Journey to the land of silver

Although they are located in different parts of the world, Argentina and Turkey are very similar to each other. Torture, blows, looking for relatives. Nothing can make for pain, but the motto Ni Olvida Ni Perdon, Never Forgive Never Forget, has worked. The people of Buenos Aires call their city Paris in Latin America. But the general atmosphere of the city seems to me like Naples and Trieste in Italy. The ancestors of 60 percent of those now living are already Italian.


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Dr. Yasmin is human

“Oh, Argentina is a place I’ve always wanted to see.”

“We look the same there, don’t we?” As if our destiny is normal. ”

These are the reactions I got when I said I was going from Istanbul to Buenos Aires to spend a month. I had to balance staying at home for two years, so I chose Argentina.

When I came here, everyone who heard that I came from Istanbul, without exception, said with a wide smile, “Oh, that’s great, I always wanted to go too. Istanbul, Bosphorus, Hagia Sophia are so beautiful, so beautiful,” he said to me. He started counting his travel plans.

I have traveled to many places in Europe, North America, and I have never been to a city where being welcomed is as welcome as being Turkish. It was fun.

I wanted to start a Spanish lesson as soon as I arrived, and on this occasion we met Jazmin Natur. We visited a common work area in Palermo Soho, its streets surrounded by magnificent trees, which we can call Cadico in Buenos Aires, which is mostly preferred by foreigners. I woke up 2.5 hours later with the whole story in my lap so I could learn three or five sentences that would be effective in my daily life.

In the late 70’s, we were born in two different countries that are completely opposite to each other in terms of latitude and longitude. We carry the name of the same flower that blooms in different geographical regions. As we talked, the similarities between the two of us surprised and brought us closer. But Jazmin’s life was even more impressive, which changed completely for the Turkish TV series.

The story begins in Buenos Aires

Jasmine was born in Argentina to a Turkish mother and a Palestinian father. He lived in Buenos Aires until he was 20 years old. “There are many aspects of Turkey in this diversity,” he said. He and his friends tried to share and explain Istanbul, which was on vacation in the 80’s and 90’s. But my mother says I couldn’t explain her own city, Turkey. “No matter how hard I try, it doesn’t work. The response was always the same; So far, where exactly? Is there a desert? Did you ride a camel … etc. “At one point, he got tired of telling people the same thing one by one and answering the same question.

“It made me feel like a stranger in my home where I was so happy. I had a truth that I could not share with them, “he added. In 1998, Jasmine’s father decided to leave the country with his family for a better future, as he predicted an economic crisis in Argentina. But they left immediately and moved to their hometown of Istanbul. Yes, there was a crisis in Turkey, but my father made the right predictions, he said. The crisis of 2001 shook Argentina badly.

At first he took Turkish lessons and then he studied architecture. Although he lives by speaking another language, his struggle for self-existence continues in Istanbul.

“This time, when people say Argentina in Istanbul, a terrible picture came to their eyes,” he said. “It seems that the country is lagging behind in poverty and filth, the locals are slaughtering cows on the streets and taking them home. No matter what I say, no one could believe the beauty of the city where I was born. ” In other words, this multiculturalism, which is a resource for Jazmin, makes him feel incomplete and incomplete wherever he goes.

The phone stopped one day

When 2015, Jazmin gets an amazing phone call when she settles well in Istanbul.

At that point, the TV series One Thousand and One Nights began airing on Argentine television, and ratings plummeted. The Argentines began to wonder more about Turkey and the Turkish players. At this point, they ask Jazmin to translate. Because both its cultures have rules.

In the past, “Where is Turkey, is it a desert?” Those who say so are now tirelessly questioning Jazmin to find out about us. They draw attention first to the TV series, then to the actors, then to our culture and finally to the Turks.

He says he has entered the living room of millions of people since prime time for a Turkish TV series and introduced the country to live broadcasts, finally enjoying the joy of being able to hear his voice.

About 60 percent of Argentina’s population is of Italian descent. Those who founded the city are already Spanish. Their mother tongue is Spanish. Therefore, it is not uncommon for an Argentine to be curious about a continent older than Italy and Spain. The strange thing is that the next option for tourism is Turkey.

I have personally felt this interest. The Argentine I was talking to, when he heard that I was coming from Istanbul, laughed out loud and said, “Oh great, I am very curious about Istanbul. There was almost no one who said, “I want to see Turkey at the first opportunity.”


Janta, lost and mother on Thursday

Unfortunately, humanity can improve by learning from sorrow, not happiness. This is the saddest event in the history of Argentina. There have been six military coups in Argentina in the twentieth century. The coup, which began with the overthrow of Isabel Peron in 1976, was the most painful and lasted until 1983.

The goal in these years, called the “National Reconstruction Process”, is to eradicate communism. In this process, also known as dirty war, law enforcement uses violence and systematic torture to suppress leftist and leftist organizations.
Soldiers, police, a number of right-wing groups and the Argentine Anti-Communist Alliance kidnapped and tortured those thought to be associated with communist ideology, renamed them and killed their occupants. About 30,000 people are missing. Leaving their families behind.

And mothers get involved in the game. At the risk of their own lives, they began gathering on Thursday, 1977, in the front yard of a government building. They are also named after the square, Plaza del Mayo Mothers or Third Mothers. They came up with a clever solution so that they could demand an account of their children who went missing without being attacked by the police and their voices could be heard. They make a circle and start circling and walk slowly, because it is not against the law to walk slowly in any courtyard. Of course, those who are lost, that is, those who are lost.


Athena Track of the Lost

The statue in the central monument is the statue of Athena that still stands today. Athena, one of the Greek goddesses, is depicted with a helmet on her head, a spear in one hand and her famous shield in the other. Defender of the city and civilization, companion of the brave warriors. I find it very inspiring, very poetic, that these extremely courageous and determined idealistic actions of mothers have come to life in the vicinity of Athena. When you go to the same courtyard today, you don’t have to wait until Thursday to see these long-suffering mothers. The white yard painting on the floor shows that they did not leave the awakening of justice for their children. After this period, which left a painful wound in its history, Argentine courts tried those responsible for the incident between the scope of crimes against humanity and state terrorism. Attempts are now being made to establish peace, to merge somewhat with the past.

Never forgive, never forget

No work can compensate for the suffering, but clearly the motto is not Alvida ni Pardon: Never Forgive Never Forget worked. Perhaps they have succeeded in creating a new reality, a reality with which they can survive, from this bitter experience, the consciousness created to fight. Today, the Argentine division has opened its great square to people of all opinions who want to hear their voices without repeating the hostility. It’s no small thing. We know from the Taksim example that this is not an internal balance that every nation can achieve. It’s no small feat.

I hope that the painful experience of our history will suffice for us. Let us learn from our past and succeed in transforming the tension on our streets into social peace for the benefit of our future generations and children.

Life is incredibly slow

I came to this silver land at the beginning of March. You know, Argentina means “from silver” in Italian. It is clear that those who first came to this land from Europe were fascinated by its silver. When I was in Istanbul, whoever I told was going to come here, he said “oh great, this is a place I want to go first”. When I arrived, I sent a personal message saying, “How is it possible to be there? “There are a lot of people who feel their pulse. Obviously, they are curious about us, we are curious about them. “How similar can we be to a Latin country?” I follow the question. Life here after Istanbul is incredibly slow. The yeast of competition and work for the future, which capitalism needs, does not hold up well here. There is no atmosphere of ambition and competition like ours in the air. Instead, there is cloudless sunny weather. For one thing, the sky is always blue, just like the flag of Argentina. And the sun is just like the flag. So the weather is very nice. The kind of people who always want to hang out. The name of the city anyway. Buenos Aires literally means “good weather”. In a short time, the Latin spirit immediately occupied me. After doing a lot in the busy days of Istanbul, I start breakfast here at 11:00 in the morning. Where are we on the map, where are we consciously? There is a map problem that we often face as Turkey. Everyone puts us geographically on another continent. Sometimes we depend on Europe. Most of the time we are in the Middle East. Sometimes we even get on the list of Asian countries. The head is not clean. Are we European, Middle Eastern or Asian? I have seen similar confusion in Buenos Aires. Where does Argentina or Buenos Aires actually come from?


A Latin country that pays the price is European

Buenos Aires calls itself the Paris of Latin America. Yes, Argentina was once one of the richest countries in the world, meaning that in the early 19th century, many architects and artists were brought from Europe to build buildings and works like Paris. While walking around the center of the Recolata district, one might think that one is in Paris. But the general atmosphere of the city seems to me like Naples and Trieste. The ancestors of 60 percent of those now living are already Italian. With references to roads, alleys and sidewalks, Buenos Aires gives the impression of a European city at the height of civilization. The grid layout road plan is crowned with wide and sloping sidewalks, and slopes for pedestrian-free access to all crossings. Feeling very valued as a pedestrian. Argentina was once one of the richest countries in the world. The issue of loss of a country’s resources has become a special case where economists study the so-called “Argentina paradox”. Today, Argentina’s name is associated with the economic crisis. In this case, Argentina is a sad story that should be taken as an example of every nation.

Today, the crime rate in the city is quite high, and there is a completely different life in the favelas around the center.
I can say that the city of the poor descendants of the rich ancestors was not similar to Europe in this respect.

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