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First the domestic ‘Messi’, then the ‘Frustration’ title … Two different periods like black and white that started with black and white adventures … Muhammad Demirsi, who has been in the headlines for a long time since his fall, scored 16 goals in 35 matches with the Erzincan jersey. And finished the season with 10 assists, and again we have a blink of an eye in front of the Super League. We went to Beşiktaş and Barcelona days with Demirci and then we talked about the future. The 27-year-old actress is now stronger than ever! Now the word is in Muhammad …

You can watch Muhammad Demirsi’s full interview with our friend Atale Ozelikli here.

‘I was Bilik’s first choice’

“I went to camp with Team A for the first time at the age of 14 in the Schuster era, the main scene started from there … If my ball hit the pole while I was 2-1 behind in the famous Galatasaray match in the 2013-14 season, my career could have gone to different places. Slaven Bilik’s first choice at the club was usually me. I was becoming a player. He trusted me a lot. But it didn’t happen. The ball didn’t come. Don’t come. Maybe not. But I was never given this opportunity. I always had to be ‘the best’. If I wanted ‘1’, I was asked ‘5’. If I did ‘5’, I was asked ’10’ because They knew I had no limits. It hit me!

Demirsi said that Slaven Bilik was very interested in Beşiktaş during the period and that he had made the mistake of not listening to the Croatian teacher, although he had said ‘don’t go’ when taking a loan from Gaziantep BB.

‘I’m angry with Shenol Guinness’

“I had no chance during the tenure of Shenol Guinness. When I went to Lone Gaziantep, everything was not right, they dropped me from the squad because I was too expensive. It was a difficult time. No one supported me. I was alone for 5 months. I struggled. Then I came back to Beşiktaş and I was never given a chance. It stuck with me in my career. Bilik told me. Hundreds of thousands of times, ‘Don’t go. ‘ I was optimistic, I thought in the new season I would go to Besiktas camp and the decision would be made there. But when the season started, I saw that I was not on the list. .. ”

Demirsi said both the coach and the club did not give him a chance during the Shenol Guinness period and did not receive support from Besiktas for a career adaptation as a young player.

‘Plurality and national team …’

“At Erzincan, I had a confidence and trust I had never seen in my life. I tried not to embarrass those who supported me so much. I was prepared through my personal training in the beginning. The season. It was a very good season. I’ve scored 16 goals, 10 assists. Game – We missed, maybe we’re going to the 1st league with Erzincan. It didn’t happen … My goal now is the top league … I’m getting offers from both the Super League and the 1st League. ” I believe I will get that opportunity again. One more year with my performance in Top League or Super League. If I play in the Super League, I don’t think there’s any chance of not being in that team. “

‘Barcelona was no different from the surrounding game’

The era of Barcelona was good. I didn’t go there like Barcelona, ​​I went as if I was going to the infrastructure or somewhere around with my friends. I was just a kid … it was like a neighborhood game to me. It didn’t happen for the family, there were other problems, it didn’t happen … Those who made the decision in my head, they thought it was right … There was no problem with football. . Sometimes I say ‘if only I had lived there’. Emmy Demir is now turned. I hope he succeeds and makes us proud. “

“There are a lot of people like Kerem in the lower league.”

“When we won the championship in the 3rd league, I came to the team in the second half. Kerem Akturkoglu did more than he could in the first half. He continued it in the second half. Kerem has a lot to contribute. . “There are very good players. He has to score a lot of goals to get attention. Anatolian teams need to look at the Lower League in particular. There are very young and talented players out there. “

The 21-year-old played 51 games for Galatasaray last season, including 13 goals and 12 assists.

‘Advice to Arda and Amirhan …’

“I didn’t have a career advising Arda Guler and Emirhan Ilkhan. I think there will be a lot of people around right now. Let the people around you know who will benefit them. Let them listen … “

While Arda Guler is on the radar of European giants in a short time, the technical committee and the community have big dreams for Emirhan.

‘Schuster couldn’t believe it’

“We went to Spain for the Atletico Madrid match, but Schuster didn’t work with us then, our coach Carvalho … We were training to break a sweat at Atletico’s stadium, the next day there was a UEFA match. Schuster also came. Saw, “Why aren’t you still playing? Won’t they play with you? “He said. I was 14-15 years old when he took me to the first camp, 2 years later we had such a conversation and I still haven’t played.”

Fanatic Special / Atale Ozselikli

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