Rising energy also hurts intercity transport: “If this situation goes away, no one will come back”

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The steady rise in fuel also hurts intercity transport. “With this increase in diesel, if we go into this situation, no one will come back,” said Birol Ozkan, president of the Turkish Bus Drivers Federation (TOFED). Bus owner Muhammet Fatih Onyıldız added: “Even we will finish this summer and try another profession by selling the bus. It is grandfather’s job, father’s job, but we are thinking of giving up.”

Rising diesel prices are forcing intercity bus companies to make new decisions. Managers, employees and drivers of bus companies operating at the Barrampasa Grand Bus Terminal, where the expected activity has not been seen despite the onset of summer, have run into problems. The birds of the fairy tale are special News Speaking to his company, Tofed president Biral Ozkan said the exorbitant rise in fuel prices makes them very difficult. Ozkan says:

“Fuel prices have started to go up indefinitely : Rising diesel prices are starting to be uncertain, we don’t see the future. Now all our companies have applied to the ministry for permission to provide additional services at this bus station before school holidays and vacations. Now no one has anything. Because they can’t sell tickets. Why? Since they do not see the future, they do not sell diesel at that price because they do not know how much it will increase. The Ministry of Transport sets the price. On April 6 they set the price for us, we paid the companies. But how many have been increased since April? At our meeting at the ministry on June 1, we said, ‘Since April 1, prices have gone up a lot. Diesel then 26 lira, it was 28-29. We did not find the difference in the price of diesel. Farms have started cutting prices. Now bus companies are being fined.

If we go this way, the wheel will not turn: In the past, there were extra flights when semester breaks came on these dates. 1700-1800 buses leave from this bus station. And when the festival came, it would reach 2 thousand 500-2 thousand 700. Today, there are 230 trips from this bus station. In other words, with this diesel increase, if we go into this state, the wheel will not turn, will not.

We are also ashamed to say the ticket 600-650 TL: We do not want to be alone. I read the newspaper today and the public wants it for their own car. A VanGami bus burned one thousand liters of diesel, eight thousand lira round trip, the same condition of Trabzon. Now, how will these bus companies handle it? They cut the campaign, they cut the treat. So we are ashamed too. Tickets are 600-650 lira when we call the van. Not all students can go to their hometown. So we are ashamed. We are ashamed to raise. But there is nothing to do. “

Bus owner Muhammet Fatih Onyıldız says they have been doing this for many years, but are considering selling their bus because of insufficient income. Onster says:

Even if my car is full, the income is a thousand TL: Income is very low. Because my car is running in the basement every day. I get up from here at 05.00 and work in the bedroom every two days. So I am serving 15 per month. Give it a little when I hit it on the moon. But that income does not save the cost of the car. For example, the fuel cost for my Bodrum trip was 17,000 lira. Let my carriage be full from here to Bodrum, and from Bodrum to Istanbul. In other words, there is no hop-on-hop-off, except for cargo revenue, the remaining money for the car is a thousand lira or something per trip. 3-4 years ago, when my vehicle was doing Sivas or something, when the vehicle brought 5 thousand lira, I could fill the tank with it in the next service. But at the moment we can’t buy diesel for one thousand lira. The previous serving is even saved to the next one. But the money I make at the moment can’t cover the diesel fuel from here to Bursa.

When I put 2 lira more in fuel, my expenditure increases by one thousand TL : No need to visit last month. You can view it 3 days in advance. The price of diesel has increased anew. For example, my car tank is 500 liters, and when the diesel increases by 2 lira, my cost automatically increases to one thousand lira. My costs are constantly rising. You’re going by the warehouse. For example, my car stays off the highway and comes off the highway. Coming and going on the highway, it’s two thousand odd. There is a separate bus station from here. Continuous payment, nothing more. That is, it saves the tip. For example, cargo is going through here, you try to save with them.

We will sell the bus and try other occupations: My father is a bus driver, my grandfather is a bus driver, I went to school and graduated from Ege University, but due to Turkish conditions I have to look for my father’s job now. My dad even said, ‘This job is dying’. We will even finish this article and try another profession by selling buses. Grandpa’s job, father’s job but we are thinking of giving up. “

Platform manager Toure Arca said the buses did not leave because there were no passengers, and so the passengers were also victims:

The economy has invaded the bus industry : Currently this Economy This has also affected the bus industry. Already today, we heard that the taxi drivers stopped communicating. We are not doing well either. This fare also affects our passengers. You know, we increase the extra value by 10-20 lira, but we can’t succeed in that either. So we are going through a very difficult day.

We’re out of the epidemic, we can’t get out of Hike: Fortunately, we got out of the epidemic for good, but we can’t get out of this hike. The late Isevit lived there, he spoke directly to us. I don’t talk about hikes anymore. It certainly affects our employees. It affects us too. We are minimum wage workers. How long will we make a living? We can’t really send our cars now. With 15 passengers, ‘I can’t go on this ride, it will cost me 12,000 lira. He says, ‘I can’t go. What is happening this time? Our passengers must be victims.

Hi also has a shape of its own: It’s okay to raise one, but raise has its own form. Do you have an increase in sleep time? I go to the market in the morning and I buy what I see for 4 lira for 7 lira. What does this mean? The operation was performed at night. So it has been extended. “

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