There is no point in forcing it when it is exhausted

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– Onu Basturk: From their interactions it is clear that they have always been very good friends. So, is the thesis that boyfriend or wife should also be very good friends unproven? Another thing I’m stuck with is this simple sentence: “She’s more to me than a lover, more than a wife.” So, what will those who enter their lives do next? What if they shouted, “There’s nobody more valuable in your life than I am”? In short, I’m confused.

– Lifetime Gadic: Jeannepe has never had an affair. There is no point in insisting when things end in a relationship. More young people. Which is good for them.

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– Savas Ozbe: Why should we be upset? Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. They were together for three years before marriage. So many times before marriage people do not understand whether the other person is suitable for them …

– Orkun reputation: “We’re not leaving, we’re changing shape,” said Jeanne Bastik, “I was confused.” I like relationships that end with respect, but statements like “We’re going to be a family, we’re changing shape” seem to me to be exaggerated. It doesn’t work that way, it doesn’t continue as a family after we leave. Also, they do not change shape or anything, they are straight apart.

There is no point in forcing it when it is exhausted

Omur Gadik – Savas Ozbe – Onu Bastark – Orkun Un

‘Kiss, kiss can’t get enough’ clip

This week, we took a vacation photo of Bensu Soral and his wife, Hakan Bash. The couple was discussing the news of divorce a few days ago. Bensu Soral, what do you say?

– Savas Ozbe: News of the breakup began when Bensu Soral co-star Kubilay Aka put his head on her shoulder and pictures of her embracing fell on the screen. Then, a similar picture of the Hakan bus appeared. Bensu Soral made statements such as “Our mutual friend, I knew about the meeting”, and said “our relationship is going through a sensitive process”. Now that their jealousy crisis is over, on holiday they are shooting a clip of the song “Kiss, kiss, kiss I don’t get enough”. We are glad that a marriage has certainly been saved. But since they were going back to the fur store, I hope they didn’t eat us that much.

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– Orkun reputation: Marriage sometimes goes on with its sins and rewards. I really thought for a while that the rope between the two names was broken. Of course, I don’t know who made it. I don’t know what happened behind closed doors. I can only tell from what I see from the photos; The two names who chose to be happy as if they had found each other again, as if they were starting their relationship from scratch.

There is no point in forcing it when it is exhausted

– Onu Basturk: It is not surprising that a couple embrace or fight and quarrel. These are normal things in a relationship. Have you seen anyone directly, Council?

– Lifetime Gadic: That is not without rooting each other. There is a risk of splitting if you remove too many routes. When you have enough, you can be like the first day of the finals. I’m glad they didn’t break up and get well again. I hope it goes like this.

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Which one did you like

Which is the photo of the week according to the council? Is it a photo of Simz in a swimsuit at home, a photo of Alena Tilaki for a new song, or a pose of Daphne Samuelli at a loud PSM concert?

– Savas Ozbe: I think Defne is Samyeli. It’s no longer photography or imagery, it’s performance and experience. Daphne Samuelli took the work one more click by removing the skirt from the top of her swimsuit-various outfits on stage.

There is no point in forcing it when it is exhausted

She turned the costume into a show and made the audience experience it. If she had just come out wearing a swimsuit, it wouldn’t have been so effective. Let’s see what Gulsen will answer?

– Onu Basturk: Defne Samyeli of course. She looked so beautiful.

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– Lifetime Gadic: All three are very beautiful and determined. I like them all.

– Orkun reputation: I was about to say Daphne Samuelli when I saw Simge and stopped. If nothing happens to me; It was a very good pose. That’s why I want to elect Simge, the council.

The sample was doubled

It is rumored that Gerard Pique cheated on Shakira, with whom he had been dating for 12 years. The two names end their relationship. What could be the cause of such a situation? Do you think there will be such a problem if the marriage work is postponed for so long?

– Orkun reputation: There are some people around me who have been together for over 10 years, even happier. There is a little. If you ask me, this is a difficult task in today’s situation. One party is bound to fail. The news that set me apart this week was the news of the couple’s breakup.

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– Onu Basturk: I think the marriage of two celebrities is a completely different matter. More like a company. So the problem is not just deception. I’m not an expert, of course.

There is no point in forcing it when it is exhausted

– Savas Ozbe: It wasn’t Peak’s only offense. Suzy Cortez, also known as the “most beautiful woman with hips”, also announced that the footballer had approached her and did not show any respect for Shakira. I think there will be more like #MeToo. Pick’s 12-year-old file seems to be crowded.

– Lifetime Gadic: I get annoyed with those who say, “It worked for me, but I didn’t say it” when a deception is revealed. Since the guy is naughty and hurts you too, expose, disrespect and warn your wife!

Sema does not take her first step openly.

Maeyma Subaşı commented on a post by the famous Formula 1 pilot Lewis Hamilton with heart emoji. Now, talking on social media, “Is there a signal, a green light, from Shema to Hamilton?” …

– Lifetime Gadic: There is no record of this man who has not broken the title of ‘Sir’, 6 times world champion. Have you seen many two heart beats? In addition, হৃদeyma’s heart sharing is also very sweet. Exclude, of course.

There is no point in forcing it when it is exhausted

– Onu Basturk: I don’t think it’s a green light, it’s an expression of appreciation. But he might like it. I still think Ima will send a direct message to someone of her choice, why bother with heart emoji?

– Savas Ozbe: As we know, Shema does not take her first steps in public. Either he’s completely innocent, he just liked the post or he has a past, it’s time to publish it

– Orkun reputation: What’s wrong with that? There are millions of people who admire Lewis Hamilton. I think Shema is one of them. I don’t think ‘love’ comes out of this heartwarming emoji, Council.

Ajdar was good

Shall we discuss Marve Bolugur songs? For a long time, the actress said, ‘Gaibo’. Finally, the moment he was waiting for came and he shared his song. What do you think?

– Savas Ozbe: When Marve Bolugur said he was going to sing, Ain Karaka said, “You’re missing someone,” and we got angry. I’m sorry, Isin Karaca. It turns out he was born into a bad thing.

There is no point in forcing it when it is exhausted

– Onu Basturk: I think he is trying to become a new income earner. But Ayesha Hatun had a tough style, a different mindset and a passion for music. I didn’t see any sign of it in the song I listened to.

– Orkun reputation: Even calling it a song seems disrespectful to those who do it. No waste of money, no labor. Nothing. Let Marve master her apprenticeship and continue acting. I haven’t heard such a horrible song for a long time. Azdar was really good. Really …

– Lifetime Gadic: While this is far from our familiar song form, it was a heart-warming work. It’s quite experimental. The word belongs to Marv, let’s say he has spread his heart.

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