We are the orphans of mother’s life

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Like everyone else, of course, I was born a mother and a father.

My parents were so opposite poles; In one of my stories I described them as night and day, darkness and light.

Mom and Dad

Day and night

Darkness and light

And no matter what the contradictions, they have meeting points. We were there in December.

So to myself, to my brothers, and to all the Kurds in our situation.‘Orphan of Love’ We are their children. “ I say.

What our parents took from their parents, they gave to us.

Consider the dictionary of our parents, grandparents Love = sin. “I love you” was not. This was the greatest shame and the greatest crime.

That’s why I never heard a beautiful word from my mother or father. They will only indicate if they like it by their body language, facial expressions and demeanor.

I even – I remember – got married; I mentioned my wife’s name in front of my father. Everyone looked at me. Then I exploded;

‘What, this woman doesn’t have a name? Here. If so, I’ll call him by his name. Can I tell the dog, part of the deer? A dog is a dog. My wife’s name is Hacice. Xecêdir or Hatice is misspelled. And I will call my wife by her first name. Why would it be an insult to my parents? Let them stop saying lê, lo. “ I said so, and from that day on my wife Hetchis became XECÊ. I added XATUN to it.

Gradually everyone got used to it.

That means.

Resurrection is not over.

In short, greetings and best wishes.

Axis registration.

I took another road.

I will say that these bad customs and traditions have grown on our backs and days and we have come to these days.

Yes, we are the orphans of the love of the mother of life.

But I have never personally endured all the hardships of life. ‘Your order’ I said. I have always struggled. I didn’t complain and I don’t like anyone. My mother’s wailing and the story of poverty in particular drove me crazy. I couldn’t even say “X” for fear of me.

Added to these sufferings are migration, illiteracy and disease.

However, the hardest thing for me; My door was open. Now I had the opportunity to go to Turkey and my country. Moreover, I became a German citizen. I was an open prisoner. Germany was my semi-open prison.

Why and who am I afraid of?

A state.

Two teams.

I have already named my book for him. Between the two fronts I put it in German in the 2000s and published it – first.

First, I explain myself to the Germans.

Kurds and Turks already know and understand. None of them. At least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.
My fianc was hurt.

I became a corpse physically, not spiritually.

In my opinion now. Turkey and Kurdistan (as north) did not exist. The Turkish state was already Kurdish and did not recognize Kurdistan. Those who traveled for him also sold these beautiful values ​​for bargaining.

So what do I do now?


I was thinking black.

I was thinking like this:

Now there is an Istanbul in need.

There is Anatolia.

We have Kurdistan in our dreams.

Then I will do it this way. I’m going to make a displacement entry piece by piece. First I will go to Istanbul, then to Anatolia, finally to my Kurdistan.

I wished

And with that in mind, I went to a boy’s plane ticket sale called Balak.

The beautiful girls wearing headscarves greeted me in Turkish, I was shocked. And I sat in the chair across the table from the little fat, fat girl, whose eyes were as big as the eyes of a fierce horse.

“Here’s how I can help you.”

Although this “Uncle” I was quite annoyed by your words, but I avoided it.

“If you call me uncle and I call you girl, you will be angry.”

“No, no, uncle, I won’t be taken.”

“Girl, what’s your name?”

“My smile.”

“Very well, my God. Then we got closer. If we talk a little, maybe we can become relatives. “

“How did I not understand Uncle?”

“My name is Mehmet Gullu. You are Gul-Sum. I am Gul-Mus. See here. You can even be Gülsüm GULMUS. I think that’s fine. “ I said and come to terms. I told Gulsum my problem. I asked her to help and she cut my sweet ticket. We have fixed the release date.

First Destination: Round trip from Dুসsseldorf-Istanbul (Sabiha Goksen). Atatুrk is very heavy. Let’s go to poor Sabiha.

So this will be my first flight in 18 years.

So where and to whom should I go? I can’t afford to go to the hotel. They will suffer if they go to their relatives. The next day, before police arrived, Imroku raided Hewala’s home. They seduce me that I am in your house.

Find it every now and then.

Istanbul ..

Who do I go to?

I have a son (HG) of my own uncle. I talked to him. Thanks Haiko “No” He did not say. Kerhen agreed and I would go to him first.

My day has come. I went to Dুসsseldorf Airport. I flew to Istanbul.

My cousin (HG) is a teenager by my side and thanks to my lawyer Talat Tepe, he welcomed me like a lion. We had a cup of tea and coffee at the airport cafe. And we left.

Still Usel Can Came to mind

That first thing first.

Come first, go first.

Things that are fine tuned and I will continue what happened to me. I’m going to fly again tomorrow. This time Dusseldorf-Diyarbakir. And only one person will greet me. OK for the first time. First go OK.

Then, as I prepare for this final departure at full speed, when the opportunity arises; I’m going to write the goose’s invisible legs.

Do you have a life order?

Whatever comes my way.

I agree and have no complaints.

Including death. Because I also wrote about my fight with Kurdish Melkomot against Arab Azrael. During that time, I survived cerebral hemorrhage and partial paralysis. I’m in pain but I’m fine now.

If Azrael comes, let him come.

I’ll leave him the Kurdish Melkmot.

I see them too.

Believe me, I don’t have the strength to fight.

07 June 2022

Continue preparing for the flight.

I’m waiting for my needle. Time: I have to go and pick up at 18:00.

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