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Feleknaj Ogur, 14, who was diagnosed with soft tissue cancer (sarcoma) about four years ago, has achieved the purple hair he had dreamed of for 2 years by donating hair made by heart.

Ğiğdem Kuzucu, who lost his son, 20-year-old Erdi Berkay Gulmez, to leukemia in 2013, founded the “Be One of a Thousand Volunteers Association” to keep his son’s dream alive and to stay with cancer patients. “Yeşert Umutları” project. The project to create free medical wigs from the hair of volunteer donors for hair loss patients during cancer treatment mediated the fulfillment of the dream of Feleknaj Ogur, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2019.

Feleknaj Ogur, 14, who talked about the treatment process and what he did at the time, said his hair fell out shortly after he started taking chemotherapy for the first time. “I was upset because wherever you went they thought I was a human being. I was so sorry for that.” “My biggest dream was to have long hair. I wanted purple hair. The wig made for me would be worn today. I’m so excited now,” Feleknaj said. Says

Expressing that he was very happy to wear a medical wig made of real purple hair, Naz continued:

“I can’t believe I have purple hair. It’s so beautiful. I’m so happy now, I can’t even talk. If I’m so happy, how can other patients not be happy. I’m so happy now. I want my hairless. Friends, be as happy as I am. Please donate your hair. “

Ada, 9, donated her hair for the second time

9-year-old Elif Ada Madden, one of the project’s hair donors, said she had no health problems and expressed her indescribable joy at helping as much as possible through cancer treatment. Explaining how she donated her hair again, Elif Ada said, “I’ve grown my hair again and I’m donating again. Everyone can be a donor, because being a donor is so beautiful. You feel so good.” He expressed his feelings.

Aye Cartel, 49, one of the donors, said she took part in the project because she wanted to transform the fight against cancer into a behavioral change and said, “I want everyone to be a participant. It’s very important to be able to do this. Make even a child happy.” He said.

“We should take part in social responsibility projects to make life better.”

Matin Salih, who has been doing a radio show called “06 Matin” for many years, said he has done a lot of broadcasting to raise awareness in his programs to date and now he wants to make a personal contribution through donations. Her hair. “Hair is something we all have. I donated hair with an awareness of social responsibility. One should be involved in the social responsibility project to make one’s life better,” said Saleh. He has expressed his feelings.

Demi, a Turk from the Ankara Art Club, insisted that Daya had no age or gender, and said that there were dancers who donated hair. “We shouldn’t wait for the good to happen. If everyone does what they can, we’ll spread the good,” Demir said. Says

Those whose hair is more than 30 cm they can donate

Selman Kuneit Ozkaimak, owner of the wig shop, one of the partners in the project, also said he wanted to be one of the first donors and get his hair cut. চাইzkaymak, “We want those who have been treated for cancer and have lost their hair, to have their hair.” Says

Explaining that those whose hair length is 30 centimeters or more can be donors, Ozkemak said that those who want to donate and those who request for medical wigs can reach out to them through the association’s social media account. Emphasizing that wigs are manufactured under completely healthy conditions, Ozkemak said that sterile wigs are provided free of charge to all patients receiving treatment.

“Give us your hair so we can make them laugh”

Sigdam Kuzuku, president of the association, said that the treatment of cancer is a heavy process and motivation is very important in this process. Explaining that her journey to fight cancer began with her son being diagnosed with leukemia, Kuzuku said she lost her son in 6 months. Kuzuku said, “We were alone in the oncology corridor during the treatment. We didn’t want anyone walking down the aisle after us, and we set up our association to give patients hope. My son loved to read erdi, and his hair fell out during the process.” She had to leave school, she cried when her first hair fell out.I thought it would be much harder for women if it bothered her child so much, and we started the ‘Sorry Your Hair, Green Your Hope’ project. ” He said.

Hair loss is an important side effect of cancer treatment and can have a detrimental effect on psychology, “said Kuzuku.” Unfortunately, people with hair loss can isolate themselves from their social environment in the process. It’s annoying. We want to match our patients to the mirror. It’s rooted in you, it grows again. Please donate your hair so we can make them laugh. ” Says

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