector Meeting” was held under the chairmanship of Mughal Governor Orhan Tavli.

Mughal health sector, which attracts attention with its high success rate of treatment; The growing number of nationally and internationally recognized healthcare institutions, the availability of high quality medical care in a short period of time, and the health insurance system create an attraction for factors that contribute to the economy of both our country and our province. Covers everyone, its geographical location and the presence of tourist attractions.

The meeting was attended by representatives of health facilities and travel agencies, healthcare stakeholder government agencies and agencies, universities, provinces and districts, relevant non-governmental organizations and insurance agencies, including health tourism approval certificate and ongoing approval process.

At the meeting, information about health tourism, general situation of health tourism in Mughals and activities conducted by our Governorship last year was discussed by Dr. Çiğdem Demirci made a presentation.

Then, the Mughal Governance European Union Foreign Relations Office Project Coordinator. Ahmet Essen made a presentation.

The general problems of this sector are highlighted in the presentation. It was emphasized that these common problems, which organizations find difficult to solve on their own, could be solved in a single center within an organizational structure by combining the “clustering” model. The presentation, which included the concept of clustering, its importance, contribution, how it is done, its structure and method, its effectiveness, examples of national and international clustering and its applicability in Mughal health tourism sector, was created by TÜBİTAK Turkish industry. Barış Çarıkçı Chief Expert at the Institute of Referral and Administration to all sector stakeholders.

Then, in light of this transfer, an online live survey was implemented to evaluate the sector’s approach and suggestions regarding the Mugla Health Tourism One-Stop Service Center clustering project. In the general assessment made as a result of the survey, it was found that 80% of the project could be implemented in Mughal, 56% participation could be achieved, 33% potential participants and the project was generally approved.

Following the meeting, Arzu Youngul, the director of the fair, gave an informative presentation about the fair to the stakeholders in the opportunity to participate in the 4th World Health Tourism Fair, which will be held on 23-26 June 2022. Sector

Sector feedback on briefings and studies is available after the presentation. Deputy Governor M. Sufi Olkay presided over the response by question and answer, the provincial director of health. Ali Burak Mulayim, Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism. Zechariah Bingol and the presenters evaluated and answered it.

Meeting held at Mugla Sıtkı Koçman University; Mughal Governor Orhan Tavli, Deputy Governor M. Sufi Olke, Deputy Governor and Ula District Governor Baha Bashelik, Milas District Governor Mustafa Unwar Boke, Ortaka District Governor Meral Ukar, Marmaris District Governor Ertug, Umet Karmet Karmet Karmat Mayerk, Dr. Dr. Dr. Nevres H. Aydogan, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Mugla Sıtkı Koçman University. Dr. Dr. Kılıçhan Bayar, Dean of Mugla Sıtkı Koçman University Faculty of Tourism. Dr. Kaffar Topalolu, MSKU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Arte Yagsi, provincial health director. Ali Buraq Mulayim, Chief Physician Association of Mugla Sitki Cockman University Training and Research Hospital. Dr. Turhan Togan, director of provincial culture and tourism. Zekaria Bingol, Mehmet Kavuk, Provincial Director of Migration Management, Gulsah Yalkankaya, Provincial Director of Mugla Commerce, Muzaffar Akgul, Provincial Director of Mugla Industry and Technology; প্রেসিডেন্ট হুরশিট ওজতুর্ক, মুগ্লা মেট্রোপলিটন পৌরসভা Barış Akıncı, Özgür Akdağ এবং Yeliz Durmaz, Menteşe মিউনিসিপ্যালিটি Gülçin Kınay Polat এবং Emre Katiksız, Ortaca মিউনিসিপ্যালিটি Ferruh Atabey, Milas মিউনিসিপ্যালিটি মেহমেত আতেকুসিড মিউনিসিপ্যালিটি, Boşkınfad পৌরসভা, সেমিউনিউনিসিপ্যালিটি, বোসকিন পৌরসভা এবং দাউকজিন পৌরসভা হাসান চেতিন, মারমারিস Hakan Koksal from the municipality, Ojay Orhan from the Koisejiz municipality, Yatagan District Health Director Dr. Farat Yajisi, Chief Physician, Bodram State Hospital. Dr. Oguz B Shaheen, Chief Physician of Marmaris State Hospital Po. Dr. Niazi Takiran, Enver Idin from Mughal Provincial Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Yusuf Sarkaya from Mughal Provincial Department of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, Hockey Arif Amir from Investment Monitoring and Coordination Department, Sinan Varol from Kavakuli State Hospital. . Fatih Alash, Sabiha Alpar from the provincial health department, Semra Kahwesi and Emel Budakolu from the provincial culture and tourism department, Ahmed Oul from the Mugala provincial department of industry and technology, and Perihan Alibuyuk from Ugmetel, Gigdem Hospitals in Gigdem Hospital. , Marwaris Tursab Regional Representative Board Chairman Suat Essin, Mugla Chamber of Commerce and Industry Elvan Kokagoz, Burku Ozturk, Bodram Chamber of Commerce Mehmet Ayaz, Fethiye Chamber of Commerce, Numeric Information Office Yazgan, Bodram Ismail Kanar, Talip Baidar and Erdem Ugur from American Hospital, U. from Mughal Usalen Hospital. Sumur Gazezoglu and Rankin Ozvar, from Kudrum Medical Center in Akvadam Privda to Duigu EC Acıbadem Bodrum Hospital, Yücelen Marmaris Hospital to H. Murat Okutucu, Lokman Hekim Esnaf Hospital to Feridun Karadağ and Fatmanur Esenn, Health and Viva. From Handan Dongle, Leica Dental Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic to American Arikan, Dr. Sinan Uluwal, Aykut Alar from Bibitur, Hilal Yurguku Ugur from DCT Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, Bayramkan Yavluj from Private Gosek Dental Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, Private Accident Oral and Dental. Health Polyclinic Sevim Usco in Coca-Cola, Kagan Aras from Private Holiday Oral and Dental Health Center and Fatih Gune from Kartaka Tourism.

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