She graduated from university where her two children graduated with honors.

The 3,392 students graduating from various faculties, colleges and vocational schools at Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University have experienced the excitement of graduation. Filiz Kibaroğlu, 46, who graduated with honors from the school where her two children graduated, felt the joy of graduating with her children.
The graduation ceremony held at Karelmas Kamal Koksal Stadium was very exciting and exciting. After a moment of silence, the national anthem was sung at the ceremony, and the family of the graduates did not leave them alone. Speaking at the graduation ceremony, ZBEÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Ismail Hakki Ozolkar congratulates the graduating students. Ozolsar said in his speech:
“Our sorrow is more than this time, our joy is bitter. This year, we bid farewell to our three meritorious students and four academic staff. Universities are a framework that conducts research, provides education based on these studies, develops technology, empowers young people for a profession and serves society. In this context, our university has 14 faculties, a state conservatory, four colleges, three institutes, eight vocational colleges and 36 application and research centers, with a mission to enhance its capacity in education, research, development and community service activities. He continues his education in 11 different campuses. It is working with all its might to take its current position to a much higher point. “
Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Governor of Jonguldak Turgut Subashir said, “You have successfully completed your education at Jonguldak Bulent Isivit University and the graduation certificates you receive today will reward you for your selfless efforts year after year. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our young people who have graduated from here. I wish you success in your life. “
Certificates are awarded to students who have graduated from the faculty. The first graduate student got his name in the graduation log.

She graduated with honors from the school where her children graduated
The most interesting name of the show was Phillies Kibarolu, 46 years old. Kibaroglu, who finished second from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, received a diploma and plaque from his history department from Deputy Governor Turgut Subashi.
Kibarolu’s 25-year-old daughter, Irem Nur Gunes, said she graduated from ZBEÜ’s sociology department. His 26-year-old son, Hassan Omer Gunes, also said he graduated from ZBEÜ Computer Technology. Feliz Kibarolu, posing for reporters with her son and daughter, said she graduated from university after her children graduated. Explaining that he also studied psychology after graduating from history, Kibaroglu said:
“I am a third generation university student. My two children have graduated from here before. One graduated from the Department of Sociology and the other from the Department of Computer Technology. I am currently graduating from the history department. I am also a final year student in the psychology department. It has no age. Women in particular should read. Women should read because they make everyone big and make the future big. There was a bucket inside me. I actually won before, but couldn’t read. We did it later. My children have always supported me. I was actually a beautician. I gave up and said I wanted to read. I said from now on I will do something with my head and not with my body. I took the test and passed. I graduated. Then I think about getting a master’s degree. “
“I am really proud,” said Irem Nur Gunes, daughter of Phillies Kibrogulu. My mother is more successful than me. He has worked hard. It inspired me too. This forced me to do more, especially during the epidemic.
The event will be attended by 15 students from the Faculty of Fine Arts, 30 students from the State Conservatory, 60 students from the School of Physical Education and Sports, 265 students from the Faculty of Health Sciences, 365 students from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and 618 students from the faculty. Ahmet Erdogan’s undergraduate diplomas in arts and sciences were awarded to 748 students from the Health Services Vocational School, 702 students from the Faculty of Engineering, 250 students from the Faculty of Theology, 65 students from the Faculty of Pharmacy, 88 students from the Faculty of Dentistry and 186 students from the Faculty of Medicine. The graduation ceremony ended with the wind blowing.
The university administration has taken extensive measures for the graduation ceremony. Parking lots and transport vehicles were kept ready for families coming to the event area from outside the city.

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