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A good education, a good school, a career plan … The only way to fulfill the dream of every person to get a foothold in education is through exams. So, how does test anxiety affect success?

As high school and university entrance exams approach, exams and exam concerns are becoming a nightmare for young people and their parents. For some young people, this is a real nightmare, while others wake up with a nightmare before the test.

First, let’s look at the test anxiety caused by negative predictions such as “I don’t get the required score, or I don’t get where I want”.

Test concerns

There are three ways to deal with test anxiety. The first is to prepare well for the test. According to research, anxiety is not the main determinant of test scores. When a student’s level of preparation for the exam is good, more or less anxiety affects his score and the student succeeds. If the level of preparation of the student is not good, it does not matter whether the concern of the exam is less or more, in both the cases the student cannot be successful. Test concerns are only effective if the preparation is moderate; That is, the more students who are prepared at the intermediate level, the less likely they are to succeed, and the less likely they are to succeed. In this case, having adequate levels of test preparation, which started in kindergarten and should have been accelerated in the last five or six years, is the main reason for dealing with test anxiety.

The second warning about exam concerns is that students apply to the school’s psychological counselors and guides or psychologists. If anxiety is too much, it may be necessary to consult a psychiatrist.

In my opinion, the expert who will be consulted should have adequate academic preparation in the field of psychology or psychological counseling. Those who declare themselves as life trainers, education trainers and anxiety specialists need to stay away from them. Meanwhile, MEB will not hire PCG specialists in schools with accelerated psychological counseling seminars for graduates from departments other than psychology and PCG, for example, the Department of Sociology. The ministry in question once gave the title of Family Therapist to those who have received one hundred hours of training regardless of their license. All this is contrary to logic and professional ethics.

The third measure of test anxiety is that young people focus on the moment they are in. Sitting at the study table thinking “I will not get enough points in this exam” is a disaster for the future. Three months before the exam, “I will get a good score” is an ineffective way to think about being happy or sorry about getting a bad score. Whatever happens in three months will happen, then it is normal to be happy or sad, it is meaningless to eat or mourn one after another. The most effective behavior for a student is to focus on the moment he is in and try to do his best.

At this point, I would like to recommend Qadir Ozar’s book “Tests and Tests” Concerns for Students and Psychological Counseling Professionals.

Parental concern

When you place several mirrors in front of a candle, the brightness increases. Similarly, when people are reflected by the people around them, their happiness or anxiety may increase. I see that some parents are as anxious as their children who will take the test. The anxiety of the parents increases the anxiety of the youth. In some cases, going to a psychologist or psychiatrist can be helpful for extremely anxious parents.

A group of parents constantly shout at their children, “Work!” He presses. This stress is useless, in contrast, it increases the conflict between the young and the parents. The second group of parents, on the other hand, gave the message to their children, “Don’t worry, rest, we need your health”. This is good, but when parents often give the message of relaxation, this message has the same effect as the oppressive attitude, young people can easily understand the inner worries of their parents who often ask them to take it easy, they can not relax. Dear parents, can’t you stop saying something? One last suggestion: I have two suggestions for parents about young people’s testing concerns. Please keep honest relatives and neighbors away from your children before the test. The day before the test, many call you and ask your child to call, trying to wish him well. This naive behavior increases the anxiety of young people. Therefore, keep your children away from people who will show this good intentional but irrational behavior. How can the thought “All the relatives, all the people around me expect good results from me” comfort the young man?

Also, please take one or at least two young people to the test on the day of the test, do not go behind the whole family. A few years ago, I saw a family of five in Bahselivlar, Ankara, returning from an examination with a young man they had hired. A woman approached the third-floor window and said to the group, “Why didn’t you tell me?” He called; I think he saw the youth as a national team.

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