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From the Rector of Afyonkarahisar University of Health Sciences: Late Shopping

For appointment to the University of Health Sciences Revolving Fund Management Directorate in Afyonkarahisar, a temporary job will be taken from the Turkish Employment Agency (iKUR) in the scope of Civil Servants Act No. 657 and Section 4 / d of Article 3 of the Act. No. 4857 and related regulations. Necessary terms and numbers are stated below.

Announcements regarding the posts of temporary workers will be published on the website of Turkish Employment Agency (iKUR). Candidates who meet the conditions can apply by logging on to the esube.iskur website with their “I Caller” link with their TR ID number and password within 5 days after the advertisement is published on the Turkish Employment Agency (iKUR) website. They must be done at Applications will be extended until the end of the first subsequent business day when the last application date falls on leave.

In the oral examination, candidates will be called up to 4 (four) times for the post mentioned in the job advertisement. These candidates will be determined according to the results of the lot in the presence of a notary public. The place and date of the draw will be mentioned in the iKUR Flow announcement and will be announced separately on our university website. No notice will be given to the candidates with written notice in this regard. The probationary period for temporary employment position declared under Labor Act No. 4857 is two months.

All information regarding the recruitment process, documents requested from the candidates, and place and date of oral and practical examination will be announced on IKUR and our university website. Applications from candidates whose terms of demand will be fully understood later may be rejected by the administration at each stage of the announcement, lottery, examination and assignment process.

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1. Candidates who are eligible to be appointed to the declared post by successfully appearing in the oral examination, Section 4 / D of Act No. 657 and Act No. 4857 and Section 3 of the Regulation on Procedures and Principles shall apply to recruitment of public institutions and agencies. ) “Temporary Job” will be taken in the lottery system of Notary Public under the heading mentioned in the table above.

2. Applications will not be accepted from those who have been dismissed from their duties and responsibilities in accordance with the relevant disciplinary laws of public institutions and agencies.

3. Request subject to notary lot for temporary work in our University Revolving Capital Management Directorate; List of applications for the job of gardeners has been sent by iKUR to Afyonkarahisar University of Health Sciences Revolving Fund Management.

This will be determined by lot in the presence of a notary public, based on the list sent by the Turkish Employment Agency (KUR) and with all applicants complying with the conditions of demand. The original and alternative candidate lists will be announced on the website of Afyonkarahisar University of Health Sciences Rector (

4. Candidates who are not eligible for appointment as a result of appointment and who have given false, misleading or false statements and placed them in their choice will not be recruited. The recruitment process will be canceled even if it is done carelessly. Candidates who do not submit the required documents within the stipulated time, do not fulfill the qualifications and conditions of their post, will not be on duty. The original and alternative candidate lists will be announced on the website of Afyonkarahisar University of Health Sciences Rector (

5. The provisions under paragraph “Priority in sending employment” specified in paragraph 5 of the regulations on the procedures and principles applicable to recruitment in government institutions and agencies shall not stand alone in favor of the applicant in case of recruitment.

6. It is important for applicants to follow the application process on Afyonkarahisar University of Health Sciences Rekrl website (

7. According to the results of the Notary Public Lottery, the places of recruitment of temporary staff for the Revolving Fund Management Directorate shall be determined by the Revolving Fund Management Directorate.

8. The wages received will be based on the minimum wage.

General application terms

1. To meet the conditions specified in sub-sections (1), (4), and (7) of sub-section (A) of section 1 of section 487 of the Civil Servants Act No. 657.

2. To meet special conditions in the special law of public institutions and organizations.

3. Not receiving retirement, old or illegal pension in any social security institution.

4. The duration of the examination is two months and the employment contract of those who fail in this period will be canceled.

5. Workers who will start a strike must document that they do not have any (mental and physical) problems that prevent them from carrying out their responsibilities. Applicants will be deemed to have accepted it. (It will be requested from eligible candidates for appointment.)

6. Article 9 of the Regulations on Applied Procedures and Policies for Recruitment to Government Institutions and Agencies, “Candidates (, ..) (1) are given 5 days from the date of application to declaration of application. In applications made to public institutions and agencies, Registered addresses are considered. (Additional sentence: 3/4 / 20l5-20l5 / 7525K.; Modified third sentence: 24/4 / 2017-2017 / 10092K.) “

7. Applicants are deemed to have already accepted the other terms of reference of the Revolving Fund Management Directorate.

8. To complete 18 passes, 41 passes must be taken.

9. Not related to military service (must do, be discharged or suspended)

10. Even if I am pardoned, there is a condition that they are not guilty of state security against waters, against constitutional order and its effectiveness, against national defense, against state secrecy and for espionage, sexual abuse or child abuse. Sexual abuse; Intentional offenses, or embezzlement, embezzlement, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, theft, fraudulent bankruptcy, bid fraud, embezzlement, embezzlement, fraud, fraud Will not be convicted for.

Special article

1. Absence of any health problem (spiritual and physical) prevents the applicant from discharging their responsibilities.

A) Explain the result of date, place and rules

1. The lottery is scheduled to be held on Wednesday 29/06/2022 at 10.00 am, Afioncarhisar University of Health Sciences B BLOCK Floor 2 Blue Hall. .tr) will be announced at the address.

2. The draw will be broadcast on our university’s YouTube channel, and interested candidates will be able to watch the draw online.

B) Documents, date of delivery and place are requested from the primary candidates who may participate in the examination as a result of the rules.

1. Application of application

2. One copy of original ID card and 1 copy

3. Judicial registry documents received in the last month (It can also be obtained through e-government system.)

4. Certificate of Housing received within the last month (It can also be obtained through e-government system.)

5. One copy of Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate with original (also available through e-Government system).

6. Military Status Certificate for male candidates obtained within the last month (It can also be obtained through e-Government system.)

7. Retirement from SSI, a document that shows that you did not receive the first month. (E-Government Bill)

C) Starting a strike

Candidates will be taken to DNER Capital Management MDRL

1. The original candidates who are entitled to start their duties through a notary lottery and have been approved for appointment according to the results of the document control conducted by the Temporary Employment Commission of our University, will personally submit the required documents to Revolving. Department of Fund Management of our University. Applications made by mail, cargo and courier will not be considered.

2. Candidates who do not have the required qualifications to start the job as a result of notary public and who have given false, misleading or false statements will not be processed.

The total term of 3rd is 3 months. The trial period is two months, and those who fail to do so will have their employment terminated.

4. This announcement will be accepted as a notification and no separate notification will be given to the candidates by mail.

Finished. 6570 / 1-1

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