Romantic relationships do not work like international relations

Dr. Faiza Bayraktar

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Even if we talk for hours, if a survey is done, which is the first thing that can be talked about so easily, ‘Romantic relationship It will probably be put in the first place with a majority vote.

From the past to the present is always the focus of attention,What she likes? “, ‘What will he call?“, “Is there anyone else?”“Trying to find questions with friends, while many people look for answers in a cup of coffee.

Why is it getting so much attention?

According to scientific research, the reason why people are so interested in romantic relationships is that the hormones secreted during falling in love increase energy and motivation in daily life. In other words, activating the reward process in the brain.

The process goes like this: the attraction of two people to each other, the desire to be more with that person, the urge to spend time together, and the desire to maintain these feelings.

However, the attraction of two people towards each other does not guarantee that this attraction will necessarily turn into a relationship. The main things needed to attract two people to develop a relationship can be summarized as follows: ‘Intimacy ‘That is, to be able to open oneself up comfortably to another person, ‘Emotion’That is, sexual attraction – the desire for a partner and ‘Loyalty‘, Meaning to carry the hardships of life together, to make decisions together and not to compromise with loyalty.

A strong friendship between open communication, mutual emotional transfer and a healthy relationship can be counted among the most important things for a long lasting relationship.

Romantic relationship today

Unfortunately, today’s romantic relationships have taken their place in the fast-moving enjoyment trend as they are one of the most preferred brands in the fast-growing fast food restaurant chain. People first meet in the same way, and start following each other on social media. The smiles that come with flirting texts come together and continue with physical intimacy, not behind the story – for the most part.

When one of the parties went missing, the only evidence he left was his current posts on his social media account. Often used in the 90’s when no one can stand behind a step taken for a feeling or a named relationship; “It’s not you, it’s me.” Or “I don’t want a serious relationship” Even pretending to explain its clich সময়s while making fun of them is no longer considered appropriate.

‘Last nightI love butterflies‘Don’t say a word and save him by pretending to die before he goes missing. Waiting for the emptiness of the mind to be filled “Why? “The answer to the question remains in the air, not to be found. As everyone knows the matter and there is no need to worry about it, it is expected to continue living with others.

Are we aiming to win the relationship?

In the meantime, leave the missing person ‘The equation that everyone knows with so many unknowns’Friends are gathering to solve. The situation is being analyzed. From that table is considered to be the brightest advice of the present century. “I think Sal …”Or a meeting with friends can be concluded with a strategy based on different strategies.

“If he texts, don’t answer, hold on”, “Wait a week, if there’s no word, you’ll find an excuse and write”, “Let’s search where he’s gone, go and pretend to meet Opportunity “,” Share a picture with your sexy outfit on social media so you don’t feel like waiting for her. ” Main ‘talk-on’Strategy However, what really needs to be done here is to make the team disappear.I don’t care about you‘To send a message. Thus, we emphasize that we accept the sudden disappearance of a person with whom we had a great time the night before, as the most common situation in the world. In fact, we make it easy for other parties who are trying to devalue a living moment.

Don’t get bogged down in romantic relationships based on sub-messages like strategy, tactics, international relations, but get involved. ‘To win‘We aim. However, relationships are not up front or court or football matches. If people like each other and their ability to stand behind feelings and related skills match, the relationship begins and continues.

Relationships are built on sharing, not strategy. Alone, ‘Enjoy and look better’ In this world, ‘Best, most demanding’ In order to be a good person, people have to try to manage the relationship with the established strategies towards the goal just like a company.

Do we really want that person?

Talking, meeting, getting close and touching each other between two people at the same timeThe best‘And move forward together and quietly get out of the lives of others, a brief summary of today’s relationship. Of course, not everyone experiences multiple relationships, but it is valuable for those who have multiple relationships. As a result, it’s hard to know if he wanted to play the lead role in someone else’s movie, after he was shot in one or two scenes.

In fact, most of the time, we want to feel the emotion that the person gives us, not the person himself. We attribute a power to Him for our potential to make us happy and we embrace that virtual power. He disappeared silently after touching us and trying to understand the process we are living in, “Why did he go?”We believe that we can control the situation once we find the answer to the question. ” However, each “Why?Why Matrioshkar raises such questions. When we say situation analysis, another person’s analysis, our own analysis, the situation goes out of control and we get stuck there.

However, the real problem is not so much the difference between looking for Michelin-starred restaurant menus in fast-food restaurants and not finding them. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. But first we must be brave enough to be sincere with ourselves; What we want is a real relationship; Or ‘To winAre we noticing? Or do we just love the possibilities?

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