Who is the hidden Tariq Kosuoglu (Tardu Flordun)? How old is Tardu Flordun, where did he come from, in which TV series did he act?

Who is Tariq Kosuoglu? The answer to this question has surprised those who have seen the Hidden Hidden Series. Tardu played the role of star Kosuoglu in the new series of Flordun Fox TV screen Hidden Hidden. So who is Tardoo Flordun, how old is he and where did he come from? In which TV series did Tardoo Flordun star?

Who is hiding Tariq Kosuullu?

Tarık Kosuoglu (Tardu Flordun) is a mafia boss in the TV series Hidden Hidden.

Shahin Altugh is directing and screenplaying the Hidden Hidden series, starring Cinema Ansal, Halit Ozgur Sari and Tardu Flordun.

Among the Hidden Secret actors aired on Fox TV were Cinema Unsal, Naz, Halit Ozgur, Sari Pami, and Tardu Flordun, star Kosuoglu.

Who is Tardu Flordun, where did he come from?

Tardu Flordun was born in 1972 in Ankara. Choosing performing arts like his father Macit Flordun, Flordun decided to study theater.

Tardu Flordun’s father, Makit Flordun:

In which series did Tardu Flordun play?

Tardu Flordun; After the TV series Stranger in the House, Two Rooms and a Sinan, Love Game, Intruder, Binvir’s Nights Tale, he is in front of the audience as the star Kosuoglu in the TV series Hidden Hidden.

After graduating with full marks from the Hastep University Theater Department, Flordun participated in various TV series and movies as well as theater.

Associated with the Kokeli City Theater, Flordun starred in the 1998 Leopard’s Tale movie with Yetkin Dickinsiler and Devrim Nasser. In 2000, he made his television debut with the TV series “Evdeki Stranger” (as Eren), in which he shared lead roles with Barna Lacin. In 2002, he starred in the TV series Legend (such as Kan), Bir Tatli Huzur and Iki Oda Bir Sinan (as Keram).

Breaking her silence in 2005, Flordun came to the screen in the role of the famous and flirting pop star Tarkan in the TV series Intruder, where she shared the lead roles with Pinar Altug. Flordun, who also starred in the TV series Love Game, starred in the same year in the movie “Once Upon a Time” with Nurselly Edis, Sida Duvensive Gulben Ergen.

Tardu starred in the Flordun TV series Binbir Gess, which broke the record for most views since it began airing in 2006.

In 2006, Flordun starred as “Bastard Neko” in the movie Sis Ve Guess starring Ugur Polat and Selma Ergech.

In 2011, he played the role of Red Kit in the movie “Behjat C: I Buried You in My Heart”, directed by Serdar Acker, written by Emrah Sarbes, and starring the likes of Erdal Besicioglu, Kanan Erguder, and Kansu.

Tardu Flordun Movies and Series:

2015 – Homecoming (Kürşad) (TV series)

2014 – Silsil (Farooq) (film)

2012 – Balkans last summer 1912 (TV series)

2011 – Türkan (ağlayan) (moving picture)

2011 – Alone (Tughrul) (TV series)

2011 – Sirat (Kenan Amir Sankaktar) (TV series)

2011 – Behzat Ç .: I buried you in my heart (red kit) (Motion Picture)

2010 – Perfect Couple (Bora Basaran) (TV series)

2010 – Wait for Me (Borislav) (moving picture)

2007 – Where the Word Ends (Tardu) (film)

2007 – 2009 – Behind the Bars (TV series)

2007 – The Woman (Okan) (current photo)

2006 – Fog and Night (Bastard Neco) (current photo)

2006 – 2008 – One Thousand and One Nights (TV series)

2005 – Intruder (star) (TV series)

2005 – Once Upon a Time (Batur) (TV movie)

2005 – Love Game (Mart) (TV series)

2004 – Glass shoes (protagonist) (TV series)

2003 – Sealed Roses (Demirciolu) (TV series)

2003 – Mr. Fishgitin (TV movie)

2002 – Two House One Sinan (Kerem) (TV series)

2002 – Legend (Can) (TV series)

2002 – A Sweet Purity (TV series)

2000 – Stranger in the House (Eren) (TV series)

1999 – All One Fell (Selim) (TV series)

1998 – Leopard’s tail (fire) (moving picture)

1997 – Letter (moving picture)

1996 – 1999 Dark Angel (TV series)

Is your Tardu Florida Turkish?

Turdu Flordun is a Turkish citizen of Balkan descent.

Flordun describes an incident that happened to him due to his unusual name:

In general, they think I am Armenian. They ask if you are Armenian or Greek. This question comes to me a lot. Tardu means light from darkness in Old Turkish. Old Turkish is a pure Turkish word. In Florida, my grandfather came from the Balkans, the name of a town there.

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