Ankaragücü’s goal is to reach the top of the Super League – TRT Spor

MKE Ankaragücü club president Farooq Koka says the goal of the yellow-dark blue team, which is promoted to the Super League, is always at the top and they have formed a team in line with this goal.

In his statement to AA, Farooq Koka emphasized that MKE Ankaragücü is one of the four most competitive teams in the Super League.

Noting that the yellow-dark blue people are a well-established 112-year-old community, Coca said, “Our friends have been watching football players around the world for 5-6 months to build a good Super League team without any relegation trauma. We are ready for the Super League. This season, we are in a staff structure that will respond to the expectations of the Ankaraguku community. Ankaragücü is not a full-fledged team in the Super League, it is not a team that will fall. We object to this. We are in the long term framework to save Ankaragücü from this trauma. The football public will see a good Ankaragücü. Camia will see a team that will brag about their team.Said

“Ankaragücü’s goals top the league”

Noting that they have set their goals high, Farooq Koka goes on to say:

“Whatever the top of the league, Ankaragücü has a goal. Our goal should be to win the Turkish Cup, play in the Champions League or other European Cup. In fact, all teams should be formed accordingly. When a research assistant enters a university, his goal Should he be at the end of the day, he wants to be a professor or he wants to be in power when a political party is formed. I aim and try to create the necessary staff, but the result is destiny. Fenerbahce champion for many years. Can’t win in Galatasaray. Galatasaray has the same problem. Trabzonspor has become champion after 38 years. Year ‘Good game, good results.’ We have set a goal. “

“Welcome back tough. We want to get the star footballers that the community expects.”

Farooq Kokao said with information about the transfer work that they are interested in star players.

Coca-Cola confirmed that they have an interest in Danny Welbeck, one of the world-famous British strikers. “We had contact with Welbeck. Somehow, when there is talk of a transfer, there is a problem. I respect their profession, but unfortunately, we have problems in the process with such players because the managerial culture does not suit us perfectly. “We want to get the star football that the community expects. There will be players who will fulfill the idea of ​​a select transfer, but we will not take players because they have a name, there will be names that will contribute to the team.” He said.

They have taken 3 players so far and 3-4 names are interested in playing at the national team level, said the president of the yellow-dark blue club.The community wants a name, but it will be against us. Some clubs can expect the players we are looking for to be released. We try to take this process very personally. We have a transfer list that will meet the expectations of the Ankaragücü community. Anyone with a deep interest in football will appreciate the names we’ve got and are interested in. We want to get good results by playing well. Last season our setup was to be champions, to get results with experienced players. We’ve done it. “ Evaluated her.

“They will not have any problem with the transfer ban,” said Farooq Koka.The problem of 1-2 players will end by the end of the month. In 1.5 years, we have crossed the huge walls of this ban. Ankaragücü paid a heavy price. Hopefully, we will deal with the remaining 2-3 files and there will be no more such problems. We will meet in Ankara on the 20th of the month. I will camp in Bolu from the 1st of the month. The league will start in August. We will try to train the staff for the camp.“She is OK.

Another 2 year contract with Mustafa Dalsi

Koka, president of the MKE Ankaragücü club, says he has a two-year contract with coach Mustafa Dalsi, who promoted the team to the Super League, and he trusts his teachers.

Farooq Koka emphasized that from time to time, there was unjustified criticism of Dalsey from the community and said:

“We signed a 3-year contract with Mustafa Dalsi at the beginning of last season. There was something that our teacher appreciated. I don’t want to stay there, there will be no punishment. ‘ “She is OK. We also value our coaches in terms of football knowledge. His only problem is that his tools and approach are not widely known to the public. Despite a lot of criticism, he did not make any negative criticisms. To the community. He said. Our main and silent listeners are also aware that what has been done with our teacher is not right. Too much injustice. We meet a lot of people who say this self-criticism increases our motivation. Of course, we may have a shortage of teachers. However, when I ask those who criticize the teacher, they say, ‘We should be in your place.’ He is answering. “

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