Amazon of Istanbul Traffic … it has been steering for 30 years … sister of the taxi driver Figen!

Fagen Dinekli has worked as a taxi driver for Istanbul Traffic for 30 years, which scares many. Sister of the taxi driver Figen. He is also an ambulance driver and a driving instructor. Dinekley, who said, “I haven’t had any experience in this profession for 30 years,” had a very happy time driving a taxi, and he was beaten and stabbed …

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Image Dinekli is one of the oldest female taxi drivers in Istanbul. He has been working as a taxi driver since he was 18, which he started when he lost his father when he was just 13 years old. She is a pious, stable, calm and charismatic woman. Everyone’s Figen sister came to the stop and greeted us at Yenibosna. He speaks, he builds respect in those with whom he speaks. He is chatting with strange smiles to people who have a lot of experience.

Personal driver on the 18th

Born and raised in Istanbul, Fagan Dinekli lost his father when he was just 13 years old. It was at this time that his career began. While working in a textile workshop, his two older brothers were taxi drivers. “I came from the driver’s family,” says Dineckley: “After our father died, we had no choice but to work. However, I never liked working in a textile workshop. I was married and had two children. Meanwhile, I was at home taking care of my children for two or three years. But I did not stop again, I am making and selling handicrafts. My driving adventure started as soon as I got my license at the age of 18.

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They were so amazing

First, I worked as a private driver for three years. Then I started working as an ambulance and taxi driver. They were very surprised because there were no female drivers in the society at that time, but my family did not find it strange because they both knew me and there were many drivers in our family. Only my brother did not want to give his own taxi. He said ‘hard work’ but I didn’t hear, I started working in someone else’s taxi.

Both ambulance and taxi

Dinekley, who was separated from her husband during this time, worked hard to raise her two children. “I have always tried to improve myself. “I got the certificate for using the ambulance and the truck,” Dinekley said. In the years he first met the taxi driver, he worked 15 days as an ambulance driver and 15 days in a taxi. Dinekley explained that it was very enjoyable to be a taxi driver in Istanbul in the 90’s: “At that time, Istanbul traffic was empty and our earnings were high. For example, we will start work at 15:00. When it was 00.00 at night, we would deduct our wages, our gas money and our daily wages from the boss. We drank tea on the beach until 03.00 at night.

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Amazon of Istanbul traffic ... steering wheel for 30 years ... taxi driver's fig sister

Still organic

I have always loved this profession and still do. At the bus stop there was something between the customer and my friends who thought it weird that I was a woman. I had already reacted to them with my attitude. There were many who said, ‘Stay home, take care of your child’, and those who said, ‘It feels good for our sister to earn her living’ … There were no female drivers at that time. Even though our numbers are much larger now, the responses given in 30 years have not changed at all. I still hear the same reaction. I don’t care what anyone says. I have never lived my life according to what other people say. “

The most important thing is patience

I ask Dinekley about the privacy of this business, and he answers without hesitation, “Patience is the most important thing when it comes to traffic.” When I asked him about his favorite aspect of driving a taxi, he said, “I am not responsible to anyone, I am not associated with anyone. And because we get hot money, you always have money. You earn with your hard work. Taxi drivers are a great job for those who work hard and do it with dignity. “

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‘My Mao is a taxi …’

One day I was walking down the street and saw my son with a group of friends. They gave me a taxi. Then my son was looking at the phone and couldn’t see me. They ran away from school. His friend sat in front. He said, ‘Oh, look, Ersin, sister, taxi driver. Without looking at me, my son said, ‘Baby, what happened, my Mao is a taxi driver’. I also looked in the mirror. ‘Where is your mother, taxi driver?’ I said. It was something that made us laugh a lot. They ran away from school and were caught in my arms.

Running through taxi management

Figen Dineckley says taxi drivers are going through the most difficult time: “Petrol is so expensive now that if we go anywhere, we have no chance to return empty-handed. The driver has very little money left. I bought a house for both my daughter and my son, working as an ambulance, taxi driver and driving instructor. But now it is not possible to earn these coins. Because of these difficult times, society has a prejudice against taxi drivers. However, the customer needs to be sympathetic to the taxi driver. Imagine that a customer wants to travel 30 lira to a very traffic point. Your time will go 1 hour, 1 hour will go back to you and you will only be able to earn 30 lira. But we have to pay gas, money to the boss and our own daily wages till evening. With this argument, many times taxi drivers start reacting if they do not take passengers. I ask all citizens to show sympathy towards the taxi driver.

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Amazon of Istanbul traffic ... steering wheel for 30 years ... taxi driver's fig sister

Dinekley explains that as female taxi drivers, they form a group on social media and meet occasionally to talk about their problems.

Pension Plan Caravan Tour

“I’m retiring in two years,” said Fagan Dinekley, whom I asked about his future plans. After my daughter was admitted to university, I bought a caravan and wanted to travel to Turkey. I haven’t had time to travel in 30 years. Occasionally a tourist gets in my car. He told me a lot of places that I don’t know. After I retire, I want to travel a lot. I will print ‘It belongs to the Mehmetic Foundation’ on the back of the caravan. I hope it stays with the Mehmetic Foundation when I die. “

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I opened my eyes at the hospital

Explaining that this work is not always a milk port and that it has a very dangerous aspect, Dinekley recalls the moment of stabbing 14 years ago as if it were yesterday: “I picked one up from the street. He wanted to go first to Kuchkekames, then to Halkali and then to another place. When he tried to take me down the dark street, I realized it was weird. I said, ‘I’m not going there. “Then give me your phone and money,” he said. When he said ‘I will not give’, he pulled out a knife. When I sprayed pepper spray, he accidentally hit me with a knife. I desperately managed to get him out of the taxi. Then I took my taxi to the police station. I went out in front of the police station. I opened my eyes at the hospital. In the past, if such incidents took place, 300-400 vehicles would gather and protest. I had a very good collaboration. Now we do not see this solidarity in such incidents. I now keep my doors closed at night with 30 years of experience. I sort passengers by type, not destination. As a woman, I have to pay attention to these, because nights can be very dangerous, kind of restless. “

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